One-item-a-month challenge – Luxe sneakers for March

One-item-a-month challenge - Luxe sneakers for March

You know what guys, I’m really enjoying this one-item-a-month challenge so far.

Hand on heart, I wasn’t sure if I could stick to only buying one thing for my wardrobe a month. But so far I’m having super fun with it. It makes me plan my purchases a lot more. I have a proper look at my wardrobe and I can see where the gaps are. As a former shopaholic, this is revolutionary.

What do I actually need?

So March is really the first spring month here in London and normally I buy my first pair of sneakers right around the time the cherry blossoms decide to cover the trees in the area like pink cotton wool. Most of the time I go for a white, simple Adidas-kind of sneaker for maybe £50. Simple, inexpensive and practical. Or so I thought. But if I have a good look at my credit card statement, then I see a not as uplifting pattern.

I get one pair of white sneakers in Marc…then another pair in June…and one in Agust… and possibly even a last pair in October. Because I go for the “cheap” option, I don’t tend to take very good care of them and they get old and boring pretty quickly. Then I demote them to “park-shoes” to wear when I go to the park with Olive and Ace.

When I did my Marie Kondo clear out I counted 5 identical pairs of not-so-white-anymore “park-shoes”.

So silly and really not inexpensive or useful. That is not what I need in my life.

I need a pair of really nice sneakers that I can wear to castings, meetings, or even events. I have lots of every-day shoes already, so it’s time to get a pair I really love.

So my goal in March is to find the perfect pair of luxe sneakers. And I’m gonna make sure I take bloody good care of them. It’s meant to be an investment that will last me a while. Not to be demoted to “park-shoes” after a month or two.

In the collage above are all my favorites from Net-A-Porter at the moment.

I know that the whole “ugly sneaker” trend is burning hot at the moment. But it’s just not for me. They look super cool on other bloggers, but I just feel clumsy and wrong when I try them on. So no ugly sneakers for me.

I did, however, include the pair från Alexander McQueen in my luxe sneakers edit if you happen to be a person who can get away with this trend. But for me personally, it’s between the Saint Laurent, Golden Goose or Givenchy sneakers. I love the furry ones from Fendi, but I’m not sure my PPW would be particularly good. They are not as versatile as some of the others.

Ok, tell me. Do you have a luxe sneaker favorite? Maybe one that’s not in the collage that can make my decision even harder?

Luxe sneakers (adlinks)

As you would read…
Saint Laurent
Dolce & Gabbana
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
Alexander McQueen

Fancy knowing what I put my hard earn cash into in January or February? Click the links!


Mindful Monday 25th February – My mantra, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

A great skill I have learned recently is to know how to regulate my pace depending on my circumstances. 

I used to be one of those people with a very strict schedule. Who had a to-do list with a set amount of tasks to get done every day. I had a number of both Swedish and English blog posts to hit every week. I wanted to go to at least so and so many castings. Posts this many Instagram posts and attend a specific amount of meetings. At the same time, I was going to cook all of Aces organic food from scratch, not give in to screentime at all and only have him in the nursery for 12 hours a week.

Basically, I tried to be super-woman.

Until I realized that life is not that predictable. To assume I will get the same amount done every week is totally naive. I will only end up over-stretching myself or feeling bad about not having done enough. How silly!

I can’t lead life, life has to lead me.

These days I go with the flow. Some weeks I will be slowing right down and others I’m free to sprint ahead. I will probably end up doing the same amount of stuff anyway, just in a different rhythm. And I get to keep my inspiration and motivation.

Right now Ace is in some phase that makes him wake up every 15 minutes (I’m serious!). Last night I had to stop returning to my own bed and ended up folding myself into origami to fit next to him in his crib instead. It was the only way to make him sleep for a few hours. Daytime he is completely over-tired and not a happy bunny at all. So this week is challenging. It hurts my mom-heart to see him this sad. I don’t care about my sleep. But he really needs his on a completely different level. I always have coffee…

So obviously this is not a week for sprinting.

