Mindful Monday 10th December

Mindfulness Monday mantra

Jumper – Neon Rose, hairband – Asos, trousers- Asos, heels – Pierre Hardy. (adlinks) Photographer – Ida Zander

Hello lovelies, I hope you had a great weekend!

One of the things I love the most about Mondays is my Mindful Monday checklist. It’s by far my most appreciated recurring post here on the blog and very much my personal favorite.

It’s such a positive and personal post and I sometimes feel like it’s almost like therapy writing all these things down. I like reflecting on the past, evaluating my present and planning my future. It’s a bit like cat-eyes on a dark country road. Life is such a confusing and exciting journey, we all need a bit of guidance to end up in a good place.

And if you feel that the words “mantra” and “affirmation” is a bit too hippie for you. Just think of them as “a sentence I live by this week” or a bit of “positive self-talk”.

Here is my vision, goal, inspiration, and lesson this week;

My mantra this week – “Inspiration is everywhere”. I love when I get feedback from you guys. Constructive criticism is such an important part of the journey to success. It makes me very excited and inspired to blog when I know you guys are engaging. Thank you <3

My affirmation this week – “I’m honest in everything I do”. One of my basic principles in life is to be 100% honest with myself and try to be as honest as possible with everyone else. Not overly-honest in a mean way, just honest. There will always be people in our lives who try to change who we are and what we do. It’s easy to become a people pleaser, but it will be at the expense of what we want for ourselves in the long run. It’s really nice to be liked, but it’s nicer, to be honest with ourselves. I’m not saying never to change but to know who you are changing for and why.

My goal of the week – This week I’m focusing on enjoying. I’m going to try to disconnect all the Christmas madness and just enjoy. It’s my birthday on Wednesday and I’m planning on milking it as much as possible.

My dream this week – We are dreaming of buying the flat at the top of our house. At the moment we own the basement, ground and first floor. If we could buy the top floor flat then we would have the option to connect them all together and end up with a 5-bedroom house without even having to move. How brilliant would that be?!

My vision of the week – “Dropping off Ace to stay with Garth’s parents and heading off to the hospital to meet our 5th (Olive counts as a part the family) little family member. A planned c-section – wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am.”

I had such a long, hard and crappy birth with Ace. It all ended in a c-section anyways, so in the end, I basically had two births. I had a gut feeling that c-section would have been the right option through all of my pregnancy, but the midwives talked me out of it. That won’t happen again. I mean, we are definitely not looking to get pregnant anytime soon, and who knows if we even can have another child. But if we do, I’m happy to have made this hard decision already.

mindful monday

My focus this week – All on me this week. Ego, right?! But it is, in fact, my birthday and since I’m having to go to lots of doctors appointments for scans and stuff I think I deserve a bit of extra TLC.

The event of the week –My birthday of course! I’m having a cozy brunch with Garth and I have also booked in a mani/pedi. Then on the weekend, he is whisking me away to a secret location (close-ish to London) for a mini-holiday. Ace is coming with us, we are not really ready to leave him with anyone for a weekend yet.

My lesson from last week – I’m stronger and calmer than I used to be. I was such a neurotic mess in my 20s, probably as a result from my crazy childhood. But these days I feel incredibly zen and few things can disturb my circles. It’s a great asset as a mother.

This week’s everyday luxury – This whole week is luxury” I have a great fun dinner event to go to tonight, my birthday, and a mini vacay over the weekend. Could it get any better? I feel spoilt already.

My weekly inspiration – I’m going to have to watch 5 foot 2 again. I just find her such an inspiration in life. If you haven’t watched it, please do. She is a very impressive woman. (BTW don’t forget to donate a pound or two to Wikipedia this week. We all want to keep it non-commercial, don’t we? It would be a shame to see it turned into a money making machine.)

Do you have a vision, goal, inspiration, and lesson to share this week?

vision, goal, inspiration, and lesson this week

Is Peggy Porschen the world’s most photographed café?

Most instagrammable places in london

Suede jacket – Asos Design, headband – Calvin Klein, jumper – Nelly.com (old), jeans – J.Brand, boots – Kurt Geiger (old). (adlinks). Location – Peggy Porschen. Photographer – Ida Zander

Peggy Porschen must be the world’s most photographed café? Well, at least London’s.

