Friday & A Pink Coat

Topcoat & similar heels (adlinks). Photo – Ida Zander

Hello friends, how are you?

3 days of settling into the nursery are done and today we got a 4-hour session. So far we have only done 2 hours at the most, but it will be good. When he starts properly he will be there for 5 hours a day 3 days a week. So not a lot if you compare to full-time. But enough for me to get stuff done.

And you know what? Ace took his first steps yesterday! He was holding on to this empty box and probably thought he was leaning on it and off he went. He was surprisingly stable, so I have a feeling that he actually can walk, he just doesn’t dare to let go. It’s all very exciting!

I have gotten a bit cooler here in London now and we also had some long overdue rain. The parks are all brown and it has been way to hot and sticky. I’m a lot happier now, not to mention how happy Olive and Ace are. We all sleep so much better at night and I can take OLive out for walks whenever.

I also have to admit that I was kind of looking forward to getting to wear my fall-wardrobe. This time in-between is lovely. I can still wear light clothing, but throw a jacket or a coat on top. No more sweating! This is the perfect temperature, I wish it was like this always.

I wish you a wonderful Friday!


My 9 Skincare Rules

My skin is quite easygoing, I think after all my years modeling with all kinds of products and god knows what, my face is pretty tough.


But there are a few things I have to keep in mind, to make sure my skin stays healthy. I try to;

1. Wash my makeup brushes regularly – It’s really easy to forget to wash our brushes 8or to be like me and just be a bit too lazy to bother since it’s pretty boring). But it is more than worth it for the sake of our skin. So many nasty germs, old products, and dust get stuck in those brushes and then go all over our faces.

We might end up with acne, styes and even scary skin infections and rashes by unwashed brushes. So I always make sure to put a recurring alarm on my phone to remind me. How often to do it depends on how much you use your brushes, so it’s hard for me to say. Since I’m a bit crap at doing it, I make sure to have three sets of brushes and I alternate them so I can wash all of them a bit less often.

I use a brush soap by beauty blender and in-between washes I spray them with a cleaner now and then.

…and of course we never ever share brushes with each other. Then we get double the germ party and that’s just nasty. So please don’t!

2. Drink lots of water – I know we all go on about it. But it works. If we don’t keep our skin hydrated then it will get wrinkly, saggy and grey. We need it for our whole body to feel good, and it plumps up skin and help clear out dirt and give us that glow. AND we feel great, so it’s a win-win. Get your H2O on girl!

I start every day with a massive glass of water. You should too.

3. Eat my good fats – The people I knw with the best skins all know their nutrition. Good fats do wonders for our skins, so I make sure to top up on my nuts, avo, coconut and olive oil and loads of fatty fish for the omegas. This is where I get my glow.

4. Change pillowcases and towels every week –  Even if your skin is clean and makeup-free, don’t count on your pillowcase to be. If you don’t want a cocktail of dust mites, old skin cells, sweat and skin- and hair products in your face every night – change your pillowcase regularly. The same goes for the towel, heat and moisture is a great combination if you want to bread germs, so don’t take the risk.

5. Have a good skincare routine – Most importantly, know whats good for YOUR skin and remember to change your routine with age. I know I need loads of moisture so I focus on re-hydrating serums, oils, and heavy creams. If you are a bit younger, you would probably go for something lighter. You can either experiment until you find the right products, like me or you can go and see a dermatologist and get some help.

The cleanser is, I would dare to say, the most important step of the skincare routine. It’s super important to remove makeup and dirt in an efficient but still gentle way.

6. Sleep– Ha, easy to say if you don’t have kids. I know exactly what it’s like not sleeping enough and that’s why I can say that I know the difference. Our skins re-generate when we sleep, so it’s worth trying to get as many hours of shut-eye as we can. Just add a great night creme and snooze. (There is no shame in the nap-game).

7. Hormones – We can’t do much about these. Unless you are choosing between different contraception pills of course. But our hormones really affect our skin. I get little bumps the week before my period and there is really nothing I can do about it. Pregnancy made my skin epic and when I had the biggest hormone drop after pregnancy my skin was terrible. All we can do about it is to keep an eye on our cycle and try to have an understanding and be kind to ourselves.