So I re-schedule meetings, lower the bar and only do the absolute essentials. To make sure I’m free to focus on him and his needs. Then if he is feeling better next week, I will pick up the slack. ( If I haven’t done my back in from sleeping in a tiny crib)

As my lovely friend Josefina reminded me on Whatsapp this morning – “This too shall pass”. Our lives will be filled with ups and downs and it’s up to us to come up with ways to cope.

Btw, does anyone else have these problems around 17-18 months? Is it a typical sleep regression?

After that big rant, are you ready for my mantra, vision, goal, & affirmation this week? 

My mantra this week– “Back to basic”. Where will the little bit of energy I have left do most good this week? There is no space for any extras when we have rough patches with Ace. So I need to be really good at prioritizing to make sure the basics get done. The rest moves over to my to-do list for next week.

My affirmation this week – “I’m a good mom”. When we see our kids unhappy, it’s really easy to start wondering if we are doing something wrong. These kinds of thoughts will lead us down the worst kind of rabbit hole and nothing good will come from it. It’s completely natural for kids to go through stages. Think about how much their brains are growing, the nerves are making new connections and the body is working hard to grow and function even better. Imagine if we had to go through the same things as grownups, we would never have managed. So our kids are basically tiny superheroes.

My goal this week – I need to hit my 2 hot yoga classes at Yogahaven. If my exercise goes, I fall apart. So this has to be a priority. You can only pour from a full cup.

My dream of the week – I dream of a giant bookshelf filled only with books  I love and will read over and over. I have started collecting all the books from the house into one pile for the next step of our Marie Kondo clear-out. aIt’s looking like only about 30% tops will get to stay. I will keep the classics and the really useful stuff. Fiction and silly books a lá “How to be Parisian” can go to the charit shop. ( I do not want to be Parisian. There are way too many stupid “cool” rules to follow. Why would you ever try to fake authenticity?)

My vision this week – I have started putting together a vision board for myself on Pinterest this week.  A recurring theme is a large house with big windows, a view, in the middle of nature. I want to be able to see the stars at night and hear the bird song in the morning. I have had enough of smog and shouting foxes going through bins at night.

My focus this week  – Ace. This week I’m all his. He is obviously going trough something difficult and I want to be there for him. These moments will define who he will be as a person later on and the least I can do is to be supportive as he is battling it out.

The event of the week  – We are off to Exeter to see Garth’s best friends this weekend coming up. I hope nature, fresh air and a change of scenery will do us all good.

My lesson from last week – Have opinions and stick up for them. It’s easy as an “influencer” to not dare to say what’s on our minds. There will always be people who don’t agree. Considering how many we actually reach on a daily basis, it would be weird otherwise. So sometimes it’s easier to bite our tounges instead of taking the fight. But in the end, it should be based on what’s right for us, not on fear of a backlash. Discussions are important. They are there to make sure we get the full 360 view on a subject. The balance is to stand our ground without getting pig-headed. Noone is always right.

My everyday-luxury this week – It’s Garths birthdays tomorrow, so Cathy is coming over to watch Ace and I’m taking my dear hubby out for a nice meal. The times when we get to be Garth & Tess / man & wife instead of Mom & Dad are really important to our marriage. It’s a chance for us to reconnect on a different level.

My inspiration this week – I’m following this Instagram account called @BossBabe on Instagram and even though the name sounds a bit cliché I really love it. I love opening up my feed and find little words of encouragement. After my #MINDFLUENCING campaign, I have done a big Marie Kondo clean of my Instagram and only kept the accounts that spark joy and I’m really truly enjoying the app so much more now.

Have you had a chance to write down your mantra, vision, goal, & affirmation yet this week? 

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Venn street Clapham. My jeans are by Monki and the amazing “Choose Love” T-shirt is sold in support for the charity “Help refugees”. I really think you need one! – Adlinks (Any adlink revenue from the t-shirt will go to the charity)


“Lean in” and why reading is not me-time it’s education

sheryl sandberg lean in

I love reading and I would spend my days doing only that if I could. However, since I became a mom it was one of the first things I chose to prioritize a lot less.

