How I learnt how to meditate in 10 easy steps

Are you not the meditating kind of person? Neither was I. But I had to do it, to stay healthy and I used these 10 simple steps to learn how to meditate.

If you would have asked me a few years ago if I meditated, I would probably have laughed.

I have always been a slightly neurotic, high-energy, fast-talking, fast-walking and fast-acting person. I always feel like I can do better, achieve more and do it all faster.

The idea of sitting still, doing nothing and above all thinking nothing felt like a massive waste. Why do nothing when I could be doing something right?


I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital with a nasty stomach ulcer. Only then did I realize that maybe I was taking on a little bit too much and going a tad bit too quick.

What broke me was our wedding in Zimbabwe. We had a 75 people guest list who we also invited to travel the country with us for 2 weeks. Not only was I a bride planning my big day, but I also had to do it remotely in a country with no resources, no stability and no idea of what to expect. On top of this, I became some kind of travel agent planning 40+ peoples flights, hotels, houseboats, lion walks, gorge swings, safaris… and any other minute detail of their trip.

Looking back it was bloody mental. And a great big wakeup call. If I didn’t teach myself to be still now and then my body and mind would break. So I decided that I had to teach myself how to meditate.

In the beginning, I failed miserably at being still. My nose would itch, I would keep checking the time, start thinking about what to have for dinner, etc. I lasted a couple of minutes max. I felt more stressed than before.

But then I decided to make meditation more suitable for me. Over 10 weeks I decided to take 10 minutes and do something relaxing. Every week I added a new step. And slowly but surely I began to enjoy myself.

These are the 10 steps I took to teach myself how to meditate.

Week 1 – I would lie down on the floor for 10 minutes and watched tv. Basically, I just showed up for the first 7 days. To set the habit. 

Week 2 – I lit a candle whilst I watched tv on my back on the floor. To make my senses understand it was time to relax. We should never underestimate how our brains are conditioned to sounds, tastes, and scents. 

Week 3 – I added a spike mat to the equation. It gave me even more of an incentive to keep still and made me a bit sleepy from the extra endorphins.

Week 4 – I switched the tv for my phone and browsed mindful and inspirational quotes. To make my self feel gratitude and positivity. 

Week 5 – I switched the phone for an inspirational book. Removing the screen was a gamechanger and my anxiety levels dropped.

Week 6 – I switched the book for an audiobook. This is when I began to close my eyes and find proper stillness. 

Week 7 – I switched the book to headspace (a meditation app). This made me focus on my breathing in a completely different way. 

Week 8 – I tried my first non-speaking meditation program. I listened to music and scanned my body with my mind in detail from top to toe.

Week 9 – I figured out that I didn’t have to empty my mind of thoughts, I just had to pick one and focus only on that subject. And voila I was meditating without even thinking about time passing. 

For me it worked taking 7 days in-between every step. And to be honest I missed a few sessions in the beginning. But as I got more invested, the habit stuck and I still love my quiet time. If you feel like it’s too quick or slow, just change the pace.

So, how about it? Are you ready to teach yourself how to meditate? I promise a bit of true relaxation will change your life for the better. 

Are you not the meditating kind of person? Neither was I. But I had to do it, to stay healthy and I used these 10 simple steps to learn how to meditate.

Photo – Roz Alcazar. Dress by Ida Sjöstedt. (Gifted)


NET SUSTAIN & The power of the consumer

If you saw my Q&A with like (click to read all about it) last week, you know I wore a gorgeous sustainable top and skirt by Mara Hoffman via NET SUSTAIN.

I raved about this then and I will rave a bit more about it now. I can’t be more excited that such a big player in the fashion industry like NET-A-PORTER has got their own sustainable edit. It’s such a big step towards a more conscious industry.

They are thought leaders in fashion and one of the first high-end shopping destinations online that have actually listened to us as consumers. They have realized that we care where our clothes are from, how they are made and by whom. It’s incredibly clever of them because the demand for sustainable clothing brands is only growing.

This is why fashion is such a great place to voice our opinions on sustainability. It’s totally a consumers market. There are countless fashion brands and shops out there and if we don’t like one, we just go to the next. It’s incredibly hard for brands these days to attract loyal customers. There is just so much choice!

So any brand or shop that want to sell is going to have to listen to what the customer is asking for. And if what we are asking for is change, it will eventually have to happen. NET SUSTAIN is a great example of a company actually listening to its audience.