8. Alcohol – Unfortunately even wine and champagne will dehydrate our bodies. So a big night will make the skin dryer with darker circles and possibly a spot or two. If you add things like cigarettes, bad sleep, and sugary cocktails and you have a recipe for a bad skin day. Of course, we should still enjoy a drink or two if we fancy it, it’s all about balance.

9. Sun – The biggest baddie in the whole wide world for skin is by far the sun. It dries out, changes the color, breaks down and ruins the skin. There is, however, a really simple solution to this nightmare – wear SPF every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your skincare, makeup or a separate product, just get it on your skin before you head out. It’s the number one best trick to have a nice and glowing skin as possible.

Do you have any other great skin tips?


Ace Right Now

It’s crazy how much changes in only a couple of weeks in the life of a baby. Ace is yet again a completely different little person. It’s amazing to get to follow such crazy progress.  

Age – 10 months and 3 weeks.

Size – He has been eating like a champ and since I make 90% of his food now I make sure he gets loads of good fats, vitamins, and nutrients. He must be over 10 kgs by now, he feels a lot heavier. And he is really tall. I have to buy trousers that are for 1-1.5-year-olds. He has long legs and a shorter upper body just like his dad.

Eats– Almost everything. His favorite is chicken livers with sweet potato, slow roast lamb with veg, fish, chicken…you name it. His favorite snacks are little cubes of organic cheddar cheese, avocado, and raspberries.

Favorite thing to do – He likes trying to pull the photos down from the wall above the sofa. He uses everything that moves as a walker, plays like crazy with Olive and love to cuddle his Mom. He is very Momsy at the moment and wants to sit in my lap and be close as much as possible. I love it.

Best for Mom – We started the settling in at his nursery this week. I’m looking forward to him getting to play lots and finding new little friends. I’m also looking forward to getting to do some work, run errands and have some time for me. Today he was there for 2 hours and I sat in the parent room outside. I managed to answer all my flagged emails in my inbox and it felt amazing.

Worst for Mom – Him starting nursery. When he cried when I left today made my heart break into a million little pieces. I even went back once before I decided I had to give in and I just handed him over to a lovely lady and went and had a little cry in the parent room. It’s horrible to see them sad, but when I came to pick him up he was fast asleep on a little mattress and I had to wait another 15 minutes.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be easier. I’m going to the hospital to empty our my breast abscess when Ace is at the nursery. They have ordered a bigger syringe, hopefully, it will work this time.

Progress – Now he stands up all on his own and is really stable too. He points at anything he wants and wants to know what things are called. He says Mamma/Dadda/oon and also ”bye bye” and ”bomma” (blomma) it means flower in Swedish. I mix Swedish and English when I speak to him and try to give him the easiest word to learn. I figure that eventually, he will learn to separate the two. If I set up too many rules for how I should be talking to him, then I might find it to heard to teach him both languages. So, for now, I will do my best.

Favorite toy– A loud firetruck he got from Garth’s parents. It’s quite noisy, but I don’t mind when I see the smile on his face. He knows the sound cars make and go ”brrrrrrrrmmm” all over the house with his little firetruck.

This week’s headscratcher – Now when he is so ”momsy”, is it better for me to give him all the love and cuddles I can or should I try to give him over to Garth as often as I can to make it more even? My heart tells me to keep holding on to him, but Garth thinks I should even it out as much as I can. What do you think?

This week’s motto – ”If I hold her hair really tight, then she can’t put me down.”

This week’s baby WTF – When I turn around and my little rascal is sitting on top of the black table next to the door. He somehow managed to get on there via the sofa and it gave me a tiny heart attack. I put pillows and blankets all over the floor around the sofa, because I can’t sit next to him all the time. So I can only limit the exposure to danger by padding everything if he falls down.

This week’s Mom moment – When we went to a casting and Ace spat out a half-eaten bit of cheese on the client. Luckily she also has kinds…

This week’s event – By far starting nursery. It’s a really big step and I hope he will find it more fun when he gets used to me not being around all the time.