If I couldn’t have a shower, let alone unpack a dishwasher in a day, reading felt like a luxury I could not afford.
I saw it as me-time that was to be had whenever I had a bit of extra time to spare. And all parents know exactly how much extra time we have…

So I barely read at all for the first year of Ace’s life. Apart from children’s books… over and over again.

This was a major mistake on my behalf.

Not only did I feel exhausted and lonely, but I also lost a lot of my inspiration and motivation in life.

At the time I put it down to hormones. And of course, some of it probably was.
But what I have realized lately is that a lot of it had to do with not feeling like I had the time to read.

Because reading makes our world a lot bigger. We get to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and live their story for a while. It’s not only super liberating to get to dive into another reality, but it’s also educational.

I personally prefer to read business, mindfulness and motivational books. They feed me with the inspiration and motivation I need to be creative. If I don’t get my “fix” in a while I feel stagnant and bored.

So my goal this year is to read at least 3 books every month and so far it’s going pretty well. Sure some of the books are about parenting, and I do tend to need some easy fiction now and then, to just relax. But my favorites are still autobiographies and business books.

sheryl sandberg facebook COO Lean in book

My latest discovery you might already have read – “Lean in” by Sheryl Sandberg, the very successful COO of Facebook (amongst other cool companies throughout her career).

Not only is Lean in an awesome book for women in business, but it also has a great chapter on the work-life balance conundrum and why we shouldn’t try to “have it all” as Mothers. She speaks about how women lose out on our careers when we chose to start families and the different ways to handle this. She also makes a great point why we should.

I also found the chapter on mentors and sponsors very interesting out of a business point of view. To be honest, the entire book is one of my favorite reads so far.

Lean in is a feminist/parent/business/mindfulness/self-help/biographic book you really should take the time to read. I found it terribly inspiring and motivational and my copy is filled with red marks, exclamation points and notes in the margin already.

I’m looking forward to finishing the last few pages in bed with a nice cup of tea tonight.

I have from now on decided to schedule reading as “work-time”. Just like I would with any other educational habit. Because reading is not me-time, it’s education. 

Photo – Ida Zander. Get Lean in here and my suit is by Asos, find the blazer here and trousers here, my t-shirt is by New Look Adlinks


What is “Sustainable Sustainability” and why should you join me?

Sustainable sustainability - Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something

As a part of the new direction I’m taking on my social media platforms, I have decided to focus more on the things that truly matter to me and less on what makes me money/is cool/I “should” talk about…

On top of #MINDFLUENCING and One item a month challenge, I also want to introduce my latest concept – “Sustainable Sustainability”.

What is this, except for a tongue twister, you might wonder?

Well, In a world that is in need of some serious change if we want to keep inhabiting this planet, we all know we have to do our bit. However, we also have everyday lives, our own struggles and limited time, money and resources.

We all want to be perfect and do the right thing. But we can’t always fulfill the criteria of the “no-waste”, “low-CO2”, “pre-loved”, “no-meat”, no-plastic”, “save the insects” – efforts that are out there.

Don’t get me wrong they are all incredibly important, and I applaud every single person that works towards these goals.

But what about the rest of us? It’s really easy to feel like since we can’t be perfect, we won’t try at all. It is a bit of a jungle and the pressure of remembering/knowing how and having the availability to do the best for our planet can get quite high.

That’s where “sustainable sustainability” comes into play. The idea is that we all promise to be as environmentally sustainable as we can sustain in our everyday lives.

“Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something” – is the key here.

sustainable sustainability

My job is to introduce the little changes you can do in your everyday life, that if enough of us do, we will make a difference. Your job will be to pick the things that suit you and you feel like you can sustain. Deal?

There is no pressure on anyone to do all of the things I will cover, but if you can make a few small changes, then you will be doing something very real and tangible in the effort of preserving our earth for future generations to come.

So from now on, every week I will introduce a sustainable sustainability task, that you can choose to join me in.

I’m in no way perfect, but I have a will to get better and if we all can make the journey together then we can support and encourage each other.

