Mindful Monday 8th April – My focus, mantra, inspiration, and vision this week.

Tess Montgomery - blogger

I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden I’m hitting all of my goals.

Stuff I thought was big, maybe even too big, is coming true. I’m almost having to pinch myself.

A few weeks ago I made a list of brands I would like to work with. Both as goals, but also to keep my focus where it should be. I really wanted to zone in on what I want to be about.

And in the last two weeks, almost from nowhere, these companies one by one are getting in touch. Talk about manifesting!

We are talking my favorite Swedish designer, a really amazing beauty brand and one of my favorite websites. All in one week. And on the modeling side, it’s the same. I have booked a dream job shooting on Friday and might be working for another amazing client on Wednesday too.

It shows that there is something to putting stuff out there. There is some kind of law of attraction going on. Because guys, this shit is happening!

This is my focus, mantra, inspiration, and vision this week;

My mantra this week  – “This is fun!” I have loads of really cool stuff going on and quite a few things this week. When I look at my schedule I feel a bit stressed about the sheer amount of things on there. But then I have to remind myself that I am doing exactly what I want to do and that It will all be amazingly fun.

My affirmation this week – “Everything I dream about is coming true” I really feel like I’m on a roll. The bow of life pulled me back and now I’m soaring through the sky towards my goals. It’s kind of weird that it seems to be happening both with the blog and modeling at the same time.

My goal this week – This weekend I want to be able to look back at this week and feel that I did good. I’m hoping that I will have managed to consistently keep the highest level of performance. It will be a little bit of an energy/time struggle between the blog and modeling. But nothing I can’t handle.

My dream of the week – I’m dreaming of living close to the ocean. I love the water. If I could live on a beach with lovely warm water to swim in every day, I would. I want to fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up smelling the salt in the air. Water has this amazing calming effect on me.

Mindful Monday 8th April - My focus, mantra, inspiration, and vision

My vision this week – I’m at Allbright (or similar) working away on my laptop, with a lovely cup of coffee next to me. Ace is at school and his younger sibling is at the nursery. There is a definitive line between where work ends and when family time begins. I have the perfect balance in life. This is one of my main goals I’m working towards.

My focus this week – This week I’m focusing on work. Garth will be back and has some time off so I will step on the gas now when I have the opportunity to.

The event of the week – Tough one! It’s either the modeling job I’m shooting on Friday or something a bit different, but fun I did today – Floating. I haven’t done it before and I thought I would share a bit more from my experience here on the blog tomorrow.

My lesson from last week– I could be a single parent. I wouldn’t want to. But I would be completely fine. It’s nice to know that I can manage on my own if Garth has to go away for a longer period of time for work.

My everyday-luxury this week– The floating experience today was definitely a luxury. It was a bit different than I imagined it would be, but more on that subject tomorrow.

My inspiration this week – This TED talk about standing up for yourself really resonated with me.

Ok, now do this. Copy this blog post. Remove my answers and Voila – you got your own template for a Mindful Monday list. It’s really useful to write down your focus, mantra, inspiration, and vision every week. 

Photo – Ida Zander. Skirt – Mango (on sale), sunglasses – Asos, body – Asos. (adlinks)


The reason why we at times fail to be the best versions of ourselves

The reason why we at times fail to be the best versions of ourselves

Have you ever thought about how the people we choose to spend our time with actually affect our lives?

Actually, not even just the people we choose to have around us, but also the ones we have no option but to spend time with.

Different people make us feel different things and we act accordingly. Some bring out the best in us and others the worst. Some give us energy and others leave us feeling drained and tired.

There are those who listen to our ideas and say “I believe in you” “go for it”. Whilst a certain kind of person will interrupt us mid-sentence with all the reasons why the idea won’t work. It’s interesting how we can be really frustrated and prickly or soft and easy going depending on who we are hanging out with. Some people just bring out the best versions of ourselves.

We act differently depending on who we are around. Still, we are the same person.

The way someone makes us feel will affect the way we act around them. It’s logical, but we don’t always manage to step out of the situation and look at it from an objective standpoint. So then we end up blaming ourselves.

