A Stranger In My Own Hometown

Jeans – JBrand, blouse – Ted Baker, bag – Chanel, watch – Jaeger LeCoultre & new heels by Marzio. (adlinks)

It’s always a bit strange for me to come back to Stockholm, my hometown. 

It has been such a long time since I lived here, but still, I know it so well. It’s like a really vivid dream I dreamt a long time ago, but I still remember all the details. I walk around feeling nostalgia and knowing every corner of every street, but I still don’t feel like I fit in.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Stockholm. It’s one of the prettiest places on earth. But I don’t know if I could actually ever feel at home here again. After 14 years in London, I truly feel like a Londoner and I’m pretty sure I act more English and Swedish these days.

I’m always the one to start a conversation and to be open and in general pretty upbeat and happy. Here in Stockholm I often get funny looks if I talk to strangers, whilst in London, it’s the norm.

It’s a bit sad really since I would love to have more friends in Stockholm, but I find it hard to meet the right people here. Most people seem to be set in their ways and not too keen on talking to strangers, even at fairly intimate events. Or maybe I just smell, who knows…

However, we did have a lovely weekend in Stockholm. Garth came and joined Ace and me on Thursday, we spent the Friday with my sister Steffi, her partner Nalle and Ace’s cousin Harry.

Saturday we met up with them and added my sister Nickis and Mom with her partner Mats and went for our traditional lunch at Tures in Sturegallerian. We are like a walking circus with kids and all, but luckily the staff at Tures have a lot of patience.

After Garth and I headed down to the water to take Ace for a walk and to snap a few shots. It’s so pretty around these areas and I grew up basically just around the corner on Nybrogatan. When Ace fell asleep we sat down at “Dramatenterassen” for a drink and to enjoy the sunshine.

I have just waved goodbye to Garth and Ace who are heading back to London. I was meant to go with them, but I got an invite to meet Instagram at Facebooks Stockholm offices tomorrow. And that is not an invitation to turn down!

I’m actually mega excited, the whole United Influencers team is invited to meet Instagram so I will get to say hello to the other profiles UI represent too.

I really hope we get to ask Instagram lots of questions, I find the whole algorithm thing very confusing.

What would you ask Instagram if you could?



I’m having some trouble with Bloglovin’ not finding my Swedish blog at the moment. It’s very annoying at means that all of you who follow me on Bloglovin’ automatically end up here on the English version.

It will get sorted really soon. There are always a few small bugs when you move a blog like this, so please have patience with us. Until it’s sorted, just click the “SE” button in the top right corner or click here – TessM.se. if you are looking for the Swedish version of this blog. 

xx Tess

Photo – Ida Zander


The Best Swedish Designer Fashion Right Now

Blouse – Filippa K, pink dress – by Malina, skirt – Filippa K, bag – Acne, sneakers – Tiger of Sweden, top – Ida Sjöstedt, coat – Tiger of Sweden, blouse – Dagmar , dress – Filippa K. (adlinks)

As a Swede, at the moment in Sweden attending Fashion week, I do find it my duty to educate you guys a bit on Swedish fashion. (And show you the best by Swedish designers in stores right now.)

Don’t worry I’m not going to dig deep into all the different designers and their vision. But simply show you what I like by our designers that actually is available in shops at the moment.

Often fashion is either in the future or sold out. So to take a quick peek at what is available now is a bit more helpful than showing you what will arrive in a while.

At the moment I’m very much into dove grey and it seems that Swedish designers are too, yay! Look at all these amazing bits I found, I honestly kind of want them all…

Right now I’m really enjoying Filippa Ks simple, but perfect silhouettes, Dagmar’s prints and cuts, by Malina’s feminine touch, the prettiness of anything Ida Sjöstedt comes up with and the Scandic cuts by Tiger of Sweden.

Don’t worry if you have never heard about these designers before. They might not be as famous as Acne and Cheap Monday outside of Scandinavia, but they are truly at least as talented. For some reason, I find that Swedish design tends to get stuck in stuffy places like Harrods when they launch abroad. Don’t ask me why? The Danes really do it soo well!

What do you think of Swedish fashion (that is not made by H to the M)? Would you choose to buy any of the items above?

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I Put On My Pyjamas …And Went To A Fashion show

Pyjamas from Parasol Rose, booties by Tara Jarmon & bag from Chanel. Photo – Ida Zander.