Tip of the week  – Cold medium boiled eggs are a great snack on the go. They are too crumbly if I boil them too hard, but if I make them gooey then he can hold them in his hand.

The question of the week – Please write a bit more about how you lost your belly? I’m in the same situation, I had a baby 3 months ago and I still have my belly. I have always been tall and skinny and I’m suffering from this. It feels like ”everyone else”loses their belly straight away and I’m worried mine won’t go at all. Although I know that it will go down slowly. I have used an app to work out and I’m signed up to mum-training this fall. I also walk quite a lot / Angie. 

It took some time but finally, my belly is almost back to normal again. I would say I’m about 90% there.

The best exercise I have been doing is a pelvic floor squeeze whilst also pulling in my belly button towards my spine and tensing all the lower abs, 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off 10 times over.  You can also do it on your back and alternate lifting and lowering your legs at the same time. (just make sure you don’t dome). I find it easier if I do something else at the same time, like a squat. The pelvic floor has really been the key for my abs to come together again.

I got these exercises from a woman’s physio. I know it’s hard to find the time when you have a little one, but I try to do them when I’m walking, sitting in the car, blogging on the sofa or even with him as a weight when I squat.

Tomorrow we are back at the nursery again, I really hope the dropping off will be easier this time.


Interior Inspiration For Fall

Bed – Ellos, light – Ellos, blue pillow – Lexington, yellow pillow – Lexingtceilingling lamp – Daniel Becker Shop , chair – LeFlair , book – Taschen , pot – Ellos, candle – Diptyque. (adlinks)

Now when the flat above is almost all done (there are a few pieces of furniture on back order) I sadly don’t really have a reason to browse for interiors anymore. 

I really enjoyed decorating within a specific budget and I’m really happy with the end result if I may say so myself.

Bex and Luke moved in before a lot of the furniture arrived, so I haven’t really had an opportunity to take photos to share with you guys yet. But as soon as the last few things arrive, then I will take a shoot day upstairs and you can see how it all turned out.

My next interior project will most likely be when we move to a bigger house here in Clapham or possibly our French country house that I’m dreaming of. Both of them are still a few years away, so until then I will just have to dream and get inspired.

I could change it up a bit at home, but with a 10-month old that climbing on everything, it’s not really great timing. Maybe in a year or so… At the moment most of our nice things are up on high shelves so our little adventurer can’t get to them. Functionality over style, but that’s just the way it is during the baby years. There will be a time for a perfect home in the future again.

I will however never give up on my Baies from Diptyque. If you wonder what my home smells like, it’s all Baies. It has been my favorite candle since I first picked it up in Liberties here in London years ago and I always have one at home.

Do you have something that always moves with you from home to home that you never grow tired of?


The Monday Checklist

You can find my top here and my skirt here. (adlinks) Location – Tart Clapham. Photo – Ida Zander.

I got quite the week coming up. This is the starting point for a lot of admin regarding something fun I will share with you at the end of the month and there will also be some changes here at home.

I really hope you guys had a better week than I did. I accidentally ate some old (fresh) pasta Friday night and got properly food poisoned. It was only last night I could eat properly again and I have been down for the count all weekend. Luckily Garth was home and could take Ace because I couldn’t even stand up straight on Saturday. That is one mistake I won’t do again.

So I’m really happy to leave this weekend behind me and head into a new fresh week.

The mantra of the week  – ”I won’t trade my authenticity for approval” It’s easy to start tweaking little things about yourself and all of a sudden you have changed into someone you don’t even know. Compromise is great, but never when it comes to who you are or what you stand for.

This week’s affirmation – ” I will reach my goals, and until then I will enjoy the journey”. The way to the end-goal is just as important as the goal itself. If someone just handed you whatever you wanted, it wouldn’t be worth as much. To have to work towards something makes it so much more precious when we finally get it.

The goal of the week –  To slowly but surely make space for ”work-Tess” without giving ”Mom-Tess” too much anxiety. Ace is almost one year old now and it’s time for me to leave maternity leave behind and get back into the swing of things. I have been talking about this for a while now and this week it’s actually happening.

Dream of the week – I want to go to Tokyo! I have always wanted to visit Japan but never got around to it. I’m fascinated by the people and the culture and I want to properly explore the city and what makes it tick.