I have been with my photographer Ida at least 5 times since they opened. (Check out here, here and here.)

They got a winning concept when it comes to marketing. It’s so simple and genius. They just make sure the place is so pretty and Insta friendly that all the influencers want to come and shoot at the café. Then all their followers will see the photos and want to take their own. It’s the perfect way to get free advertising.

…and it really does work. I have never seen Peggy empty. If I owned a café I would copy paste completely. My place would be crazy photogenic and I would just have to sit back and watch the magic happen (or maybe bake a cake or two, so I would have something to actually sell…)

snowman cupcake

There are a few similar places around. Like Élan café. But what Peggy does differently is that they change their amazing decoration in the front with every season and if there is an important holiday. (Their valentines “outfit” is a favorite of mine). Then, of course, all the influencers have to come back to take new photos and guess what the followers do… I mean, it’s frikkin clever. Well played Peggy Porschen!

Of course, they wouldn’t be able to keep momentum up if the stuff they actually sell isn’t up to scratch. The cupcakes, cakes, cookies and hot chocolates are not only super pretty, but they are also yummy too. I have to admit, it’s quite pricey. Considering the experience I really don’t mind paying a little bit more. I personally think it’s worth it since it really brightens my day every time I go. You can’t put a price on happiness!

There is always a queue outside of Peggy. Actually, there are two queues. One to get a table (preferably outside, close to the entrance) and one to just take photos at the door. It doesn’t cost anything to take a photo or two, but personally, I think it would be pretty bad manners to not at least get a takeaway coffee or cupcake.

Peggy Porschen winter decoration - the world's most photographed café

Even the inside is really lovely. Very pastel and a bit dreamy. It might not change as often as the front, but it’s still as Instafriendly as they come.

Also, the whole street seems to have got the memo. There are loads of really pretty shop-fronts around. It’s basically heaven for an influencer doing a shoot.

If you haven’t been to Peggy Porschen yet, then I think it’s worth a visit. At least to just take a photo by that famous door. Yes, you will have to stand in line and you will have an audience watching you the whole time. But it’s worth it.

What do you think? Is it the world’s most photographed café? Can you think of similar places in other parts of the world?

the world's most photographed café

Inspiration – Wrapping the Christmas gifts (This year I will make an effort!)

wrapping the Christmas gifts

Every year I promise myself that I’m going to be wrapping the Christmas gifts really pretty. Just like the fabulous people on Pinterest and Instagram do. 

Still, I end up last minute sloppily wrapping gifts in a hurry with whatever tacky Santa-paper I could find in Sainsbury’s. It’s sooo embarrassing. I love being creative and to make pretty things. Why do I always leave it soo late?

So this year I’m promising myself to not only to give myself some allocated time for wrapping. I’m also going to do my research on paper, colors, ideas, and designs. I’m going all in with a proper wrapping extravaganza. (There might have to be some mulled wine, Christmas songs, and gingerbread cookies involved…).

I put loads of energy into decorating the tree, so why do I always let myself down with the wrapping? Isn’t it a lot nicer to get a pretty looking gift than one that is just wrapped to hide whatever is inside? It’s defo nicer to give a gift that looks nice. (Well, I guess kids just want to know what’s inside straight away and want the path of least resistance.)

I actually just stopped writing mid-post and spent 20 minutes researching paper, ribbon, and decorations. I even put a fairly expensive order in… so now I have committed for real. I’m going for paper in gold, silver and dark blue. I’m thinking to use a few twigs and stuff from nature and I’m going to try to find a pretty pen to write on the gifts with. (If I dare to subject anyone to my horrendous handwriting).

If I feel really brave I might even try to make some differently shaped gifts. Why do they all need to be square anyway? Maybe a star-shape like in the photo? That’s cute and different. Worth a try at least!

Hm.. maybe I should look for some tiny bells, a feather or two and maybe research some kind of creative way to make name tags? Maybe you guys have some fun suggestions?

Ok, now I have hyped this up totally.

I’m going to give myself performance anxiety and all my gifts will look like a “nailed” it gag from Pinterest. But at least I have blocked off a date in my calendar and I have some nice wrapping stuff. I promise to show you the result no matter what.