If there is one fashion trend I will never ever let go of it’s wearing your pyjamas out and about.

I mean, can you get any comfier than in your PJs? We all know the answer is no unless you sleep naked I guess.

Since I’m a new Mom I basically spent my last year in sleepwear and softies, so it felt right to keep on doing my thang when I go to fashion week. Yes, it is a slightly fancier pyjamas than most and yes those are naked women on the print.

This set is by London brand Parasol Rose.

They make the kind of sleepwear that rich lawyers on tv show wear to bed. The kind I have on my vision board for when I’m wealthy enough to only have silk and cashmere against my skin when I’m lounging at home instead of the hubby’s old trackie bottoms.

They will nevertheless most likely be covered in banana and ice cream stains, but still.

As we know by now, I don’t really play by fashion rules. Who makes them anyway?

So I took my baby and went to fashion week in my Pjs. And I felt great, Ace was super cute, I was super comfy and I didn’t even need to change when I got home. That’s a result when it comes to saving time.

The show we attended today was by Camilla Thulin and without getting too detailed about Swedish politics, she made a strong pro-woman statement and there were standing ovations and double finales. A power-show, so refreshing! Check out my Instastory from today to see pics and a clip or two from the show.

So have I convinced you? Will you be adding a pair of heels and wearing your PJs out? Are you in your PJs now? Add a pair of heels and send me a photo!

Can you imagine, I have a feeling there would be some hilarious combos. But seriously, do get yourself some fancy pyjamas and wear them out. It’s totally liberating!

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How To Take A Baby To Fashion Week

So today this happened… Ace went to his very first fashion show!

It’s Stockholm fashion week and I have a couple of shows I would like to see, so the plan was for him to stay with a friend or family for the hour I would need to be away. But after his cold, his 8th tooth deciding to come and join us and an entry into the lovely leap 8 (what’s up with the number 8?) I basically cannot put him down, let alone give him to someone else and disappear.

So the choice was not to go or to add a sneaky +1/2. I chose the latter. Steffi had some ear covers for Harry that I could use, I put him in a cute outfit and off we went to The Grand Hotel and the Naim Josefi show.

I have to say that I was pretty surprised at how warm and friendly even the fashion people can be when there is a baby around. He was on great form, smiling and waving at everyone, he patted a lady’s arm, touched a guys hair and couldn’t stop looking around at everyone. No-one was bothered, everyone just smiled and said hello to him.

…he did, however, decide to go off on a little baby monologue at the intro of the show. Normally the music tends to be quite loud, so when the soft tunes of a piano and the voice of the very talented Orphee Noah opened the show it was a nice surprise.

The rest of the show he just sat mesmerized and looked at all the models and clothes walking by. My little cutie-pie!

I always make an imaginary wardrobe for the next season at Fashion Week. If I had space and the money I would buy it all, but for now, maybe an item or two.

From this show I really fancy the blue boots (if they are comfy, I’m a Mom now…), the prints are amazing, that green suit and maybe not as wearable down the high street to pick up a pint of milk, but still worth a mention – the finale dress.

It was such a color pop of a show, right up my street. With quite a few wearable pieces too. I have said I really should wear more Swedish design, so maybe…

Tomorrow it’s time for Aces second fashion show ever, we are going to see Camilla Thulin. Not bad for his first ever fashion week. 

My dress is by The fold.


Welcome To My New English Blog!

Photo Ida Zander, dress – Stevie May (adlink)

Well, hello to you! I’m glad you made it here.

I’m so happy to finally be able to have a separate space for the English version of my blog. This means no more scrolling past the Swedish version, no more double headlines and I can tweak my posts to better suit you.

It will still be 99% the same as the Swedish version, but if there is a specific topic that doesn’t want go on the Swedish blog, well, then I can always add an extra post here.

United Influencers is such a great agent to have and I’m truly blessed to get this opportunity. I really hope you guys will love it here as much as I do.

Of course, as with any move, there are still a few unpacked boxes, light bulbs missing and general bugs in the design. I have such a massive blog to move over so it would be strange if not (over 9 000 posts, yikes!). So, please let me know if anything seems strange or off and also have patience with us this week. It will be perfect soon.

At the moment, I don’t have my library of older posts with me over on this blog.  I will start the very long and laborious task of separating the languages and moving posts over one by one as soon as I’m back in London. It might take me a while.. but until then you can find new stuff here and old posts on TessM.se.