I really try to listen inwards and choose people around me with care. Who I want to be around has a lot to do with how they make me feel as a person. If I’m calm and safe around them, I will be a lot better version of myself compared to if I’m feeling on edge or criticized

It might sound like a selfish way of thinking. But in the end, we all need to get to feel like we are good people. We want to feed and grow the better parts of our personalities. We want to be the best versions of ourselves.

This is why it’s so important to pick the right life partner. If we choose someone who we don’t feel supported by, then we might spend most of our time cultivating our bad sides. If you are unhappy in your relationship, you might even start to feel like you are a bitter and angry person. Even though it’s just a small part of your personality that has been magnified because of the situation.

It’s important to remember that we have a really big self, filled with layers of personality and traits. We are capable of feeling all kinds of emotions, good and bad. And to act in many different ways. All of these feelings are us.

But we don’t have to feel all of them all the time. We can make choices if we are aware of how we are affected and why.

If someone leaves us with a bad feeling. Maybe, they make us feel small or uncomfortable. Then it’s a sign to be aware of. Do you have anyone like this in your close circle of friends or family? Maybe a work colleague or a family friend?

Sometimes all we need to do is to acknowledge that they have this effect on us. Then next time they might not be able to influence in the same way since we now are aware. We can predict what is going to happen and change the way we react.

Just because we react badly to someone else doesn’t mean they are bad people. We are just not all compatible.

We don’t have to stop spending time with friends or family who does make us feel like a lesser version of ourselves. As long as we are aware of what is going on and why we feel the way we do around them. This way we can decide to act differently around these people. This could start a chain reaction and maybe the relationship will change for the better.

If I look back a few years, I can now see exactly why I always felt a bit uneasy spending time with that particular “friend” or why I wasn’t at all sad when I broke up with a boyfriend I thought I really loved.

I find it really interesting to reflect on what actually shapes us in our lives. And see what we can do to make us better. To make sure we become the best versions of ourselves and live our best lives. 

Photo – Ida Zander 


This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

I’m not really a makeup girl. You will never find me in a full Instagram makeup. It’s just not my style.

I care a lot more about what I do to my skin to make it healthier and look better because it’s happier. (Like using retinol)

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t use makeup, because I do. I just use smaller amounts and fewer products. I tend to find my favorites and stick with them for a really long time. When I buy makeup I try to find everyday heroes rather than new cool colors and snazzy tools. (Even though it can be pretty fun to go all in for a part make up now and then.)

I like skin and I want my skin to look like skin. Sometimes I see people with almost like a silky blanket over their face and it looks very generic. It removes those little charming imperfections that make us individuals. Beauty cannot be beautiful without flaws. Flawless beauty is boring.

So I much rather find products that highlight what I like about my face than those who cover what I don’t like.

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

I have also had the absolute pleasure of having had my makeup done by hundreds of different makeup artists. It’s a perk from over 30 years of modeling. I have even had the privilege to work with some of the big names like Charlotte Tilbury and Mary Greenwell.

The main difference between the makeup artists that are really skilled, compared to the ones who yet has more to learn, is amounts. The really good makeup artists I have worked with know how to do a lot with a little. I never felt caked up, dry or unnatural in their make up. Only like a better version of me.

This is one of the reasons I myself rather have fewer products but instead, choose really well.

I have been on an eternal quest of trying to find the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. I can’t be bothered with lots of loose shadows, but prefer mine pressed and as a part of a palette. I also don’t want to have to carry around (or pay for) lots of shades I won’t use. So I’m quite a difficult customer.

But now finally I have found the one. My new everyday hero for eye shadows – “Nude on Nude” by Bobbi Brown (- Adlink) It’s, of course, a limited edition, because all good products seem to be. So I will have to get myself another one soon before they sell out and never come back again.

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

The shades are a little bit warmer than I’m used to. But not enough to bother me even the slightest.

For an everyday makeup I use “Bone” under the brow and in the inner corner of my eye. I then brush on “Frappe” as a base all over the lid. I continue by smudging in “Milk chocolate” under the eye and along the lash line out towards the outer corner of my eye. To lift the eye a bit I dab a bit of “Burnt amber” on the middle of the lid.

Et voila, a very quick and pretty foolproof everyday eye.