Now the tricky thing is how to transport those gorgeous looking, expertly wrapped gifts to the family in Sweden…

Do you care about wrapping the Christmas gifts in a specific way?

The photos are from – here, here, here, here, here och here


A quick rant about anxious trends

a quick rant about anxious trends

Dress – Mango, belt – Saint Laurent (via Vestiaire Collective), boots – Kurt Geiger (very old). (adlinks) Photographer- Ida Zander.

I got this lovely skinny belt by Saint Laurent at Vestiaire Collective the other day. It’s exactly the kind of detail that will make an outfit really special. And I will be able to use it forever since it’s not really a trend-led piece. 

I will wear it with dresses, jumpsuits, and blazers, clinching in the waist. I will also wear it with jeans, but then on the hip. It’s small and discreet but can lift an outfit in a second.

I love belts, they are basically outfit magic. Jeans and a t-shirt is awesome, but jeans, t-shirt, and a belt are stratospheric. Same when it comes to blazers, a belt is an ultimate cherry on top.

tess montgomery mango dress

However, I did come off belts totally a while ago. I only started wanting to wear them again recently. I’m blaming those damn Gucci belts that habited EVERY hip on Instagram this spring. It was one of those “anxious” trends. Like everyone got massive FOMO.

Don’t get me wrong. I love trends and I think it’s so important to get inspired to try new things. But a trend should be explored, made individual and be played with. Not just copy paste. And when it comes to one piece from one brand, maybe even in one color. Well, that’s my idea of a fashion nightmare. It might sound harsh, but I find it pretty single-minded and boring.

In high school, it was the Adidas trousers, Canada Goose jackets and buffalo shoes. (Well, at least in Sweden where I grew up). These days its Gucci belts and I guess every it-bag ever made…

If I see someone walking down the street dressed in something I’m also wearing. I wouldn’t say I would be embarrassed, but I would find it unusual. Imagine then seeing 10 as soon as you step outside your door. It would be hard to feel like you have an original personal style, no?

mango zig zag dress

This is why I don’t like “anxious” trends. We are so much more creative than to just follow the masses peeps!

I rather am completely “out”, than totally “in”, if you know what I mean. An army of clones walking down the street does nothing for creativity and inspiration.

Normally I’m never one to diss anything when it comes to fashion. I’m very much a “you do you” kind of girl. But these anxious trends grinds my gears. Mainly because the items usually are really expensive and once they are out they are out. What a waste of money!

I wonder what the next anxious trends will be? What do you think? Or maybe you can remember another exact item that everyone wore at the same time?

*And if you own one of those Gucci belts, now it’s the time to wear it. Now when its out, but not for long enough to be in again. Wear it with pride in the fact that you are swimming up the stream!


Mindful Monday 3rd December – mantra, vision, affirmation, focus, and event this week

Tess Montgomery Swedish blogger

IIK, I’m so excited for Christmas! Still, every year I feel like December just sneaks up on me and yells “SURPRISE”!

It’s the most fun month, but also the most stressful. I always know it’s coming, but I’m never really truly prepared. So the 1st of December I always feel this little pang of anxiety. There is just sooo much to do!

So I do what I always do when I feel a little stressed, I make lists.

I divide things in “important”, “urgent”, “small tasks” and “big tasks”. It’s important to remember that something urgent doesn’t always have to be important and the other way around. Once I have all my tasks in order and a plan on when and where I’m sorting it all out. I can relax again.

The first thing on my list is to dress the Christmas tree this afternoon. We got it yesterday and we have put the lights on, but I want Ace to help me decorate, so I waited until today. Let’s just hope he won’t break too many baubles…

And then tomorrow I’m heading into town to Liberty. I need to do a rekkie for Garth’s Christmas gift and also get the chocolate for our advent calendar. I’m a bit late with that one…I go every year to get some really nice choccies and to buy a decoration or two from their Christmas department. It has become a bit of a tradition.

Mindful Monday Tess Montgomery

This is my mantra, vision, affirmation, focus, and event this week.