The problem with sustainable fashion is that the process to create clothes becomes more expensive. It is cheaper to use underpaid workers in Asia than craftsmen in our own countries. Items made with care will take longer and cost more. So it’s a fine balance for these brands to make a profit.

You can’t run a business without money, so we have to make sure to support these businesses first.

On top of this, as a sustainable brand, your whole process will be under scrutiny from start to finish, because if you are claiming to be doing good, people love to point out the places where you fail.  This is one of the biggest issues in sustainable fashion right now. We are expecting a few to do a lot instead of many to do a little. Every time we criticize a brand that is trying to do better, we neglect to see how much better they already are than the rest.

Some brands and shops are because of this scared to move into the sustainable market. They are worried they can’t do enough to please the very knowledgable sustainable audience.

…and on the other side, we have greenwashing.

When brands twist and turn their non-sustainable processes to try to show them in a more ethical light than they possibly deserve. It’s the dirtiest of dirty, because not only are they not sustainable, they also try to profit from a lie. This is one of the reasons why sustainable shoppers are so knowledgable. It’s often from pure suspicion.

I do not envy brands or shops in the sustainable sphere. It’s a lot more to take on than if you were just a regular dirty fast-fashion factory.

It all comes down to us as consumers wanting to feel good about our clothes. We want to know that we are not taking advantage of people in a less privileged position than us, that we won’t leave a mountain of discarded clothes behind us and that we haven’t poisoned our world just to look good.

And hopefully, brands and shops are feeling the same. They take on the extra work and do it because they actually believe in doing better.

So can we please just all make a big promise to do our best to support any brand or shop that is/ is trying to go sustainable? We are the demand, and we have the biggest impact on the supply.

You can find my top and skirt and a few other favorites from NET SUSTAIN below (affiliate links);


Mindful Monday 9th September

Ghost london jumpsuit. Mindful Monday 9th September - My goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration

Hej guuuys! How are we all doing? Did you have a nice weekend?

I did my best to get as much sleep as possible since I’m solo-parenting this week. Garth is all over Europe for meetings, so it’s just Ace, Olive and I at home.

Secretly I kind of love it since it means the house is really tidy, I go to bed in time for once, I can work in the evening without feeling bad and I can have a salad for dinner. I love having him here, but after almost 5 years of marriage, I cherish having my own time now and then too. So solo parenting is not all that bad.

This is my goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week;

My mantra this week  – “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned”. This is actually a quote by Maya Angelou that fits in with my week very well. At the moment I’m on a steep learning curve at xInfluence and I’m doing my best to just suck it all in like a sponge. What I find hard is to not give myself a hard time when I don’t understand something straight away. So this mantra will come in handy.

My affirmation this week – “My only limit is my mind”. I truly believe in telling that little negative voice in my head to shut up. I much rather be over-confident than under-confident. If I don’t dare, I will never win. So even though I’m encountering all kinds of new obstacles at the moment, I have to keep believing that I will not only figure out how to conquer them but also learn something valuable in the process.

My goal this week – This week my goal is to find a good balance between work and life. It’s actually easier to do this when Garth isn’t here since I feel that I 100% can schedule my time.

My dream of the week  – I dream of a New York office for xInfluence. So I can get my NYC dose now and then without having to commit to living there full-time.

My focus this week  – We are going to start hiring people and I’m in charge of putting together my own team. I have only hired assistants and photographers before, so this is a completely different ballgame. Luckily I have very experienced people around me who are not only there to give me a little help if I need to, but also will allow me to try out my own wings first.

Mindful Monday 9th September - My goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration

The event of the week – This week is event free. And it’s the perfect week for it. I’m going to use my evening time to plan, structure and push forward with the blog and my social media.

My lesson from last week – It’s more important for me to do my own thing than to follow what is cool or popular at the moment. I almost got swept away in chasing cool, before I realized I don’t want it. I prefer authenticity and down to earth so much more. It might be less sexy, but it’s me.

My little luxury this week – I’m going to go to bed at 10.30 every night this week. To be well rested is the biggest treat I can get. I’m such a sleep person!

My inspiration this week  – If you want to be inspired to curate your own timeless sustainable wardrobe. Check out my Q&A with here.

What is your goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week?

Photo – Rosalind Alcazar. My amazing jumpsuit is a gift from Ghost London, you can find it here. And a few similar ones here on my account. 