If I’m heading out to something a bit more glamorous. I instead mix “Frappe” with “Buff” and after following the same procedure with “Milk chocolate” I also add some “Black chocolate” to make the look a little bit more intense. Both “Copper Chocolate” and “Chocolate truffle” looks amazing on the lid for a more glam party look.

…and if I have a bit of a tan I also use a tiny bit of “Golden Glow” as a highlighter.

Of course, there are loads of different combinations to try with “Nude on Nude”. But these are my favorites so far. To be honest this palette is pretty hard to get wrong, as long as you blend the shades properly.

A little tip I got by makeup artists Lan Nguyen-Grealis is to dare to add more shadow under the eye along the lash line. We tend to chicken out in this area and miss out on that deeper and more intense effect. This is a great tip that I use almost every day and it has really made a difference for me.

You can find  Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude at Liberty London – adlink. It is a limited edition and seem to be sold out everywhere else, so make sure to grab one now if you like the look and sound of it. Because soon it will be gone. 

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

Mindful Monday 1st April – My goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week

my goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week

It’s Monday and the 1st of April. And we all know what that means!

Have you pranked anyone today, or even better gotten pranked? I love April fools and my poor hubby is always the one on the receiving end.

Like when I hassled him to get a guinea pig. I said I would make it little clothes to wear and walk it around on a tiny lead. At first, he was very skeptical. But eventually, after a lot of nagging, he finally told me yes. But I had to dress, walk and pick up its poo myself. Haha, he must really love me. Imagine us going outside with a tiny guinea pig wearing a hat on a lead?

What’s the best joke you have come up with?

This is my goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week:

My mantra this week – “Listen inwards”. I’m working really hard to listen more to my intuition. I want to make more decisions with my gut instead of my brain. Sometimes it’s little things like what side of the street I want to walk on and other times it’s slightly bigger decisions. The gut feeling tends to be that first thing that pops into our head. It’s before the brain has had a chance to process the actual thought.

There was one time when I was 17 and on the tube at night heading home to my Mom’s from my Dad’s house. I stepped into the tube carriage and just got this overwhelming feeling of “no something is not right”. So much so that I got off and picked another carriage instead. I felt like a crazy person at that moment. But a few stops later the tube just stopped and stood still for ages. When I looked out the polices was escorting a man wearing some kind of suit of armor and holding a sharp ax out of that first carriage. How scary?

My affirmation this week– “I’m a doer”. I often overthink things and talk myself out of doing stuff. So I need to just do and think later. As long as it’s not massively serious things, I rather just go for it and actually think it through later.

My goal this week – I have had way too much unhealthy food recently. So my goal this week is to get rid of my sugar addiction again. I have a method that involves lots of tea with less and less honey in it. It has always worked in the past, so by Sunday, I should be cravings free again.

My dream of the week – I want Ace to grow up to be a person who dares to try new things. Both in food and experiences. So far the food part is going really well. He eats almost everything. Normal stuff like veg, fish, and meat. But also slightly more unusual things like scallops, squid, dim sum, blue cheese, snails and different kinds of livers.

We are also trying to introduce him to many different sports. My dream is that he and I will be surfing together when he is a bit older.

my goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week

My vision this week – We already own 2 flats in London and are kind of working on a 3rd project. My vision for the future is that we keep adding to our property portfolio. After the initial investment and renovation, it’s basically like making money in your sleep. And when our kids are older I like to earmark two smaller flats in London for them to get as a gift from us on their 25th birthdays. I never had any help from my parent after my 18th birthday. So I know how hard it can be to try to get somewhere on your own. I would like my kids to have a good stepping stone in life.

My focus this week  – My focus this week is Ace. He is in this great age when he is super curious about everything and likes to explore all day long. So my job is to make sure he has the opportunity to figure the world out. The other day he saw some ants running about in the garden and got super happy. He wanted to copy and run with them… and then he was so sad when they didn’t run anymore. A tough lesson to learn at an early age.

The event of the week –I have a whole bunch of interesting meetings this week. A while ago I made this bucket list of companies I would like to work with, and slowly but surely they seem to get in contact one by one. Law of attraction anyone?