My mantra this week – “Let that shit go”. When you have tried everything, looked at it from every angle and done your absolute best. It’s enough and time to move on. To put any more energy or thought power into it is just a waste, so just let that shit go. I try to visualize putting it into a box, stamp it with the word  “done” and put it in my brain archive. I’m a visual person and this little exercise helps me to let go and be able to move forward.

My affirmation this week – “Don’t count the days, make every day count”. I like to rush forward at high speed in life. It’s great, but not always. Especially now when I have a little mini-person, I feel that it’s important to stop and enjoy the moment. He literally grows and changes every week and he will never be as little as he is right now.

This was all at the forefront of my mind this morning at 4am. I had a sleeping Ace on my shoulder, rocking him back and forth slowly. He had a nightmare and woke up crying hysterically. Right then and there I had a choice. I could be annoyed and long to be back in my bed, or I could just enjoy the moment. His little breaths against my neck, the little hand clutching my t-shirt and his lovely soft baby smell. He is such a tall boy, I won’t be able to rock him like that for much longer, soon this moment in our lives will be a thing of the past. So I decided to rock him for a little bit longer, just because I could. I will be able to sleep as much as I fancy when he is older.

My goal this week – I’m bringing Christmas to our house. Garth is in Amsterdam until Wednesday and I’m on my own with Olive and Ace. To be completely honest I kind of enjoy a bit of time on my own now and then. Garth is quite messy (sorry baby!) and the house is so nice and clean when he is away. A perfect opportunity for me to decorate and make lots of plans. Don’t get me wrong, Garth is the yin to my yang, I’m not good when I have too much control and could easily border on OCD.

My dream this week – I dream of reaching even more people through the blog and Instagram. Too many influencers have loads of followers and do nothing but make money out of it. I want to try to actually make a change. To inspire people to take care of their mental and physical health through mindfulness. (In a “non-foil-hat” kind of way). I want to make people understand that you don’t have to be ill mentally to need tools to feel good.

I’m hoping I’m already reaching fairly wide and inspiring a few people on the way. But I feel that we could do so much more. There are all these tricks and paths of thinking that can lighten the load in our everyday lives drastically. Especially for us in the whole social media circus that is such a big part of society today. So many pressures and too much anxiety.

Mindfulness to me is to take an everyday approach to really caring for our mental health, body, and soul. If not to treat, to prevent. 

Forever New sequin dress

My vision this week – A 10-year old Ace casually carving his way down a slope in the alps. I love skiing, hey I’m a Swede after all! I taught Garth how to ski when we met and he is a pretty decent skier these days. I would love for Ace to be just as comfortable in the slopes as we are. I think it might be a little bit too early to start this season but next year when he is 2.5 years old I hope he will be ready. And of course, he can choose to snowboard if he so wishes… (even tho skiing is way cooler if you ask me)

My focus this week – Getting my shit together for Christmas and to decorate the house. Ace is getting 3 molars at the moment, so his sleep is a bit on and off at night. So my plan is to be in bed by 10 pm everything this week. Then I know I will have enough energy during the days. Tonight I’m ordering some Poké and finishing off my lists and all plans for Christmas before I hit the hay early.

The event this week – On Friday it’s time for my modeling agency’s yearly Christmas party. I haven’t done any work for them yet this year. I’m waiting to do a test shoot for my portfolio or two before I feel ready to head out to see clients at castings again. Ray at MOT is keeping an eye open for a suitable photographer I can shoot with and then hopefully get going again with modeling in the new year.

mindful monday

My lesson from last week – To not get intimidated. Authority is often an illusion. And worth challenging if you know that you are in the right. I took on someone who is only used to get the answer “How high?”. I put my foot down and I didn’t let them intimidate me. This person has no actual power over me, so why would I let them treat me badly? I feel so much stronger now when I drew the line and didn’t allow them to make me feel small.

My everyday luxury this week – Since Garth is away I will make sure to have early dinners and go to bed at 10 pm. My plan is to re-charge my batteries. And I’m also looking forward to having our big bed all to myself. Well, until early morning when Olive decides it’s time to jump up for a cuddle and a snooze.