So let’s decide to give “Sustainable sustainability a go” and see where we end up? 

Please do also feel free to leave updates on your progress, your own sustainable sustainability tips and ideas and any thoughts you have on the subject on the “Sustainable sustainability” Facebook page. Let’s get talking and sharing.

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – The amazing no-plastic shop “Common” in Clapham Common, UK.


Mindful Monday 18th February – My focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

Mindful Monday 18th February - My focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

There are soooo many memes online about how horrible Mondays are. All I can think of is how people must hate their jobs!

Of course, it’s amazing to have the weekend off and to be able to spend quality time with our friends and family. But personally when Monday comes around I feel pretty ready to get going again. I’m excited for the new week and what it will bring. I used to have Monday-anxiety in the past, but these days it’s completely gone.

Now I can really look forward to getting to sit down with a nice cup of coffee in a café and just get to tap away at my laptop for a few hours. Maybe it’s because I have a kid and feel like my work time also double us as “me-time” or maybe it’s because I really love my job.

No matter what, it’s a great feeling to be excited and happy on a Monday.

I didn’t blog much last week, my goal is at least 3 post, preferably 5. I failed miserably last week with only 2…

But to my defense, I have 2 great reasons.

At first, I spent 48 hours at Soho Farmhouse with Facebook (I will make a post on the whole experience this week so you can see exactly what I have been up to. It was epic!). Then I caught a flight over to Stockholm to have meetings, see friends and family and go to a beauty awards gala. I was in the jury, so I felt like I really should make the effort to go. It was another great 24 hours. But now I’m so ready to just stay in London and get back into my normal routine.

Are you ready for my focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week? :

My mantra this week – “Keep my eyes on the prize and don’t look back”. It’s always a bit scary to do something new and different. But if the situation has gotten old and too comfortable, then it’s time to challenge myself again. I won’t get anywhere if I only do what I always have done.

My affirmation this week – “I believe in myself”. I realized last week that there are people out there that believe even more in me than what I believe in myself. Even though it’s, of course, amazing to feel like I have such support. I should probably be the one that has the strongest faith in my ability. So from now on, I will believe even more in myself. I need to be my number one cheerleader in life.

My goal this week– Now when I have set a few exciting goals to reach in the near future, it’s time to plan and structure my time. When should I work on what? What can I do less of so I can do more of the new things that really excites me? How do I harness and distribute my energy in the most efficient way?

My dream of the week  – My dream is to “make money in my sleep”. We already have a rental income that does exactly that. But my end goal is to never have to work for money, only for passion. If I know I have money coming in then I can confidently focus on what really matters to me.

My vision this week – On my deathbed, I want to be able to 100% honestly look back and say that I have done something good for the world. No matter if it’s something small or something big. I want to have made a difference to other lives than just my own. It would make me very happy. It’s a totally selfless and selfish goal at the same time.

Mindful Monday 18th February - My focus, vision, goal, & affirmation this week

My focus this week – Structure. If I’m going to be able to work on and launch my new project and still keep working on the blogs, go to castings and be an involved mom at the same time. Then I need to be really good at planning my time. I have already started by getting ready a bit quicker in the mornings and today I sat down 30 minutes earlier than usual. During this start-up phase Netflix nights with Garth will be only on Friday nights and the rest of the time I will either organize or read to collect inspiration. If it all goes to plan I would like to have Ace in nursery another half day a week. At the moment I have only 16 hours of childcare every week. 20 work hours would make more sense.

The event of the week – I’m on standby to do a shoot for my portfolio with a great photographer. I need some new fresh photos to bring to castings, so I’m really hoping I will be able to get a spot within the next few days.

My lesson from last week – I will end up in all different kinds of situations with all different kinds of people. It’s a part of what I do and I love it. But I have to make sure to be careful with my energy. I cannot keep changing my intensity to suit other people but need it to stay consistent and suitable to my own pace. Otherwise, I will end up drained very quickly.