So who is ready to pop that champagne?


My Monday Checklist

I have had max 2 hours sleep in one stretch in the last 3 nights. I even almost forgot it’s Monday and time for a new list.

Poor Ace has picked up some nasty bug and has been struggling with a high temperature and a sore throat. He is not sleeping or eating and all he wants to do is to be carried around and to cry. It’s completely understandable, but almost impossible when I’m here on my own in Sweden. He got sick the day before we left and seemed a bit better, so I ended up flying with him anyway. But then he got worse again. It has been rough on all of us, mostly on him of course. I would take his illness if I could. Today is the first day I could get him to eat anything but fruit pouches and baby snacks.

The mantra of the week – ” Nothing changes if nothing changes”. It sounds like a given, but think about it. We can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different outcomes. It’s time to do something new.

This week’s affirmation – ”I’m inspired and motivated”. A new start is a great boost for motivation and inspiration. Let’s do this!

The goal of the week – For Ace to get well and for me to get some sleep. He feels better already, so fingers x.

Dream of the week – I want to really learn about the stock market. I have dabbled, but I have a lot left to learn.

This week’s vision – An office outside of the home, with colleagues and a little corner for Olive to nap in. My own business of course.

The focus of the week – Change, improvement, and fashion of course (It’s Stockholm Fashionweek.)

The event of the week – I have something big to reveal tomorrow, I’m so excited! So that’s my biggest event, the second biggest is fashion week. I’m going to attend two shows this time. I can’t do more when I’m on my own with Ace, but I’m happy just to go at all. I love fashion week and find it very inspiring.

The lesson from last week – Nursery = virus and bugs. I guess we have to count on a fall of colds now when Ace start nursery for real. I guess it’s good for his immune system.

This week’s everyday-luxury – I’m going to go and buy and eat some crayfish. It’s my favorite thing to eat here in Sweden and now is the season.

The inspiration of the week – I’m all about happiness and to be happy. It’s my big goal in life. So when I find TED talks or similar on the subject, I will watch it. This week I found Dan Gilbert’s ”The Surprising Science of happiness” very interesting.


My 2 Favorite Concealers

If there is one makeup product I often buy to try out from new brands, it’s concealers.

I’m not really a foundation kind of girl, so it’s really important for me to have a great concealer in my makeup bag. Especially since I had kids… To not look like a walking dead I cover my under eye circles, around my nose for redness, any spots or patches and also the top of my lid so I have a nice even base for my eyeshadow. I also have a couple of lovely visibly blue veins in the corners of my eyes that I prefer to keep hidden.

After a lot of experimenting, I have realized I actually need two different kinds of concealers to do the job properly. One light and smooth version and a heavier one with more coverage. I use the light version under my eyes, on my eyelids, and around the nose and the heavier one goes on top of any blemishes, the veins and on the lower part of my dark circles if I have had a particularly rough night.

Tn the past I always used YSl’s Touche éclat. It is a lovely product that really reflects the light and has a very sheer finish, however in photos, especially when using a flash, it comes up slightly grey-tinted. As a blogger that does bother me a bit. So when I found by Terrys ”Touche Veloutée” that basically does the same thing sans the greyness I switched over.

My heavier concealer of choice, I’m pretty sure I have spoken about in the past, but it has become such a staple in my makeup bag that I will mention it yet again. It’s – L’Oréals ”Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette”. Its basically like real life retouch. I have to be a bit more careful to make sure I don’t get it in any fine lines and only use a thin layer. But used right the cover is magic. As you can see in the photos, the darkest skin colored version is my fav and it even covers my veins completely.

These two concealers together are enough for me to be able to go completely foundation free and still look awake and with nice skin. It allows my skin to breathe more and I lose one step in my morning makeup routine. Win-win!

Do you have any concealer faves?


My Plan For Fall

Dress – Oasis, shoes – Pretty ballerinas, bag – Chanel, sunglasses – Saint Laurent, phone case – Ideal of Sweden. (adlinks). Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Honest Burger Clapham (they make a mean lemonade).

I’m so ready for a new start this fall and I just sat down and made a little list of things I want to do more of, change and stop doing. 