The inspiration of the week – Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming”. Now I have to admit I haven’t read it yet (I have asked for it for Christmas). But my friend Niamh gave me the advice to get it as an audiobook since it’s Michell herself who reads it. I have a feeling it will be highly inspirational. It’s only the most hyped book of the year. Have you read or listened to it yet?

What is your mantra, vision, affirmation, focus, and event this week

Dress – Forever New, (adlink) heels – Jimmy Choo (my wedding shoes!). Location – Beulah London. Photo – Ida Zander


Review – “The Solution” collagen powder 2 months later

oslo skin lab collagen powder the solution

I have been trying out this super exciting collagen powder by Oslo Skin Lab called”The Solution” for two months now. And I feel like I know enough about it to give you guys a proper review.

You can find my first blog post about “The Solution” here. 

Basically, I have been drinking a collagen powder every morning with my glass of water. It’s completely free of any flavor and it has been soo easy to just throw in the powder and down the glass that I haven’t missed one single morning so far. You can, of course, add it to food or anything else you fancy if you prefer. But to me, my morning glass of water is quite the ritual, so it’s the perfect time for me not to forget.

I really love that I don’t have to swallow any pills or mix it with other stuff to hide any yucky tastes. Apart from putting a cream on my face, I think this is probably the easiest way to ingest a beauty product.

review collagen powder

The collagen Oslo Skin Lab is using is called Verisol. It’s a hydrolyzed collagen with a peptide size that is just small enough for the body to be able to absorb it into the blood. The size of the peptide really matters since a too large size will only get broken down in the stomach. Collagen helps keep the skin supple and increases the elasticity.

It’s important to know that this is an animal product. So if you are a vegan or vegetarian, then it might not be for you. I personally eat meat and think bone-broth is the bomb, so I have no problem with collagen from animals. If anything I’m happier the more of the animal that gets used.

review collagen powder

The first thing I noticed drinking this collagen powder is that water feels “softer”. I have problems with an old stomach ulcer that flairs up now and then and I feel that The Solution kind of settles it a bit. I know it’s a bit of a weird result, but I really like it.

The second thing that surprised me is that it has had an effect on my chicken skin on the back of my arms. It slowly started going away and now, 2 months later it’s completely gone. I have always hated those little bumps so I would continue with The Solution only based on this.

The third and biggest change I have noticed is that my skin is now super soft. I thought it was smooth before, but now it’s velvety smooth like a babies bottom. And it has a lovely glow too! I have to admit I was pretty skeptical at first. But now I’m hooked, this actually works!

I love that this is a beauty product that has an effect on all my body. We tend to focus mainly on our faces, so its great to give some love to all my skin.

the solution collagen powder by oslo skin lab

I have been wearing a lot less makeup lately. This is actually one of the few times when I have put up a blog post up where I’m not wearing even the smallest bit of makeup. I literally just woke up, brushed my teeth, put my hair in a bun-thingie, made some breakfast and took the photos. You can see on my eyes that I’m not quite awake yet. I feel that this is the most honest picture I can ever give you of my skin.

It’s nothing like the “Dynasty-I-woke-up-with-3-sets-of-fake-lashes” I see everywhere.

Natural beauty is my thing. I want to enhance what I got instead of hiding what I don’t like. I believe strongly in putting down the groundwork with my skin, instead of covering up and changing. Having healthy skin is of utmost importance to me.

At the moment I feel that my skin looks better than it has in years. It’s plump, soft and has a healthy glow. I have changed a few things in my skincare routine recently, but I’m convinced that The Solution is a contributing factor.

the solution collagen powder

I’m lucky to say that I don’t have a lot of wrinkles yet. But the collagen can also help to prevent those fine lines to appear for a bit longer. It’s clever to treat both the inside and the outside, to make sure to get the best result possible.

There are studies that support that Versiol can help to make cellulite less visible. I got quite a lot of those horrible little dimples when I was pregnant (I gained 16 kg) but as I lost the baby weight, the little pesky cellulite actually started to go away. I have been through quite a body-journey in the last year. So I’m not the best person to try out the cellulite effect on. But I would be very interested to hear the results from some else who has tried The Solution.