My lesson from last week  – As long as I keep a good sleep and food routine with Ace, he is happy to come along with me to almost anything. He loves eating in restaurants and will sit and snack for hours in a high chair as long as he gets a bit of attention now and then. He is a massive flirt and loves looking at people in the underground, on buses and on planes. He is just really happy and cute. So my lesson is that I can, in fact, take him to more work stuff with me. He enjoys it!

My everyday-luxury this week –I’m going to get my shellac done and I will also color my brows and lashes. I don’t actually realize how light they are until I have them colored. I might actually not even need to do microblading, my brows are pretty full already.

My inspiration this week – I can’t think of anything inspiring I have come across off the top of my head. Maybe you guys can recommend something you have seen, read or got inspired by this week?

Ok, now it’s your turn to write down your goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week. It’s a great way to reflect, realign and get inspired for the week ahead. 

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Mama V’s. Hairclips here och jumper here – Adlinks


A mini-guide to Amsterdam

My mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess Montgomery

… a very short, but fun and eventful weekend in Amsterdam has come to an end.

Even though we didn’t have much time and tried to see and do as much as possible with an 18-month-old in tow. I think we managed pretty well. I would, however, have liked to stay just a liiiiitttle bit longer, to get to explore this beautiful city even more.

We stayed – At Hotel Twenty Eight. A boutique apartment hotel close to the Olympic stadium. It’s a bit off, but the tram gets you into the city center in about 20 minutes. The hubby has his project he is working on inside the stadium, so it was great for us since he could pop in and out.

The positives are that the hotel is lush with great design and huge rooms at an affordable rate. There are also a whole bunch of fantastic restaurants in the area (Mr Sam is incredible), it’s not far away from the really cool area De Pijp and there is a really lovely kids playground in the square next door.

My mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess MontgomeryMy mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess Montgomery

We traveled by – Mainly trams, a bus and of course by boat. Our good friend Rasmus has his very own sightseeing company called “Flagship Amsterdam”. And we kindly got invited to join them for a 60-minute tour. We had some great guides with a really good sense of humor and great knowledge of Amsterdam. There were also drinks if you fancied it (I had a coke since I was on mama duty, trying hard to keep my child inside the boat). The whole experience had a great relaxed vibe and even Ace was fine to be in a boat for that amount of time. I would definitely go again, maybe without kids though so I can enjoy a glass of rosé.

We shopped – At Nudie jeans in the “9 streets” area. Garth wears his jeans until they are indecent and I was sure he would soon get arrested if he didn’t get some new ones pronto. They even had super cute mini-versions for Ace. He looked so cool in them. 9 streets is a great area if you have a similar style to me. Shops like American Vintage, Essentiel Antwerp and COS are situated side by side.

My mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess MontgomeryMy mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess Montgomery

We touristed – The contrast when you leave the curb of the loud and messy red light district and find yourself in the quiet, bright white entrance to the famous church   “Our lord in the attic” is pretty surreal. And then when you take the stairs up to the attic and arrive into a massive wooden old church, things get even more psychedelic. Who knew you didn’t even need to go to the coffee shop to have this kind of experience.  No matter if you are religious or not, the church is worth a visit.

We had lunch – At Mr Porter situated on the 6th floor of the W hotel. We had a lovley (quite pricy) lunch on the terrace in the sunshine. Ace got to dip his little toes into the pool, we enjoyed watching Amsterdam from above and didn’t want to leave.

We rarely stay in the swankiest hotels when we travel, but prefer the smaller more boutique-style options. Instead, we make sure to visit the cool spots for meals. It’s a great way to experience the flavor of more than one kind of hotel.

My mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess MontgomeryMy mini-guide to Amsterdam by Tess Montgomery

We had dinner – At food hallen. This is where you go if you don’t know what to eat and want to keep all your options open. The food hall is massive and packed with all kinds of cuisine you can imagine. Garth and Ace had burgers, steak sandwiches and dim sum. I had summer rolls and a poké bowl and our friend Alex went for a veggie option. Everyone was happy!

We brought with us home– Chocolate from “Stach“. It’s delicious and a great gift for someone waiting at home.