Is it time to Marie Kondo your friendships? (& how to know who sparks joy)

We know we can Marie Kondo our house, our wardrobe, and even our photos. But can we go as far as choosing who spark joy in our friendships?

We know we can Marie Kondo our house, our wardrobe, and even our important papers and photos.

But can we go as far as Marie Kondoing (See it’s now even a verb!) our friendships?

Of course, we can! Anywhere in our lives where we can make a difference between things that spark joy or not, there is room for improvement.

…and of course, people are not things. I’m not asking you to donate Felicia to the charity shop. We can’t let go of a friend as easily as we can let go of an old jumper. But we can use the same principle. And I have a system that will help you both define and clean out your friendship group without hurting too many feelings.

I have this theory that our friendships are located in one of three circles.

Circle 1

We have to imagine that we are the center point in the first small circle and around us are our best friends. Normally we have up to 5 best friends. It’s hard to keep a close relationship with more people than 5 people at one go. (This does not include family, we are only talking friends here). In this group, we will find our ride or die besties. The ones we call first when we have a problem or good news to share. These people will have a heavy impact on our lives.

Circle 2

The next circle outside of the small one is a bit bigger, and this is where our regular friends hang out. I have about 20 people in this circle. These are the people we spend time with now and then. We know them pretty well but wouldn’t prioritize them over one of our best friends. This is where school buddies, certain work colleagues, playgroup moms we brunch with, other couples we hang out with, and our party friends fit in. They are lovely to hang out with, they would get an invite to my wedding, but our friendship isn’t all that deep. These friends will affect us, but not to the same extent as our best friends,

Circle 3

The last circle is our acquaintances. The people we would say hi to on the street, but not really stop to have a chat with. We know each other’s names, but won’t really be hanging out together unless there was a very specific reason. People we like, but don’t really know all that well. These guys effect on our lives is pretty minor. Let’s say this is about 100 people.

So if we do the maths I would say I have about 125 friends in my circles. Of course, there are more people in my life, but I wouldn’t really call them friends. They have other roles.

We know we can Marie Kondo our house, our wardrobe, and even our photos. But can we go as far as choosing who spark joy in our friendships?

So how do I make sure I have the right people in the right circles?

I’m not asking you to sit down and specify who all of these people are, it would take forever. But you should know who is in circle 1. Because these guys are seriously important to you. Make sure you take great care of them. To keep the Marie Kondo analogy going – They are your Hermes and Chanel and they should spark lots of joy. Great friendships are rare and special. They are worth fighting for and have the potential to last you a lifetime.

If you find that you have someone in your first circle that leaves you with a bit of a funny feeling or makes you feel down. Maybe they are a great friend when you are in need, but have a hard time being happy for you when you do well? Do you always end up talking about them and very rarely about you? These are all red flags.

What’s really important to remember here is that everyone has ups and downs in their life. We all go through rough times when we might lean more on our friends than they lean on us. And that is completely ok. It all evens out in the end.

You have to learn to know the difference between someone who is going through a rough patch and can’t be a great friend right then and someone who just doesn’t spark joy anymore. The former is a chance to show what a great friend you are and the latter is due a circle relocation.

If someone just doesn’t live up to the circle 1 standards and don’t spark joy, they get bumped to circle 2 (unless they are a total bitch and you hate them of course, then wish them well and let them loose in the universe).

The great thing with this system is that you can bump someone down without them even noticing. You will still see them from time to time. But you won’t prioritize them as heavily. It’s a very un-dramatic way to make sure someone has less influence on your life.

The same applies from circle 2 to circle 3. Just move them down and out mentally and the rest will follow.

This way it’s really easy to know exactly who we should be putting our time and energy into. Time is one of the most precious things we have, we can’t buy or extend it in any way. So to spend time with someone is a great gift. We only have so much of it, so we have to know how to prioritize.

They say that you become like the people you spend time with. And I truly believe in this. If you hang out with petty, gossipy, moany and energy-zapping people. You will feel pretty crap after a while. But if you spend time with someone who cheers you on, believes in you, trusts you and makes you want to be better. Then you will be a happier person.

Life is not like Facebook. It’s not about the number of friends we have, it’s who we are friends with. It’s quality over quantity in it’s truest form. This is why it’s so important to relocate within your circles (people can, of course, move up and in too!).

Is it time for you to Marie Kondo your friendships? I have done it and it’s actually even more liberating than doing my wardrobe.

Photo – Ida Zander. Friend – Miranda. Location – Minnow Clapham.