Could a collagen powder be the answer to the eternal question of what actually works for cellulite?

collagen powder

In the photo below you can see exactly what my skin looks like today. I still have a few spots of pigmentation on my forehead and on my top lip from pregnancy. I also have a cluster of broken capillaries on my cheek. But apart from this, my skin feels smooth, even and well moisturized. I have a natural sheen already when I wake up in the morning and I haven’t used foundation since before the summer.

Btw…do any of you get an Einstein-like appearance every time you wash your hair? All my little baby hairs stand right out and my hubby laughs at me in the morning. 

So if you would to ask me if I will continue with The Solution, my answer would be – Absolutely. I wouldn’t want to give up my new velvety soft skin and I really don’t want that chicken skin back on my arms. I know I will be very grateful to myself next summer if my skin looks as nice as it does right now. I just have to convince one of my sisters to send the boxes to me here in London. Or at least hold on to them until I get over there and can collect.

Unfortunately, Oslo skin lab doesn’t ship to the UK yet. But you guys who do live in a country they support, you can get a pretty decent subscription of the good stuff.

I’m normally not a fan of subscriptions. But when it comes to a product I will be taking daily, I know I like and I know I need to keep going with to make sure the results last. Then I think it’s pretty smart. Especially since you end up with quite a discount.

At the moment you get a 65% discount on the first shipment of boxes and then 30% off any after that if you choose to subscribe. Of course, you can stop the subscription at any time and you even have a 14 day cooling off period. Find more information about the offer here (click)

the solution by oslo skin lab

This post is a collaboration with Oslo Skin Lab


Mindfulness – Have you found your happy moments?

find your happy moments

When I think back on my life, it’s almost like I’m rewinding a tape. Now and then a moment will pop up. A memory. Most of the time it’s a really lovely memory that makes me happy.

In the past when I visited the little cinema inside my head, mainly bad moments would show. The big ugly ones that made me feel bad about myself and gave me anxiety. So I tried not to think too much about the past. It was just too hard and made me sad.

Until one day when I realized it’s not my past that is the problem, it’s how I choose to look at it.

It’s really easy to remember bad stuff in detail. Those events feel so large and dark when they are happening. Like a huge thunderstorm ascending on us. We invest loads of energy and thought power into these moments. So it’s not all that weird that they tend to take up most of the space when we look back.

Of course, it’s not an advantage to think about things that make us feel down or gives us anxiety. So instead of focusing only on the present and the future, I have decided to think differently instead.

I started off by choosing some really big lovely moments in my life. Preferably somewhat in the same timeframe as the bad ones. And every time I looked back in my life archive I chose to think about these positive moments. I was really strict on myself and didn’t allow my thoughts to gravitate towards the dark clouds. Instead, I made sure to always stay on the sunny path.

Once I began doing this I noticed those positive memories growing bigger and bigger. And at the same time, the negative ones started to fade away. In the end, I could only see all the happy memories when I did a quick rewind of my life. Memories that make me proud, feel loved and make me happy.

how to be happier

I didn’t stop there.

Because everything we do today will become a memory tomorrow. Instead of treating my feelings and the events that happen to me later, I might as well do it straight away.

This is when I found my happy moments. 

You know those times when everything just feels totally right? That’s one of your happy moments. It’s when you don’t want to be anywhere else, with anyone else doing anything else. It doesn’t even have to be big stuff. It’s all about being happy in the moment.

As soon as I feel that happiness in a moment, I make sure to take a mental note of how I feel. I recognize it’s a happy moment and I focus on really living in it and feeling all the emotions. This way the memory will really etch into my brain. It will be a stronger memory than what it would have been if I didn’t make a special effort to remember it.

These memories later become my go-to moments when I look back on my life. I can feel the same happiness as I originally did when it happened. It’s a bit like when an actor is using a memory to get into a specific emotion. But in real life.

Of course, you should deal with your bad memories. This is more about the ones that you go over and over and nothing really happens anymore. There is nothing good in dwelling in old bad feelings.

Actually, it’s all pretty simple and it really helps us make life a little bit brighter. It’s basically just a re-shuffle of energy. I choose to put my thoughts in one place rather than another.

Do you already have happy moments to look back at, or is this something you could work on?