This week’s vision – The warmth of a late afternoon in July, a meadow, bumblebees in the grass, the sound of hooves hitting dry soil. I don’t think I want to own a horse again, but I definitely want to take up horseriding as soon as I get the chance to. I’m never as harmonic and at peace as when I’m on horseback.

The focus of the week – Ace and nursery. It’s time for him to start ”settling in” and I have a feeling it will be a lot harder on me than him. It breaks my heart that he will be away from me for several hours every week, I’m so worried I will miss something.

The event of the week – Today it’s all kicking off. The first day at nursery, Ace will only be there for one hour, and I will be with him the whole time. It’s a good slow start for the both of us. After I actually have a casting, so we will head to north London for a couple of hours. Then on Tuesday Ace will be at the nursery on his own for two hours and then we will slowly but surely build up to five hours over the next two weeks. He will be starting for real on the 3rd of September. My little boy!

The lesson from last week  – Don’t eat old pasta…

This week’s everyday-luxury –  On Tuesday when Ace is at nursery for two hours on his own, I’m planning to go and get a shellac mani.

The inspiration of the week – Pinterest. I know it’s an obvious one, but seriously, what did we do before it existed? I used to fall down the Pinterest hole regularly before I had Ace and I’m finding myself browsing now whenever I have a moment over. Anyone else mood boarding a first birthday party?


I Need More Time

My dress is by Flynn Skye and you can find it here. My bag is by Oasis(here) and my sandals are old from Mango (but you can find similar ones here)  (adlinks)

I have such a spark for life at the moment.

I do find living pretty exciting most days, but this last year has really given me an understanding of how short the time is that we have on this earth. It scares me a bit that I’m 35 years old and I still haven’t done more than half of the things I want to do in life.

Places I want to see, people I want to meet, conversations I want to have, more children, work opportunities, maybe another career, who knows?

I used to feel like I had oceans of time, but since I had Ace, I have really realized that time doesn’t just go, it sprints.

It’s almost a year ago since my special little soul came to this earth, how can that be? He has gone from being a 4 kg little lump that could only eat, sleep, poo, wee and burp to a 10 kg actual person who says ”mamma”, ”dadda”, ”bye” and ”spoon”. He can point at what he wants and stands up all on his own without any support. Soon he will be running into the kitchen asking me whats for dinner.

Few things come with such a reality check when it comes to time as having children.

In one year Ace has achieved so much. What have I done in 35? It’s scary to think that you cannot buy time when it’s out, it’s out. We are never as young as we are today and still we seldom appreciate it until much later.

I’m terrified of having run out of time, look back and regret all the things I didn’t do. Most I’m worried that I will blink and miss Ace growing up. But I also know that I have to let go a little bit so I can do all those other things.

”someday” really is now. Nothing is going to get any easier with time. What are we actually waiting for, to get old and maybe even lose our ability to actually do those exact things?

… and then I get anxiety. Because how am I meant to choose? there are so many different paths to take in life. The opportunities are endless. I end up feeling almost paralyzed by all the options and having to make such big choices.

This is basically what’s going on in my brain at the moment, anyone who feels the same?


The Perfect Suede Biker Jacket

1 – Mango, 2- Asos, 3 – Current air, 4 – Asos, 5 – Vero Moda, 6 – Mango, 7 – Bershka 8 – Stine Goya, 9 – Y.A.S  (adlinks)

One of my favorite items in my wardrobe that always makes me smile getting out every fall is my bright blue suede biker jacket. 

It’s timeless and really stylish. I love that I picked a strong color and it works with almost everything else in my closet. I like it so much that I’m contemplating getting another one in a different color to alternate with.

Suede can be a bit tricky, especially in London. But with a good suede spray and an umbrella in my bag, I seem to be able to keep my jacket in a pretty good condition.

I would go as far as to say that there is a place for a great suede biker in everyone’s closet. It’s such a good investment that will last year after year and usually end up with a pretty decent PPW (Price Per Wear).

I got my eye on the pink one from Current Air. The suede makes it a bit softer than a regular leather biker and this particular one is on sale for just about £100. What do you think, does it have my name on it?