Next time I want to explore De Pijp a bit more, go to the aquarium and science museum and rent one of those biked where Ace can sit in a basket in the front.

Where are your favorite spots in Amsterdam?


“The Solution” by Oslo Skin Lab – What happens if I stop and start again?

So I first came across  “The Solution” collagen powder by Oslo Skin Lab last year in October. I got completely hooked straight away. 

Honestly, I never expected such a big difference from something so small and simple. I didn’t just get softer skin and more glow in my face. I also really noticed a difference in my skin on my body. The chicken skin on the back of my arms magically disappeared. Even Garth commented on how soft my skin was.

The collagen in our skin is what makes it stay supple and elastic. So if we can help boost it, then we can help slow down aging. This product contains collagen called Verisol and the reason why this particular type of collagen actually makes a difference is the size of the peptides. It’s the right size to be bioavailable to the body.

You can read about my experience with The Solution after one month here and two months here.

It’s such a jungle out there when it comes to pills, powders, and drinks that are meant to be good for us. It’s really hard to know what actually works and will be absorbed by the body. So when you find something that you really like and see results from, you just want to buy a lifetime supply and swim in it.

BUT, when I posted about The Solution last time one of you guys asked me if I please could stop taking The Solution for a while and see if I noticed any difference. Then I got kind of curious myself. It is, in the end, the best way to find out what this product actually does for me.

So even though it pained me I decided to stop taking the powder.

This is not a miracle product that you take once and it will change your skin forever. You have to keep taking the collagen regularly for the effects to stay. Just like any other cream/vitamin. But it also makes it easy to test the effect.

When I stopped, I didn’t actually notice much of a difference at first. It took about a month or so. Then one day I stood in the shower and realized that the chicken skin on my arms was back. Damn it! After that, my skin on my legs only got drier and drier and I had to start putting lotion on every day again. It can have something to do with the cold weather, but it’s worth taking into account.

To be really sure the full effect of the powder was out of my system completely, I held up for almost 2 months.

When I finally got to start again about a month ago, I recognized the “soft” feeling in my stomach after taking it. It took a couple of weeks, but now my arms are smooth again and my skin is a lot less dry.

This time I think I can see a difference in my cellulite too. They tend to come and go depending on if I’m a kg plus or minus. But I do feel like the unevenness is less deep and less visible.

I have worked out more lately, so that’s another factor. But I know other people who have seen an effect on cellulite from this product, so it is very possible it can be the collagen.

Now I’m not going to stop taking The Solution again. I just need to figure out a good way to get those boxes to London. You can subscribe to The Solution, but only in Scandinavia. I know they are hoping to expand to the UK soon so I will let you guys know when it happens.

I rather spend a bit of money on my skin that I will wear all the time, than an outfit that I can take on and off. It’s an investment to care for our skin. I’m planning to wear mine for a long time ahead and I want it to be as supple and soft as possible.

We have to have both and outside-in and an inside-out approach to skincare. It’s easy to make it all about the creams and treatments and forget to think about diet and supplements.

So now I’m not going to miss even one more day of collagen.

I usually pour the little pack of powder into my glass of water in the morning. But on weekends we like to head out for brunch instead and I just pop a pack in my handbag and mix it with a smoothie instead. The small pouches make it really convenient to bring with when I travel.

This weekend we went for a massive brunch at Megan’s here in Clapham. We had porridge, overnight oats, avocado toast, eggs royale, coffees, and smoothies. I got the green smoothie for me and the orange fruity one for Ace. But after trying both of them (before I added the collagen, he is soft enough!) he chose the one with kale in it… weird kid!

The powder is completely tasteless so you can mix it into anything really. So far I haven’t missed taking it one single day and that’s how I’m planning on keeping it.

Do you take any supplements for your skin?

This post is presented in paid partnership with Oslo Skin Lab. 


This is the most common mistake when styling a kitten heel

This is the most common mistake when styling a kitten heel

So after years and years of hearing whispers and rumors about this almost mythical Jimmy Choo sample sale. I yesterday finally had the privilege of finding my own name on this elusive guestlist of all guest lists.

And oh boy, it did not disappoint.

We are talking rows and rows of the most beautiful Jimmy Choo bags and shoes. All with a price tag I could actually afford.