An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

When a Hollywood superstar invites you to an intimate afternoon tea to discuss sustainable fashion, you don’t just accept. You also jump up and down with joy, try on 3 different outfits before you settle on a mix of them all and turn up 20 minutes early…

Kate Hudson is not just the daughter of Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn (Death becomes her is still on my top 10 most-watched films in my life), she is not just an accomplished actress in her own right (Almost famous anyone?), a mom to 3(!) kids and a fashion mogul with her very own business empire (ever heard of Fabletics…?)

…she is also really funny, smart,  totally lovely and actually care about sustainability.

I know I’m not meant to be surprised that someone is nice. But I find that certain kinds of people can get away with a bit more than others because they are famous. And when we were told that Kate was running late because she was finishing up her champagne and oysters downstairs in one of Selfridge’s swanky restaurants. I jumped to the conclusion that she probably was going to be one of them.

An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

As soon as she walked in (wearing that amazing green 80-s style dress from the collection) with a personality big enough to fill up a room and the biggest smile on her face. I knew I had been too quick to judge. She was more than nice, she was generous. At one point she even jokingly sang to us.

But most importantly she had a lot of time for sustainability and passionately shared all the reasons for creating her new brand HappyxNature.

She spoke about how she wanted to make a brand that was available to younger environmentally conscious girls. The challenges of not outpricing her target group. Sustainable fabrics, recycled plastic bottles and why they have no paper tags on the garments.

An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

After a couple of hours drinking ice tea and eating cakes together, we all got to pick our favorite item to take home. I chose this gorgeous maxi dress with a lace detail at the neck. Made out of recycled plastic bottles. Pretty cool right?

It has a belt, that I can choose to wear in the waist. Or just let the dress do its own thing and go for a more floaty, loose silhouette.

HappyxNature has so far only been available in the states but has just been released at Selfridges here in London. Who actually stocks quite a few sustainable brands these days.

The collection has a strong influence from the 70s with a focus on earthy tones and big floral prints. The style is boho with a lot of ruffles, pretty sleeves, and neckties.

Thank you HappyXNature and Kate Hudson for having us. It was a massive treat and I think this is going to be a big hit over here in the UK. 

When a Hollywood superstar invites you to afternoon tea to talk sustainable fashion, you don't just accept. You jump up and down with joy. HappyxNature

It’s so nice to see more and more brands caring about the environment and actually changing the ways they produce, ship, package and sell their clothes. It’s really important that we as consumers encourage and applaud this. No brand will be 100% but every step in the right direction is a good one.  

You can find my HappyxNature maxi dress and a few of my favorites below (affiliate links).


Mindful Monday 2nd September

Mindful Monday 2nd September - I'm very lucky to have such a nice balance in my life and I'm trying to enjoy it to the max. This is my luxury, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week;

Hello lovely people! How are you this Monday?

I was solo-parenting this weekend. Luckily Ace is such a good little boy that it doesn’t really matter. He is chatting away and coming up with the cutest stuff. The other day his cuteness made us get on the train only to walk back to where we came from. He is obsessed with “chuu chuu” and the happiness on his little face made it worth the trek.

This week is a nice little in-between, my schedule is on point. I’m in the office for 2 days, work on my own stuff most of Wednesday and a few hours on Friday and the rest of the time I’m with my little man. I know I’m very lucky to get to have such a nice balance in my life and I’m trying to enjoy it to the max.

This is my luxury, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week;

My mantra this week  – “Gratitude helps us see what is there instead of what isn’t”. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the things we already have, the wins we won and the things we have to be grateful for in life. The more we practice gratitude, the happier we will be.

My affirmation this week – “The journey is what becomes my life”. We can be so focused on end goals that we forget that the journey there actually is what really matters. Don’t live then, live now. (But obviously, still set and pursue your goals! it’s all about balance)

My goal this week – My goal this week is to order 3 books I really want to read and start creating time in my life to actually read them. No more Netflix on the nights I don’t have work to do. A book will give me so much more than a tv show.

My dream of the week  – I dream of a big house with a big library. I have so many beautiful books in boxes in the basement. They are like dear friends I don’t get to see often enough. I love re-reading old favorites. I would start collecting first editions and make sure to have all of them as paperbacks. I love the smell of a book, don’t you?

My focus this week  – My focus this week is breathing. I’m a slightly anxious and stressy person who always does a million things at 100 miles an hour. And sometimes I kind of forget to breathe. But I have recently started to create little pockets of calm in my day and just take a few deep breaths. It’s making a world of difference to my stress levels.