I’m actually going to sell off quite a few items on Vestiaire Collective this fall. I want to downsize and have less but better items in my wardrobe.

What item in your wardrobe do you get out every fall without fail?


Nail Polish or Shellac?

The eternal question…shellac or regular nail polish?

In the past, I always had to use regular polish in a neutral color for castings and modeling jobs. But at the moment I’m still on maternity leave, so maybe it would be easier to do shellac?

It will last a bit longer, especially since I’m washing my hands, the dishes and everything else all day long.

It would get a bit more spendy, but it would be nice to always have nice nails. One less thing to think about. I hate when I have bad nails and honestly feel ashamed to show my hands. I truly believe in tidy and well looked after nails.

You who do shellac, is it worth it? How long does it take to do fingernails, how often do I have to do them and are there any negatives I should know about?

I tend to keep my nails fairly short, in a squoval shape. Both because I like them that way, but also so I won’t scratch Ace. It’s enough with all the cuts both of us already have from his sharp little fingers that seem to produce tiny razorblades instead of nails. When I see moms on Instagram with long pointy nails, I always wonder how they change a nappy? I can barely keep my fingers out of the poop as it is!

At the moment, these are my 4 nail favorites (adlinks)

Essie – Allure (a sheer neutral white)
Essie – Wrap me up (from the limited edition cashmere collection. Light pink-grey)
IsaDora – 589 Golden glow (metallic pink)
IsaDora – 559 Sparkling sand (glittery pink)

I prefer light nail colors, especially when my hands are tanned. Also, it’s kind of practice that you can’t see as well if they are chipped. My nails at the moment are probably missing about 20% of the polish, but you can barely see it on the photo. So a tip from me to you is to wear a light color if you know you won’t be able to keep the maintenance up as well as you would like.

I should probably be experimenting a bit more with my nails now when I’m not going to lots of castings…

What do you like nail wise? Long, short, round, pointy, shellac or regular polish?


The Monday Checklist

 Now when I’m back from holiday, I think it’s time to resume our weekly Monday list again. I love to summarize the week that has gone and to plan for the one ahead. It makes me define my goals and find my path. 

I have a whole bunch of fun stuff coming up soon. I will be able to reveal the first one at the end of the month, I think you will like it. It has to do with Sweden so I will be there that week. I’m very excited!

And on a completely different note, if you have a little bubba in the same-ish age as Ace, don’t forget to check out my Instastory from today. I’m cooking his favorite dish and sharing the recipe.

The mantra of the week  – I am the sky, everything else is just weather. If I know who I am and what I stand for then all the rest can come and go. The sky is there no matter what happens underneath.

This week’s affirmation – I deserve all the good that is coming my way and I have confidence in my own abilities. Why do we sometimes doubt ourselves even though we know that we both deserve and can handle all the good things coming our way? We all need to get better at believing in ourselves and not allowing negative self-talk to get us down.

The goal of the week –  To start planning for fall. I’m going to take an hour or two to just sit down and make an action plan, look at my dreams, goals and all the important events coming up. It’s really important to have a little check in with ourselves now and then, to sort all the thoughts, make a plan and motivate ourselves.

Dream of the week – To get to work in-between Sweden and London. I love to live here, but I want to spend more time back home. I wouldn’t mind the traveling, as long as it’s for fun and motivating work.

This week’s vision – Ace comes running down the stairs in our big house here in London. He is 16, a lot taller than me and asks what’s for breakfast. The 4 of us sit down and eat together before we all go our separate ways to work and school. A snapshot from a regular day in a happy family.

The focus of the week – The future, especially work and career. I’m going to make some choices and take a few big steps. I’m ready and excited.

The event of the week – Nanna is visiting from Sweden! She is Ace’s godmother and one of my favorite people in the world. Noone gives as great advice as Nanna do, she is a straight shooter and I really appreciate it. She used to live in London, but these days she is back in Sweden again and we don’t get to see her as often as we would like to.