My everyday-luxury this week– I was out for drinks with a bunch of lovely people last night. And even though I didn’t stay out particularly late, I only got 5 hours sleep before “Olive, Olive, milk, milk” started this morning. (I should just get Olive a little harness and attach a milk bottle to it so she could be the stand-in dog-mother when I’m tired). So my luxury today is going to be to nap when he naps this afternoon. Sleep is like gold dust when you really need it.

My inspiration this week  – I’m reading “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) at the moment and I’m finding it terribly inspiring. Especially as a woman with a desire to have a life-long career I find her advice invaluable.

Have you got your focus, vision, goal, & affirmation set for this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Brickwood Clapham. Jeans by Morgan (on sale!), Asos top  (also on sale) & faux fur from New look (unfortunately sold out). – Adlinks


The Importance of being single

The Importance of being single

Valentine’s day. Incredibly romantic, just like any old day or a big fat heart-shaped reminder that you are SINGLE?

To be married is totally practical. I have a date on valentines no matter if I believe in celebrating it or not (we most likely stay on the sofa watching Netflix like most other nights anyway). I have someone to wake up next to every morning and a kiss-account that never goes into overdraft.

We are conditioned by society to see marriage as the ultimate end-goal. You start off single, you do your best to meet someone and then you race to the finish line and boom you are married. 2.5 kids, a mortgage, a dog and you live happily ever after…

Single people are sad. They are very far away from the coveted end goal in life. They deserve our pity.

The poor single person who is all alone on Valentine’s, who goes to bed all on their own at night, who wakes up in an empty bed, that doesn’t have anyone that farts loud enough to wake them up at night, nobody’s socks to pick up from the kitchen floor for the millionth time and no one to answer to . Who can wake up when you feel like it on the weekends, have ice cream for dinner in bed and do whatever you bloody fancy.

To be single is not only really nice, but it’s also incredibly important.

It’s the only time in our lives when we are totally alone with our thoughts. When we have the opportunity to dig deep into what we want and even more importantly don’t want in life. It’s the time to experiment, explore and experience life. We only have the responsibility for ourselves and if we make a mistake, most likely it will affect only us.

It’s when we are single that we figure out what we don’t want in a partner. We meet loads of new people and realize pretty quickly that some personality traits are more compatible with ours than others.

It’s really easy to lose yourself in a relationship. So it’s incredibly important to have good self-knowledge from the start. To be a part of two people is a lot harder work than to be only one single person. Independence quickly becomes compromise and freedom is exchanged for responsibilities.

Of course, it’s amazing to be married and to have someone that loves you enough to want to spend all that time with only you. But it’s just as amazing to be single and care-free. And totally not sad in any way! If anything it’s the total opposite.

I’m so grateful for the times I was single in the past. It gave me the time and space to get to know myself, my likes and dislikes and I got to try on all different kinds of situations and people. In the end, it made me a better person and a much better wife to Garth.

So all you singles out there, celebrate that you love yourself enough not to settle before you are done getting to know yourself. 

Foto – Ida Zander for my #MINDFLUENCING campaign on Instagram. You can find my Whistles dress here  (adlink)


Mindful Monday 12th February – my dream, vision, goal, and affirmation this week

Här är min veckas dröm, vision, mål och affirmation

Another Mindful Monday on a Tuesday. But it’s my favorite post every week, so I rather post it late than not at all. 

The reason why I didn’t blog yesterday is that I had the great honor of joining Facebook and Instagram at the gorgeous Soho Farmhouse for a creator day. There were supercool influencers from all over the world present and we got all the latest information from the Facebook/Instagram team. I feel like I’m vibrating with positive energy.

The creativity and passion in the room (barn) was incredible. It was by far one of the most interesting and exciting things I have ever done. Soho farmhouse was buzzing with amazing energy and creativity.

I’m going to post a more in-depth post about the Facebook Creator day later in the week. I have so much to share and it deserves its own post.

What I want to mention today is that I after some time of searching think that I found what I have been looking for. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with my voice on social media, but now it’s like the fog has lifted and I can see the right path. It’s an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to start creating.

Here is my dream, vision, goal, and affirmation this week.