The event of the week – On Wednesday my Q&A on sustainable fashion on the Instagram stories will go live. I’m very happy with how the filming went and I brought some gorgeous pieces with me. You seriously can’t miss it, I’m sharing all my best advice on how to shop and style sustainably.

My lesson from last week – I need to network more. For many years I have focused a bit too much on creating content, leaving very little time to actually get out there and meet people in my business. I thrive in social situations and I really enjoy meeting new people.

My little luxury this week – Garth will stay in with Ace Thursday night and I will head to a launch for a new fashion brand. I very rarely get out in the evening these days and I’m really looking forward to chatting with friends, have a drink and enjoy myself a bit.

My inspiration this week  –Since this Mindful Monday is a bit more …well, mindful than they have been in the recent weeks, it’s only fitting that I recommend a really great article on how to sleep well.

What is your luxury, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. You can find the details of my outfit on my account here.   My earrings are a gift by Caroline Svedbom.


Now is the time to set your new goals for autumn (I will show you how)!

Now is the time to set your new goals for autumn (I will tell you how)!

Hi guys, it’s the last day of August and we are officially taking a big step into autumn tomorrow. Are you ready?

It’s hard to let go of a long lazy summer. I love how we all dial down on work and just enjoy. It’s such a gorgeous time of year and it’s great not to have to feel bad about doing a little bit less and having a bit more fun. Because everyone is doing it and we need to get to chill out for a while to stay sane.

It’s great both for motivation and creativity to have a break now and then. That’s why it makes me happy seeing influencers taking time off social media for a few days here and there. It’s meant to be fun and it won’t be if there is this constant pressure to deliver.

It’s about being kind to you and allow yourself to be less productive for a while. When you get to step out of your little bubble, you zoom out on your own situation and all of a sudden you can see things more objectively and with a clearer head. This is why most great decisions happen in either the beginning of the year or right about now.

It’s all kind of exciting when you think about it. All that extra energy just bubbling under the surface and ready to go.

The trick is to harness this energy and to use it in the best possible way. And to do this we have to be smart.

If we go right back to what we dropped before the break, we will get stuck in the same old details and routines again. Nothing will change and even though we feel a bit more creative for a while. Within a few weeks, it will all be back to what it was before.

This is why it’s so incredibly important to SET GOALS.

Goals are tricky things. Because they depend solely on your mindset at the time. If you are in a good frame of mind, you will set big, but attainable goals. If you, on the other hand, are feeling a bit drained, weighed down and tired of it all. Chances are that your goals will reflect that.

So now, my friends, is the time to set those really big, amazing, scary, life-changing goals you have had in the back of your mind for a long time. It’s time to put your phone on silent, fetch your bullet journal, make a nice cup of tea and put pen to paper.

And if you haven’t done it before, don’t worry. I will guide you.

Summer is over and autumn is here. We had time to relax and zone out. Now is the time you should be setting goals. How and why? I will tell you...

The first rule of setting goals is;


If a goal isn’t making you feel like you are overreaching. Then it’s not a particularly good goal. Sure, there are a few instances when moderation is better, like when it comes to the gym and weight-loss goals or other similar areas where you need to take it slow for it to be healthy.

But when it comes to business and career goals. They should be so big that you would be ashamed of showing them to anyone. And you don’t have to until you reached them and everyone can see for themselves that is.

The second rule of setting goals is;


A goal without a deadline is just a dream. If you are not putting any time pressure on it, it won’t happen. We are too good at procrastinating.

Twice a year I sit down and make a list of goals for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. Chances are most of them are progressions. So it’s not loads of goals, more stages. If it feels a bit overwhelming, start by doing up to a year.

Try to be realistic when setting your deadlines. You ofter overestimate what you can do in a month but underestimate what you can do in a year. Keep this in mind and try to find a good balance.

The third rule of setting goals is;


Ok, so you got your goal and a deadline for reaching it. How do you get there? What are the first steps? This can sometimes feel like a massive task. Like, how do you even take the first step towards something massive?

I’m going to teach you an amazing trick for this.

You don’t. You don’t start planning your first step. You actually start at the end. What is the step that has to happen right before you reach your goal? That is usually easier to visualize. And after that, you do the same again. What is the step before that step? Eventually, you will get to a point where you think, “well, I can do this tomorrow”.