I wanted to go completely bananas and could easily have walked out with 15 pairs of shoes. I seriously contemplated buying everyone I know a very lavish gift each. I think I must have tried on at least 20 pairs myself… I felt so spoilt. A bit like Pretty Woman in THAT scene.

But then I remembered that I have made you and more importantly myself a big promise this year. ONE item a month. And sure, I could get 9 pairs and call it for the rest of the year. But that would be neither smart nor practical.

So after all of that, I walked out with only 4 items in my bag. 2 for me and 2 gifts.

This is the most common mistake when styling a kitten heel

So my April buy will now be this amazing pair of sparkling shoes with a kitten heel. I did however also get myself an amazing pair of trainers that I just couldn’t leave behind.

To justify this splurge, Garth and I decided that Ace will give me the trainers as a gift for Mother’s day on Sunday. It’s a bit cheeky, but it will make me feel a little less guilty. I’m looking at it as a grey zone purchase that I will get away with this time only.

So why did I got for a pair of kitten heels over something a bit more, well, high?

I already have loads of party shoes. I would say 75% of my shoe wardrobe. And only now after years and years I can truly say that their PPW (Price Per Wear) is pretty good. I just don’t use them often enough to justify having more.

Instead, I went for something slightly more practical but just as fabulous. I know some find kitten heels to be boring and a bit old lady-ish. And I also think they could be perceived as hard to style.

The mistake most people are doing when putting together an outfit including a kitten heel is to assume that a heel is a heel. It is not.

A kitten heel is not a downgraded high heel, it’s an upgraded flat. 

You can’t think that you will match them in an outfit that requires a heel and just pick a kitten heel because it’s more comfortable. Then it will look a bit off and like you chickened out last second.

Instead, you have to wear them when you would normally wear a flat shoe. With wide trousers, suits, midi skirt, maxi dresses, and mom-jeans. Then they will elevate your style and not downgrade it.

Basically, see a kitten heel as flats with something extra.

The mistake most people are doing when putting together an outfit including a kitten heel is to assume that a heel is a heel. It is not.

I had been looking for the perfect pair for quite some time. And I soon as I put these on I knew they were the ones. Not only are they super sparkly, but they are also incredibly comfy.

To be honest all my Jimmy Choos are. I even got married in a pair of platform Jimmy Choosa that I still wear to this day. I can dance all night in them without my feet hurting even a little bit. It’s just so obvious when a shoe brand actually cares about anatomy. I will never wear uncomfortable shoes ever again.

Come on, dig up your old kitten heels and try styling them like a flat. I bet you will like them more now!

I’m still dreaming of these amazing pieces of art. (adlink) I didn’t expect them to be at the sale, so I wasn’t disappointed. But they are on my “before I die” list. 

Can you spot my other beautiful purchase this week? We are finally with our very own Magnolia tree! I know they only flower for like 5 minutes, but it’s totally worth it. She is now hanging out in a large pot in the front of the house looking all kinds of dazzling. I think I will name her “Maggie”. 


Mindful Monday 26th March – My goal, dream, mantra, and vision this week

Mindful Monday 26th March - My goal, dream, mantra, and vision this week

Anyone else had a hard time waking up this morning? I felt like I emerged from the bottom of the deepest ocean. ( I probably looked like it too).

I don’t know what it is, but something is going on with my sleep at the moment.

The last 3 nights I have slept like a log. To the point of not hearing Ace at all. So poor Garth has been 100% on baby duty. The first morning I happily woke up and exclaimed: “Ace slept through the night, whooo!.” And got a very tired slow headshake back. Apparently, I slept through the night, Ace was up 3 times.

It’s so strange. I mean I feel amazing. But still, does this make me a bad Mom? What happens when Garth travels? Will I put Ace trough unintentional sleep training?

Sleep is when we repair our bodies, so maybe I’m just shutting down for maintenance. After having a baby and having been up every night for a year and a half, I bet I need it.

Sleep aside, this is my goal, dream, mantra, and vision this week;

My mantra this week  – “One thing at the time”. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not efficient. It’s a lot better to just close circles and do one thing at the time.