Things I want to do more of:

Work out – At the moment I only go to one hot yoga class a week, every Sunday. But when Ace will start nursery properly I’m planning on adding another class on Wednesdays. Slowly I want to get my abs used to working out again. I still have a bit of separation and I’m doing exercises for them to come together every day. It’s already loads better, so I will keep working on it. And when I feel like the yoga is easy again I will try to throw in a session or two of CrossFit. I love the feeling I get from lifting weights.

Read books – I have only read a couple of books since Ace was born, I just had so much else to prioritize (like sleep…). So now when I’m getting most of my evenings back again I’m going to make sure to read for at least 30 mins before bed every day. To relax, learn and to just experience another world for a while.

Eat more veggies – I very rarely have meat during the day, but usually, opt for a salad or soup for lunch. At night Garth tends to cook most days and dinner is usually chicken, fish or red meat. So if I decide to not eat meat at all in the daytime and to have more veg and less of the meat on my late at night I think it will work out without Garth having to change what he wants to eat and cook. I just change the proportions on my plate. To be fair, we have chicken one night a week and fish two, so we don’t have as much red meat as I expected before I analyzed my diet. I don’t want to stop eating meat, but I want to eat less of it.

Spend time with friends – I want to allocate one evening every month for a dinner or drinks with friends. For some deeper conversation and depth. Preferably with another Mom friend that also needs a break from the baby world. It’s so important for me to get to just be ”Tess” now and then.  

Spend some one and one time with Garth – Same as above, I want one evening a month to just be for the two of us. We get a babysitter in and go out just as husband and wife and take a break from being Mom and Dad for a couple of hours.

Things I want to change:

Work – I’m changing how I’m working and instead of sitting all evenings I will be able to work daytime when Ace is in the nursery.  get so much more done sitting in a café with my laptop than at home tired after dinner. I’m already feeling so much more efficient and harmonic after having a couple of hours here and there when Ace has been settling into the nursery during this last week.

My wardrobe – I want to exchange quantity for quality and only own things I truly love. I have slowly but surely started the process of clearing out and the next step is to put things up for sale at Vestiaire Collective and possibly arrange a blog sale here in London with a few fellow bloggers. Maybe we could give a % of the profit towards a charity. I have a soft spot for Battersea dog’s home…

Things I want to stop doing;

Stress – I honestly feel best when I plan y days hour by hour. It might sound hectic, but the result is the opposite. When I know that each thing has its own time then I donät have to worry about getting to any of it, it will happen on its own. Its really important for my health (and my old stomach ulcer) so make sure I don’t stress too much and that I don’t feel like I’m constantly behind.

Buy trendy clothes –  It’s time for investment pieces. I have wasted loads of money on trendy items that only lasted a couple of months before it was out of fashion and ready to live in the back of the closet. Of course, I can still buy an item or two sometimes, but it should be things I love and will wear year after year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive items to be good, but I do need to actually love it.

Having a bad conscience – This goes hand in hand with not feeling like I have enough time to do anything 100%. Organisation is key and I have to let go of any prestige. Especially when it comes to parenting. Sometimes my best at that time just has to be enough. I can’t be present all the time when I’m with Ace, it’s too easy to fall into the trap of becoming a one-woman entertainment machine. He has to learn to play and explore the world on his own and he might even have to be a little bit bored now and then.

What do you feel like you want to do more/less of or change this fall?


Ready, Steady…Fall!

Trousers – Asos Tall, jacket – Missguided , ankle boots – Rag & Bone, sunglasses – Lacoste , dress – BikBok , scarf – & Other Stories, blouse – Y.A.S  , top – Galvan, earrings – Marni, heels – Neous(adlinks) 

Do you feel the change? There is something in the air, fall is on its way.

After such a long and hot summer I actually welcome the slightly cooler weather, cozy jumpers, and a new fresh start. I’m a summer person trough and trough, but I also appreciate the importance of seasons. We need this change to wake up, take stock of our lives and to realize that time is passing. If we had summer all the time, we probably would have stopped appreciating the sun and the warmth and been longing for something else. Change is important.

Ahead of our trip to Stockholm on Friday I have started looking at my wardrobe and pulling out my key fall pieces. I fancy rusty reds, burnt orange, mustard and moss green. Checkered fabrics, silk, corduroy, plissé and faux fur.

I have had a look at what I got at home and what I feel like I need to get. I rather have one or two timeless quality items than many trend-led things that I will only wear one season. I would like to get something second-hand since it’s both better for my wallet and the environment.

What do you fancy wearing this fall?