Et voila you have your plan! This setting goals thing isn’t all that hard after all is it?

The last rule of setting goals is;


Let’s say you have 3 goals you want to reach. Make sure to do 3 things straight away that will get you closer to these goals. Only small things. Even if it’s just looking someone up on LinkedIn, googling a “how-to”, buying a book or asking a friend for advice. Do it first thing in the morning and then you are done for the day.

If you dedicate the first 20 minutes of your work-day to doing 3 small things towards your 3 goals every day. I promise you will reach them even faster than you planned. We always underestimate what power small actions have.

Another brilliant side effect is that every day you think about your goal you automatically visualize and normalize the goal in your head. Soon you are going to find that the goal isn’t scary at all anymore. It’s a reality and you can even see another bigger goal after this one.

That my friends is the magic of setting goals. It’s a process that has to happen for you to get somewhere with anything you do. The better you are at setting goals, the better you will do in life.

I’m going to sit down and set my next goals right now. I’m boiling the kettles as we speak. Are you in?

Photo – Rosalind Alcazar . Location – Minnow Clapham Common. My dress is gifted by Ghost London .


My 7 key investment pieces this autumn

It’s the end of August and I’m beginning to get excited.

I know it’s early and I do absolutely love the summer. I’m a hot weather girl at heart and really thrive in the sun. But I also really enjoy the change of the season and a new temperature that comes with it. Mainly because it means I get to wear something different.

Summer styling is easy. Pretty dresses, floaty fabric, jeans shorts, slouchy linen…a tan! Everyone looks good in the summer.

Autumn dressing is a completely different thing. Because all of a sudden we throw colder weather, layering, more accessories and in general less tanned skin, in the mix.

It’s more of a challenge to dress for fall. This is why I always get a bit extra excited about fashion this time of year.

In the past, I would have gone on a massive shopping spree right about now. I would have bought loads of cute and cheap knitted jumpers, big scarves, cozy wooly hats and anything else the magazines told me was on-trend. All from the high street. Most to be worn a few times and then end up in some box in the basement.

These days I care less about what is out there and more about what is already in my closet.

I love switching my wardrobe up and to find new ways to layer and combine my clothes. The change of season forces me to look at each item with new eyes. How can I wear this dress now? What should I be pairing these trousers with to make the outfit work for colder weather? Are there any fun combinations I haven’t thought of yet?

I block out a morning in my calendar and do a big try-on session in front of the mirror. I bring out everything I love from my closet and try out new combinations. It’s the only way for me to know what I actually got in there and what I need to get.

After, I sit down with a cup of tea and make my seasonal wish-list. The items I would like to add that fills the holes and makes my wardrobe exciting again.

These are my 7 key investment pieces this autumn ;

1. A pair of high black boots with a midi/kitten heel

I will wear these boots with all my silk and satin dresses from the summer. It’s an easy and stylish way to make these items fall appropriate. I used to have a great pair, but I wore them to death. My poor cobbler had mended them 3 times already before they went in the bin… So there is a hole to fill (literally).

2. A silk or satin jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit in a jewel color is a great fun statement for autumn. Even though the fabric is the same as most of my dresses, the long sleeves and legs will make me look a bit more dressed. I love wearing floaty fabrics at the office and I want to keep on wearing them for as long as the weather permits. A great jumpsuit is such a badass option to a suit.

3. A white shirt with a twist

Everyone needs a white shirt or two in their wardrobe. Since I’m a sucker for details I love this “Mother of Pearl” shirt with little pearl buttons and pretty sleeves. It’s a nod to a traditional shirt, but much more enjoyable to wear.

4. A patterned blazer

Blazers can be really fun or really boring. I prefer the former. The shape is classic, so I can afford to have a play with the color or the pattern. I will probably go for stripes, dots or a checkered pattern. To make sure to future proof this purchase. You will see me wearing it over camis, dresses, polo necks, and even hoodies.

5. A long-sleeved midi silk dress 

Again, more fabric, but still similar to what I have been wearing all summer. This kind of dress is suitable for most occasions. Dinners out, a day in the office, events, parties, etc. If I layer a knitted jumper on top I will get a really interesting mix of materials and silhouettes.

6. A flattering camisole

To wear under blazers, jackets, and cardigans. And to tuck into jeans or midi-skirts to dress them up a bit. A great camisole is such a wardrobe hero and I actually don’t have one that I love yet. So this autumn, I’m going to find my perfect cami.