My mantra this week  – “Positivity is needed for creativity and inspiration”. I want to harness the amazing energy I have been left with after these two days. The best way is to keep things really positive and feed my creativity. My goal is to stay in the flow and just get going.

My affirmation this week  – ” I’m on the right path”. I have no doubts, so now it’s time to gear up and get stuff done. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

My goal this week  – I have a few things I want to get done whilst I’m feeling inspired. I want to write two scripts, film a bit, and do a shoot with Ida. I’m also going to put together a new plan for social media.

My dream of the week – I think I have found my Ikigai. A dream that’s becoming a goal! It’s a really cool feeling.

My vision this week  – In the future I want to look back at this time and say “that’s when it all happened when stuff just clicked into place and the journey of doing what I’m passionate about truly begun”.

Här är min veckas dröm, vision, mål och affirmation

My focus this week – I want to spend my time doing the right things. I need to let go of some old ideas and work on some new, tweak a concept or two and just listen to my own heart and gut feeling. It’s really important that I keep going and don’t get distracted before everything is in place.

The event of the week – I’m off to Sweden and Daisy Beauty Awards tomorrow. I was in the jury this year so I’m really excited to see who wins. Also, I’m going to have a meeting with my agent United Influencers and of course also see my family. It would feel like a waste to go there and not see them.

My lesson from last week – I’m amazed at how quickly change can happen and how efficient inspiration can be. I’m also very happy that I’m a social person who loves talking to people, it has really served me well this last week.

My everyday-luxury this week – To sleep another night without waking up. I’m staying over in Stockholm one night and I feel like re-charging on the sleep account need to be a priority. I have had months of broken up nights and my body needs to rest.

My inspiration this week  – The incredible Jay Shetty who I had the honor of getting to listen to at Soho farmhouse. And even better I actually managed to sneak in a couple on one-on-one chats. He is an incredibly positive and generous person who just brings out the energy in the room. I have always liked this message, but now I also really like him as a person.

Come on guys, get in on the Mindful Monday movement. Write down your dream, vision, goal, and affirmation this week. I promise it will be super motivating. 

Photo – Ida Zander. My blouse is sold out and is by Forever new. 


The wealth and fame equation for happiness

The wealth and fame equation for happiness

I have this on-going quest to figure out what really makes me happy in life. To find the equation for happiness.

Some people want to get rich, others want to get famous. I want to be happy.

I think people assume that if you are rich and famous, you must automatically end up happy. That you have to be the first two to end up with number three. But it’s really not a given. There are plenty of rich and famous people out there that are deeply unhappy.

I actually think fame is an antidote to happiness. A soon as people know a lot about you, they will have opinions. And often these opinions are not of the nice kind. So you have to grow a thick skin and be careful not to aggravate the people that are constantly scrutinizing you. It’s exhausting and won’t bring you any happiness.

Sure it’s nice that people know your name. You feel important and validated. But you pay the price with your privacy. So fame is not a part of the end-goal for me.

Also, fame doesn’t have to equal money. To have fame and no riches is the worst possible outcome of this equation. It’s expensive to be famous, you can’t move about like normal people. Everything you do have to be managed in a way or another.

Fame also doesn’t have to equal power. You can be famous for all kinds of reasons and not all of them will make people want to work with you or know your opinion.

So to have fame without money is probably the least likely part of the equation to end up in happiness.

The wealth and fame equation for happiness

So do I have to be rich to be happy?

I mean it would be nice to have loads of money, especially if no one knows who you are and won’t hassle you for it. You could buy whatever you want, but in the end, you can’t buy happiness.

Sure there are some pretty happy rich people out there. But they are probably not happy just because they are rich. Their happiness is more likely to come from their journey of self-realization, their passion, and purpose in life. They have most likely built their wealth from scratch and it’s the journey that has made them happy, not the end result.

If they would have won the same amount of money in the lottery, I doubt they would have felt the same way.

Because happiness isn’t at all an equation of wealth and fame. It’s about passion, love, self-realization, friends & family. About living a fulfilling life filled with laughter and love.