Garth is traveling a lot for work at the moment. So I’m alone with Ace the bigger part of this month. I don’t mind at all, Ace is an easy child. But the downside is that I have no one to share the housework with. Washing, tidying, cooking, pick and drop off at nursery, Olive’s vet visits and then my work on top. But then I think about the single parents out there and understand that I’m really lucky. These people have been doing it all on their own and they are bloody heroes for it. The trick is to focus one thing at the time (and have lots of nice dark chocolate at home as a reward at the end of the night.)

My affirmation this week  – “I have a growth-mindset”. I grow and I want to continue growing all the time. My most important job in life (Apart from raising a happy and healthy son) is to work on myself. Some people are stuck in a fixed mindset where they feel “done.” Like this is them and that is it. So they don’t need to learn or evolve anymore. It stops personal growth and these people will stop challenging themselves to do better. What do you think, do you have a growth or a set mindset?

My goal this week – This spring weather is amazing. So the goal this week is to play more outdoors. I grew up in Sweden where you spend more time outside than inside unless it’s like -10°C. Fine, the air might not be as clean here in London, but still, it’s really healthy for us to not be cooped up inside.

My dream of the week – I’m dreaming of walking around London in pretty dresses, with tanned legs, and having picnics in the park. The summer is so close I can almost touch it.

Mindful Monday 26th March - My goal, dream, mantra, and vision this week

My vision this week – I don’t think Garth will agree with me on this vision. But I see us going sailing as a family. Every summer when I was a child, we used to hire a boat and go sailing for a couple of weeks. I used to love it. The feeling of drifting off to sleep whilst slowly being rocked by the water is just bliss. My poor husband suffers from terrible seasickness, so I’m not sure how blissful he would find it though…

My focus this week – This week I’m focusing on keeping all the balls I’m juggling in the air. As long as I got flow they will all be dealt with. I have a lot of fun stuff in the pipeline, so I need to keep my energy high. I rather take 20 minutes to do some meditation to relax, than watch tv at night. The difference in relaxation and my energy levels after are tangible.

The event of the week – I’m going to a Jimmy Choo sample sale… I’m so excited. I loooove Jimmy Choo! If I find anything then that will most likely have to be my April buy. I’m going to do my best not to get caught up in shopping hysteria and get something I will actually use.

The other fun thing happening is that we will be heading to Amsterdam this weekend. Garth is working there at the moment and it ts mothers day on Sunday. It would be a bit sad to celebrate on my own at home.

My lesson from last week –Do not drink too much coffee! I feel all jittery if I have more than one cup of coffee in a day. I had two strong ones the other day and it was a big mistake. It made my heart beat really fast and I felt anxious for no reason at all. I do love coffee, so it’s hard to stay away. But decaf is kind of nice too.

My everyday-luxury this week– Getting to spend the weekend with my two boys in Amsterdam is pure luxury.

My inspiration this week– Maybe not inspiration per se. But this blog post on hormones “Hello Glow” is such an interesting read. The blogger is taking something quite complicated and simplifying it in a nice way for us regular non-doctor people to understand. I wonder how many people have hormone imbalances and don’t even know about it?

Ok, your turn. Write down your goal, dream, mantra, and vision every week. It’s really nice to get to reflect now and then. 

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – aux merveilleux de Fred Northcote road. Scarf from Lindex,  you can get my top here – adlink


Sustainable Sustainability – Why not a keepcup?

Sustainable sustainability - Fancy a keepcup?

If you read my blog somewhat regularly, then you probably know by now that I’m on a bit of quest to become a better habitant of this planet.

I’m trying to become more sustainable.

But as with any change in our lives. If we go all in straight away, we probably burn out pretty quickly. We go from 0 days in the week at the gym to 5, we become vegans from one day to another or we throw out the tv and promise to never look at a screen again. …until we can’t keep it up,  cancel the gym, order a burger and load up Netflix on the laptop.

The trick to actually stick with things is to make sure they are not extreme and to do small changes over a large amount of time.

The changes need to be sustainable.

It’s a lot more doable to have a big goal that’s divided up into smaller part-goals. If we want to become vegans, then maybe start by only having meat one day a week as a first step. Next goal can be to only eat fish, switch cows milk to a substitute..etc. This way we will get used to every little step before we go onto the next one.