7. A wide belt

To clinch in the waist of blazers, jumpers, and dresses. I have my eye on this insanely beautiful Bottega Veneta belt, but it doesn’t make sense to spend that much money on a small piece of leather and some metal. So I think I will have to go second hand on this one. I bet there are loads of great wide vintage belts out there that are just as lovely as the BV one. Holler if you see one!

As you probably know by now, I only buy one item a month. So once I’m done with this list we will already be in the new year if I choose to get all my key investment pieces this autumn… So that is a bit tricky. I guess I will get what I find and love first.

In the last year, I have really learned to analyze how I feel about a piece of clothing. If I love it or just like it. If I need it or only want it. It has been such a great journey and has given me a completely new kind of clarity when it comes to my personal style.

 What are your key investment pieces this autumn?

Don’t forget to check out my sustainable edit on the Instagram stories tomorrow. I’m going to show you all my sustainable wardrobe favorites. 


Mindful Monday 26th August

Peggy porschen - Mindful Monday 26th August - My dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration

Bank Holiday Monday – The best kind of Monday right?

Especially with it is 32°C and you can spend the whole day outside with your family. It has been a glorious weekend.

I decided to take time off, reflect, enjoy and just be in the moment. It was exactly what I needed.

I have made quite a big decision. For a while I have felt short on time and like my creativity has been stretched more than I have enjoyed. Being a blogger is seriously hard work, especially when you are writing two blogs in two different languages, trying to cater to completely different market and try not to lose yourself in the process.

I have been blogging since 2007, and there are over 9 000 posts on my Swedish blog. Mental right?

I have been blogging from when I was single and fairly new to London. Traveling the world modeling and partying most nights away with my friends. My Swedish followers have come on my journey, seen boyfriends come and go, they were with me meeting Garth 9 years ago, his proposal, our wedding and finally my pregnancy and the birth of our baby boy Ace almost 2 years ago. I have updated that blog almost every day in the last 12 years…

It has been amazing to communicate with such a big group of people daily. I can’t even begin to explain how privileged I feel.

But with my new job, Ace and trying to have a grown-up life. Something has to give.

Since I really love blogging, I’m not going to stop. But I can’t run two blogs anymore. It’s just too much work.

I much rather do one thing really well, than two things half-baked. So that’s why I have decided to close down my Swedish blog.

I have been living in London for almost 15 years, my work is here, my little family is here, most of my friends are here. It makes sense that I focus on this blog and the UK market. Sweden will always be my home, but I need to make time and mental space for new things.

…And after all Swedish people are really great at English, so any of my readers over there who are keen to still follow me, are of course more than welcome to come here. (If you are one of them, thank you for reading! I was worried I was going to lose you and I’m sooooo happy you made your way here).

This is my dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration this week; 

My mantra this week  – ” Every new beginning comes from the end of another beginning”. I have to let go to be able to move forward. It’s the end of an era to close down the Swedish blog. But it will allow me to do much more on this blog. So I choose to see it as a beginning instead of an end.

My affirmation this week – “My intuition will guide me”. I’m ready for this new chapter and I want my gut feeling to be my compass. It feels right to free up this time to focus on other things. And to be honest most of all I feel relieved not to have to stretch myself like I have done in the last year.

My goal this week – …is more of a goal for the next month. I need to find a new photographer. I’m going to test shoot with a couple of people in the next couple of weeks and hopefully, I can find someone who will be a good match.

My dream of the week  – I dream of making this blog as successful as my Swedish one has been. Hopefully, you guys will help me make that dream come true.

Peggy porschen - Mindful Monday 26th August - My dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration

My focus this week  – This week all my focus lies on work. I have had a great weekend with the family and I’m ready to get stuck in. Tomorrow is an office day at xInfluence. On Wednesday I’m shooting with a new photographer and ….

The event of the week – … on Thursday I’m off to Rewardstyle’s HQ to shoot a Q&A on sustainable fashion for the stories. I’m super excited and will be bringing with me some amazing sustainable pieces from my own wardrobe. Make sure not to miss it!

My lesson from last week – I realized last week that some peoples opinions don’t actually matter to me. I have at times given people to much power over my happiness and it’s time to stop. So from now on, I will be better at who I listen to.

My little luxury this week – I have half a day on Thursday after the Q&A when I have nothing planned. I might blog, but I could also just go window shopping. I only buy one item a month, but I can still look.