All I keep thinking is, why detour off to fame and wealth when we already have what we need from the start?

It’s really pretty simple. Work to feel fulfilled, spend time with people that make you feel loved, live a life you enjoy and that you yourself are proud of. That is the true equation for happiness. Money and fame have nothing to do with it.

It’s almost too easy, right?  

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Metro Garden Clapham Common. Find my dress by Frock & Frill here (adlink). 


My all-time beauty favorites & latest buys

my all time beauty favorites

My beauty favorites.

There is a good reason to why I have never dared to put up a “shelfie” (ie a photo of my beauty shelf in the bathroom) up here on the blog.

I would have been way too ashamed of how many products I owned and how disorganized my shelves were.

When you get products sent, do collaborations with beauty brands and on top of this is a complete skincare geek that buys lots of new stuff to try out. It’s easy to end up with way more than you can ever use. I mean I only have one face!

So yesterday Ace got to be my little helper and we did a massive clear out. (Well, I cleared out and Ace tried to put it back again…). I only saved my absolute beauty favorites.

Anything past their use-by date got tossed. Things that were unopened and still usable ended up in my giveaway box. And the products that don’t suit the skin on my face got moved to my body-shelf instead. Why not use a lovely serum that isn’t completely right for the face, on the body instead? Re-purposing at it’s best.

I got rid of a massive bag of stuff.

I wish I could have given it all away, but any product that is opened and past their use-by date is not safe to use. I wouldn’t dare to use it myself and even less give it to anyone else.

I really should have given stuff away a lot earlier. I’m a bit mad at myself for wasting a lot of useful products. To my defense, I was pregnant for 10 months and then breastfeeding for another 8. So there were, unfortunately, a lot of products that expired during that time. I had to avoid anything that wasn’t super gentle since my hormones were all over the place.

But from now on it will change.

I’m only going to buy products I really like and I will make sure to finish it all. And anything I get sent that I know I won’t use will go straight into my give-away box without hesitation.

I love to look at my shelf now and only see products that I really love and use. Even though I had so many different bottles and tubs of all kinds, I only use very few of them. And most of my favorites were running out. Totally silly!

Maybe I will even post a shelfie at some point?

This week my plan is to have a good look at my skincare routine. See what I actually need and get those. I already bought a new eye cream from Dermalogica that I had recommended and a facewash from REN that I already love.

My next step is to find a good retinol product, a new primer with SPF and a really good face oil (preferably with a face roller since mine broke recently).

In the picture above you can see all the products I have bought recently. I have used all except the eye cream for a really long time and they work amazingly well for my skin.

These are my every-day beauty favorites (adlinks)

Shiseido Vaso – A facewash that I use when I need to remove makeup. 
 Dermalogica Stress positive eyelift  – A new eye cream I’m looking forward to trying out. 
Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – My evening serum (it makes you a bit orange) 
REN Rosa Centifola cleansing balm – A facewash I use in the morning or the days I don’t wear makeup. (It smells amazing!)
REN Vitamineral Emollient rescue creme – I use this as a super-moisturizing day cream. 
REN vitamineral Omega oil – My favorite serum hands down. I have been using it for years and years. I tend to apply it mainly in the morning. 
Vichy slow age night cream – I found this product when I did a collaboration with them a few months ago. This also leaves you a bit orange-tinted, but it’s lovely for the skin. 

Do you have any all-time beauty favorites to recommend?


Mindful Monday 4th of February – My lesson, mantra, goal and focus this week

Mindful Monday 4th of February - My lesson, mantra, goal and focus this week

February… finally! January felt like a year of its own, how can a month be that long?

It probably feels that way since it’s undeniably one of the most boring months of the year. We remove all the fun and festive Christmas decorations, pay the bills, make promises to go to the gym more often and try to get back into routines again. And if you are self-employed like me then you also have to do your accounts. Oh, joy!

Then February comes with its 28 days and feels like a breeze.