The lesson from last week  – Always do m own research and push for what I thin ks right. Saturday was meant to be my last visit to the hospital to empty out my breast abcess. And I had such a dissapointing visit . Not only did I get dismissed like a naughty child, I also didn’t get the abscess drained since it’s now to solid… after trying to get appointments for I don’t know how long. Thanks, NHS!

This week’s everyday-luxury – It might not seem like a luxury, but every night after ACe goes to be I walk olive on my own for 30 minutes. I love to just get to go outside in the sunset, breathe some fresh air and be alone with my thoughts.

Inspiration of the week – If you havent heard if Simon Sinek, then I think you should ceck this clip out. Be warned, you might get stuck clicking on another one… and one more.


The Cure For Instagram Anxiety

I get a tinsy bit of Insta-anxiety sometimes, but I try to let go of it. Maybe you could write a post about how not to compare yourself and your life in a negative way on Instagram? Even if you are content with your own self and life it’s easy to get caught up. Well, at least I do… big hug! /Emelie

I know exactly the feeling.

It’s too easy to scroll through our Instagram feeds and decide that EVERYONE out there have better lives than I do. Look at the holidays, tanned bodies, cool outfits, cute dogs and luxurious homes. I liked my life before, but now it feels dull in comparison.

Scary isn’t it?

I honestly don’t think anyone is immune to Instagram FOMO. I know I’m not. When I see gorgeous houses, especially abroad in tropical countries than all of a sudden London seem like such a boring place. Even though in reality I absolutely love to live here.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I only get to see the best 10% of someone’s life on Instagram. The 10%(or less) we choose to show off and the other 90% could be crap, we would never know. You could basically be homeless and still have a glossy Instagram feed if you had enough time and creativity. It’s not like I’m having cupcakes and champagne at Peggy Porschen all day long…

Instagram is not for real.

I noticed a while ago that Instagram gave me anxiety. It wasn’t fun to log in and just scroll anymore. Instead, I only clicked on the icon to put up a photo, answer some comments and some DMs before I logged out again.

…and you know what. There is nothing wrong with Instagram, it’s my own fault.

I have chosen to follow lots of accounts that gives me anxiety. My feed is completely chosen by me, nobody else. I wanted inspiration and ended up with the complete opposite and I only have myself to blame. I get anxiety from following the people you are ”supposed” to follow, the ones that know the Instagram game inside and out and seem to have everything anyone could ever wish for when I myself feel like I have so much left to achieve. And even though I know it’s only 10%, their 10 still seem way cooler than even my 100.

So I made another choice and started to unfollow.

As soon as a photo came up that didn’t have an interesting caption or felt a bit too ott and fake, I unfollowed. Instead, I replaced these accounts with those who actually give me something. Not only in photos and inspiration, but also in the captions. People with a similar style to me, other Swedes in London, moms talking about everyday struggles, young people sharing about mental health and accounts that educate or motivate me.

It’s great fun to look at beautiful photos of someone who seems to be on a constant holiday or can afford to buy all the fancy stuff int he world. But I don’t think it’s very healthy in the long run.

So if you, like me, have Instagram anxiety, don’t give up on Instagram, just change what you see. Unfollow the anxiety-inducing accounts and follow those who inspire you for real instead. They might not have 1.5M followers, but they might be just what you need to enjoy Instagram again.

This realization also made me have a good old look at my own account. I realized I rather post a bit less frequently but write from the heart when I do. It’s too easy to throw up a cute photo and a cliché, but I rather have an honest conversation. It might make me lose followers, who know, but at least I know I’m showing something more of me than champagne drinking and cupcake eating (even though that, of course, is great fun too.)

3 Instagram accounts I like at the moment. 

Baddiewinkle – You will know why when you check it out. She is my idol and I will be like her when I get old. Does she poop rainbows I wonder?

QuarterlifePoetry – Because these short little poems about life always make me giggle.

MotherofDaughters – When I find parenthood hard and need a reality check from someone who has 4 kids… and she happens to be funny too, especially in the stories. Also, don’t forget to follow her hubby FatherofDaughters, Garth is a massive fan.

Do you suffer from Instagram anxiety and do you have any great accounts to recommend?

Photos – Ida Zander. Top – Ted Baker. (adlink). Location – Peggy Porschen.