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Honest Burgers Venn street


Mindful Monday 27th November (yup, it’s a Tuesday…)

Oh lord, I had a few eventful days. And not the positive kind…

You who follow me on Instagram have an idea of what has been going on, but it’s way more complicated than what I have been able to tell you. I haven’t really decided on how to handle the situation yet. At first, I was really upset, but now I’m just really angry. I will tell you more about what happened later, as soon as I have got all my thoughts and feelings in order.

Add a bit of stress-induced stomach pain and other bits that just comes with life and it hasn’t been the best start of the week. So that’s why the Monday post appears today, on a Tuesday.

As usual, when I feel overwhelmed, a switch flips in my head and I become weirdly rational. I have learned to step outside of my emotions to be able to look at a situation from the outside. It was a coping mechanism from my childhood that wasn’t ideal. But it has been incredibly useful to have that skill as an adult. Sometimes I just need to shield myself from my own emotions to be able to think clearly.

A friend of mine wrote something that really hit the spot today on Instagram. She wrote, “Don’t waste more than 5 minutes on being upset about something that won’t matter in 5 years”. Our time and energy are valuable and we easily waste them on whoever screams the loudest. When we really should be spending it on who deserves it or what makes us happy.

This is my week’s goal, affirmation, vision, and dream

My mantra this week – “Is this really what I want to focus on right now?” When I find myself in a bit of a storm. I close all my doors and hold on to what really matters. Like Ace, Garth, friends, and family. As soon as my thoughts start wandering off, I make sure to pull them back to what actually matters in my life.

My affirmation this week – “I know who I am”. Its easy to believe other people when they are trying to tell us who we are. We tend to take aboard criticism and blank the good stuff. It’s especially bad when the criticism isn’t constructive or coming from a good place. Then it’s really important to have a deep sense of knowledge of who we really are. I know who I am and what I stand for, no one else knows this better than me.

My goal this week – To ride out a bit of a shitstorm and decide what I want to do about it. I’m very much the victim in this situation. But that doesn’t mean I have to see myself as one. I can turn this into something positive, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.

My dream this week – At the moment I’m dreaming of being able to have a proper conversation with Ace. He can communicate, but mainly trough gestures, moods and by the fact that I know him so well. He knows 5-6 words, but you can only get so far with “Mamma, Daddy, bye bye, blomma (flower in Swedish), Ace and spoon”. I know it will happen soon, but I’m a bit impatient. I have a feeling he is going to be such a fun little character.

My vision this week – A good sized wardrobe with clothes I really love. A lot bought second-hand and the rest bought for me by me as a reward for certain milestones and achievements. No items are surplus and I use all the clothes. As soon as I feel “done” with something, I sell it on. I’imagening an organic wardrobe that grows and moves with me and my life.

My focus this week – Freinds and family. Nanna is in town, and so is John and Debbie. All of Aces godparents are in the same country for the first time ever. I’m also going to try to meet up with Gia for some girl talk.

The event of the week – Tomorrow we got another school tour. It’s a school I really like, so I’m hoping it’s as good as I’m expecting.

The lesson from last week – Life goes up and down. In the end, that’s just how it’s meant to be. When everything seems stable and easy, something will happen that will turn things upside down. Most of the time bad stuff in some weird way always bring good stuff along with it. I believe in some kind of cosmic balance. When something negative happens, a positive event is just around the corner.

The everyday luxury this week– We have booked a lovely stay for the weekend of my birthday and we are also looking at a holiday in Feb/March. Right now we are choosing between Thailand, the Maldives, and the Caribbean.

My inspiration this week – I got this book called “The lifechanging magic of not giving a fuck” at home. I only pick it up now and then to read a chapter of two. It’s not a book that is going to change my life. But it does give me perpective when I need it. I use it in small doses when I feel the need of giving fewer fucks.

What’s your goals, affirmation, vision, and dream this week?

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Black Friday – My design picks on sale

Here are my design picks on sale:

design picks on sale

MyTheresa has a 30% discount on everything that’s already on sale. So sale on top of the sale, can it get any better?

Dress – Equipment, trousers – Victoria Victoria Beckham, blouse – See by Chloé, nude booties – Vetements, black booties – Dries van Noten, blazer – Stella McCartney, bag – Valentino. (adlinks)

design faves on sale

At Browns we find a 20% discount on (almost) everything at the moment.