I have lots of fun stuff planned. Girls dinners, United Influencers influencers evening on Wednesday, Daisy Beauty awards gala next Wednesday and in-between I’m off on a little trip with Facebook and Instagram. All kind of work related, but also terribly fun and interesting.

Even though it’s kind of grey outside, I can almost hear spring coming in the distance. Little buds slowly forming, getting ready to crack open and bloom into cherry blossom and magnolia. Hurry, please!

My lesson, mantra, goal, and focus this week is;

My mantra this week   – ”Does it spark joy?” Haha, I’m a bit brainwashed by Marie Kondo at the moment. You who follow me on Instagram know that I did my own KonMari clear out of my closet this weekend. It was epic! I can’t believe I even had that much stuff that didn’t spark joy. I promise to write a proper post about the whole experience later this week.

No matter what, I love the concept of sparking joy and I think you can apply it to most things in life. Friends, work, routines, goals, and dreams. If you are hanging out with people that make you feel joy, then you are in the right crowd. You also have to make sure your goals and dreams spark joy too, otherwise, what’s the point? The big end goal is happiness, isn’t it?

My affirmation this week – ”Take a deep breath and let go”. I’m not just a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I also hold on to old parts of my life that actually doesn’t serve me anymore. I have to allow myself to cut things out and to evolve or I will be too weighed down to be able to go anywhere. The constant question is – what do I really want?

My goal this week – Is to have fun. I’m having dinner with my bestie Josefina tomorrow night and then I’m off to Sweden for the influencers evening. I get two nights in a row of inspiration and motivation, lucky me! A small goal is to finish at least one book since I for once will be able to sit down for a few hours during my flights and not be in Mamma-mode. It’s the perfect time for me to get some me-time.

My dream of the week –  Is actually a dream I’m dropping since it doesn’t spark joy anymore. See, it’s working!

I always dreamt of having a family and raising them in the states á la Desperate Housewives (minus the drama). A beautiful wisteria lane where all the ladies are my friends and our kids can play together outside without us having to worry. But I have realized that I would probably be disappointed once I got there. It’s a very idealistic dream and not really anchored in reality at all. Honestly, I rather move somewhere warm where I can surf every morning and do yoga outside at night.

My vision this week  – Me in our car, behind the wheels. I still don’t have a driver’s license and even though I have really enjoyed being this environmentally friendly and taking trains, buses and tubes everywhere I think it’s time. I want to be able to pack the car with baby and dog and just head out to the countryside for a day in the woods if I fancy. We have a lovely car and I really should be able to use it a lot more. So one of my goals for 2019 is to get that bloody license!

Mindful Monday 4th of February - My lesson, mantra, goal and focus this week

My focus this week – Recovery and sleep. Ace is in leap 10 and Olive has been chasing foxes in the garden every night lately. So sleep is a rare commodity in our house at the moment. When I took the photos for this post, I had slept 2 hours divided into 10-minute chunks the night before. So this week I’m keeping my tempo low and focusing on recovering.

The event of the week – The United Influencers influencers evening in Stockholm on Wednesday. I’m flying “home” to hang out with my team (they are my agent) and the other profiles over 24 hours. I haven’t seen them since the Instagram event in fall, so I’m super excited to see all of them. We honestly feel like we are a part of a big family at UI.

My lesson from last week – I really thought I would struggle to let old clothes that I had memories attached to go. But I’m very surprised at how easy it was. It really taught me something about myself and of how important it is to not have too much baggage in life.

My everyday-luxury this week – To get a night of sleep all on my own between Wednesday and Thursday. I’m not going to even set an alarm or plan anything for the morning on Thursday. So I can get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep and wake up by myself. I can’t remember when that happened last.

My inspiration this week – As you know by now, I’m very interested in the subject of happiness. This TED-talk by psychiatrist Robert Waldinger on the subject how important it is to have good people around us is fascinating. It really made me think about who I want to spend my time with and why.

Ok, your turn. What’s your lesson, mantra, goal, and focus this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. My dress is by Max & Co (adlink).

Mindful Monday 4th of February - My lesson, mantra, goal and focus this week
My lesson, mantra, goal, and focus this week