It’s all about creating new habits and to make the change feel natural.

So to become more sustainable in a way that’s sustainable to me and my lifestyle. I will have to start with small things. The stuff that I won’t really notice, but will make a difference if we all do it. I can always aim higher later. My plan is to become and stay more sustainable for life, not just for as long as I can keep it up.

So my third little change, after buying a water bottle and using a fabric bag, is to buy a keepcup for my coffee. 

I drink a lot of coffee on-the-go. Who doesn’t in London? We don’t always have the time to sit down, but we do need our caffeine fix. So off we dash with our plastic/paper/polystyrene cup. …that most likely will end up as landfill…

It would be interesting to see in a visual how big a mountain of used coffee cups we would each go through during our lifetimes. I have a feeling it would be quite the scary picture.

So that’s why I got myself a really nice looking keepcup. I picked one in glass with a nice cork handle and I always keep it in my bag or the buggy. I thought I would forget it at home or leave it to grow fur, but so far so good.

And it has a few other benefits too. It’s a lot more stylish to carry around, tastier to drink from, it keeps my coffee warm for longer and most coffee shops will give you a discount if you bring your own cup. So chicer, tastier, warmer and cheaper coffee? It’s a no brainer!

If you like me are up for a small change that only comes with loads of benefits. Get your own reusable coffee cup. You don’t have to get a fancy one, but if you do like the look of mine then you can find my keepcup in glass and cork here – adlink

It’s also a great gift to give. I gave one to Garth for Valentines and Ace got a small one for babyccinos from his friend Axel on his first birthday. Super cute!

Sustainable sustainability - why not a keepcup?

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Minnow. Dress – Whistles (adlink), necklace– Van Cleef & Arpels & heels – Saint Laurent. 


One-item-a-month in April – How about pre-loved?

I would estimate that about 50% of my wardrobe consists of pieces I have bought “pre-loved”.

The phrase “second-hand” probably makes people think about dusty old charity shops. (Don’t knock them though, they can be a veritable treasure chest at times). But I guess pre-loved does have a better ring to it.

I much rather buy a beautiful designer item that has had a previous owner than a new one by Zara. They will probably end up costing about the same and one is timeless and the other trend-led.

Sure I do love a spot of bargain hunting in a charity shop, but I tend to find 90% of my pre-loved clothes on pages like Vestiaire Collective. Ebay is great too. But I like the sense of security that comes with having the item authenticated and checked to make sure it’s in the condition stated in the ad before I receive it. I have had emails från Vestiaire telling me an item wasn’t up to scratch and they have either canceled the sale or offered me a discount.

The one thing I do tend to tell people to look out for is where the item is from. If it happens to be the states, then you might get stung by customs fees, so be aware.

I have to admit I’m a bit addicted…or a lot addicted to Vestiaire Collective. I go in every day after Ace goes to bed and browse through all the new items. I have a pretty decent wish list and a very long like list. I can mull over an item for months before I go for it. Or sometimes I have to be quick in case it’s something I know will go fast.

But you should always make an offer. All sellers expect you to do a bit of bargaining before you buy. So start low-ish and negotiate a figure you are both happy with. I shaved a good £45 off my latest buy.

I also sell off anything I feel I’m done with or won’t use. You can find my items for sale here.

In April I think my one-item-a-month should be something pre-loved from my giant wishlist. I have put a few of them in the collage above. The prices are pretty amazing, right? Imagine a tad of negotiating and Bob’s your uncle.

So what should it be? A splurge on a pair of Balenciaga party heels? Or a bit more of a conservative Chanel scarf or a Céline belt maybe?

I do know it’s a bit of a risk to put my favorites up on the blog since one of you might buy it. There is only one of each item. But I have decided that if it’s meant to be, it will.

Do you have a favorite and what do you think I should pick as my April purchase?

You can read all about my one-item-a-month challenge here. 

My pre-loved favorites

Ganni coat
Chanel scarf
Balenciaga heels
Blonde no 8 coat
Self Portrait dress
Casadei heels
Céline belt
Stella McCartney bag