My inspiration this week  – I have actually not listened to the Tim Ferri’s podcast before. I have read a couple of his books and I love them. So I began listening to one of his podcasts the other day and it was super inspiring. I know what I will be doing on my way to work tomorrow. Check it out!

What is your dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. You can find the details of my outfit on my account here. 


The Sustainable Wardrobe – My 5 rules to develop your timeless style

The Sustainable Wardrobe - My 5 rules to develop your timeless style - If you are staring into your closet and wondering what to keep and what to get rid off. Here are 5 simple rules that will help you find your timeless style.

So we have finally got off the trend rollercoaster and want to ditch fast fashion in favor of a more timeless approach to style.

It might sound easy, but sometimes it’s not.

You see, trends are convenient. They tell you what you should be wearing. So you actually don’t really have to think too much about what you are buying. There is never any need for you to stretch your style wings and go off in your own direction. It’s all already chosen and planned for you. Copy + Paste!

If you now are staring into your closet and wondering what to actually keep and what to get rid off. What to buy more off and what to never look at again. I have 5 really simple rules that should get you well on your way to finding your own timeless style.

1. Don’t think that timeless style looks the same for everyone.

It’s actually the opposite. Because a timeless wardrobe will not be inspired by magazines or runway shows. It will be inspired only by you. The trick is to figure out what you love to wear, what you look good in and your actual clothing needs. 

Think about your 5 favorite items in your closet. These have to be things that you are actually wearing on a regular basis and will wear again. What do they have in common? What is it that makes you love that particular item? Is there a recurring color or theme?

These 5 should be the base of your new wardrobe. They are the core of your personal style. 

2. Shop for your actual life.

When I was a shopaholic I mainly bought cocktail dresses and really high heels. I imagined myself dancing the night away and looking glamorous in my new whatever chain dress it was…

Sure I did go out from time to time. (This was obviously before I entered baby land). But not as often as I actually bought an outfit. I had loads of pretty dresses hanging in my wardrobe still with tags on. Waiting for that one magic night and after to be discarded in some black hole of a drawer and never see the light of day again. For many of those dresses that night never came. I got rid of most of them in my big Marie Kondo clear out.

It was so silly. I was shopping for a life I wasn’t living. 

These days my wardrobe is divided into 25% office workwear, 25% relaxed mom-stuff, 25% party and event items and the rest is sleepwear, workout gear, and general bits and bobs. 

These are the things I actually need. So now you have to figure out what balance your wardrobe should have. 

The Sustainable Wardrobe - My 5 rules to develop your timeless style - If you are staring into your closet and wondering what to keep and what to get rid off. Here are 5 simple rules that will help you find your timeless style.

3. Ask yourself a few questions before every new purchase.

Before you buy anything ask yourself these questions. Can I make at least 3 outfits from this item using what I already have in my wardrobe? Will I wear this in 3 years time? Does it fit perfectly right now? (Never buy for a body you think you will have later unless you are pregnant of course).

If the answer is “no” to the first 2 questions. Don’t buy it. If the answer is no to the 3rd question, then you need to ask yourself 2 more questions. Can this be tailored to fit me perfectly? …And Is it worth the spend to both purchase and tailor this item?

4. Think quality over quantity and make sure you understand Price Per Wear.

I want you top open your mind and wallet to all price points. Dreamy buys that were too expensive in the past might be completely appropriate now. When you don’t chase trends you will be able to wear your clothes for longer and therefore buy less. And when you buy less, you will have more to spend on each individual item.

Another reason why to look at slightly more expensive brands is the re-sell value. You might not be able to re-sell 5 tops from H&M, but if you buy one designer item for the same price. You will most likely be able to get at least half the money back if the item is timeless and well-taken care off. 

5. Allow yourself to have fun.

Now when no one is telling you what to wear and how to wear it, you can afford to be creative. Not only with your purchases but also in how you wear things. No one can tell you that your own personal style is wrong, because you are the one making the rules.

With time you will embrace your little quirks and become an expert in hunting out items that wouldn’t fit anyone else than you. They will be those little gems in your wardrobe that you love the most. 

As with anything, practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to nail your personal timeless style straight away. There will be some bad buys (hopefully you will re-sell these and get at least some money back). Slowly but surely you will get to know yourself and what you actually want to wear.

I promise you will never regret ditching fast fashion for timeless style. Your wardrobe and your wallet can thank me later.

Photo – Ida Zander. You can find the links to my outfit on my account here.