Bikini – Zimmermann, jeans – Re/Done, skirt – Zimmermann, bag – Saint Laurent, dress – Ganni, sneakers – Common projects , booties – Atp Atelier. (adlinkas)

design favorites on sale

At Stylebop they have a full 30% off with the code “BLACKFRIDAY”.

Booties – Anine Bing, blouse – See by Chloé, dress – Rag & Bone, dress – Self Portrait, coat – Closed, sneakers – Kenzo , bag – See by Chloé. (adlinks).

I always try to get items from my favorite designers when they are on sale. 

We don’t get the chance to buy these kinds of quality items on sale very often, so I try to get something whenever I can get a discount. Sure, sometimes you pay more for the name on the tag, than the actual quality. That’s why designer shopping can be a bit of a jungle. You have to do a bit of research before you invest in clothes by high-end designers.

A great big plus is that you can sell any designer stuff that you have fallen out of love with quite easily. Websites like Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real are great places when you want to re-home your pre-loved designer bargains. If the designer is well known, then the second-hand value should be pretty decent.

Black Friday is mainly for Christmas gifts, but  I always try to sneak in a cheeky peak for myself too. To see if any of my designer favorites from my wishlist has ended up on the sales or if I find something amazing that I can’t pass on.

I haven’t bought anything yet, but I have a feeling that one or two lovely things will move into my wardrobe pretty soon. Don’t forget to check out my Black Friday guide for all the codes and discounts. I update it every day. Maybe you will even end up getting one of my design picks on sale?


A red dress with fringes & How to survive the work Christmas party

Red dress with fringes – Oasis, heels – Guiseppe Zanotti, bag – Chanel. (adlinks) Location – Coppa club. Photographer – Ida Zander.

 Can you believe it’s almost December already?

Queue the mad parade of Christmas parties/drinks/get-togethers that ends with a big bang at New Year’s Eve. Lots of alcohol and many outfits.

By some reason, you have to see everyone you know in that one month before Christmas. It’s like the world is going to end, when in fact we are just having a week or so off and then it will all go back to normal again.

Work Christmas parties can be such a can of worms. It could be fun to get to cut loose a bit with your work colleagues. Or it can go terribly wrong. There is a certain risk in mixing alcohol, Christmas feelings and work colleagues. Especially when the whole shabang is free.

There is always that one person who gets waaay too drunk, someone will turn up in an inappropriate outfit, you will find Jane and Pete from accounting making out in the closet, endless ugly Christmas jumpers and heavy deep talks towards the early morning,

You usually keep a certain distance from your work colleagues. Sure some would probably be categorized as “friends”, but not all. To party on such an intimate level with people you haven’t really chosen to be friends with could be a bit nerve-wracking and also kind of exciting.

All those little irritations, tensions, innocent flirting that has built up over the year. Mix that with alcohol and the fact that you probably don’t know each other very well. And you got a bit of a pressure-cooker of a situation.

There is a good reason why they make funny tv of Christmas parties. 

I myself only have the modeling agency’s Christmas party to go to. And that comes with its own set of challenges. Bookers, clients, tipsy male models… you can imagine. But I end up having loads of fun every time.

How? I Follow these 4 simple rules;

1. I drink a maximum of 2 drinks ( and I pay to get the nice champagne)
2. I wear something elegant and appropriate
3. I, like Cinderella, leave before midnight
4. I mingle and talk to as many people as possible.

I don’t see a work Christmas party as the time to go all in and party like there is no tomorrow. Even if it’s a free bar. Instead, I take the opportunity to work on my relationships and to network, mingle and show that I’m a part of the team. As soon as I feel that the mood shifts and things get a bit looser, I’m in a cab on my way home.

I love to hear all the gossip later. I just won’t be the person they talk about.

This red dress with fringes is a fun and appropriate outfit for a work Christmas party. It’s dressed up, but not over-dressed. Fun and festive, but not too sexy. The fringes and the color make it perfect for the season.

Why not get your Christmas party outfit on the Black Friday sales? Check out my guide with all the latest codes and discounts. It will be updated every day this week.