Mindfulness – Have you found your happy moments?

find your happy moments

When I think back on my life, it’s almost like I’m rewinding a tape. Now and then a moment will pop up. A memory. Most of the time it’s a really lovely memory that makes me happy.

In the past when I visited the little cinema inside my head, mainly bad moments would show. The big ugly ones that made me feel bad about myself and gave me anxiety. So I tried not to think too much about the past. It was just too hard and made me sad.

Until one day when I realized it’s not my past that is the problem, it’s how I choose to look at it.

It’s really easy to remember bad stuff in detail. Those events feel so large and dark when they are happening. Like a huge thunderstorm ascending on us. We invest loads of energy and thought power into these moments. So it’s not all that weird that they tend to take up most of the space when we look back.

Of course, it’s not an advantage to think about things that make us feel down or gives us anxiety. So instead of focusing only on the present and the future, I have decided to think differently instead.

I started off by choosing some really big lovely moments in my life. Preferably somewhat in the same timeframe as the bad ones. And every time I looked back in my life archive I chose to think about these positive moments. I was really strict on myself and didn’t allow my thoughts to gravitate towards the dark clouds. Instead, I made sure to always stay on the sunny path.

Once I began doing this I noticed those positive memories growing bigger and bigger. And at the same time, the negative ones started to fade away. In the end, I could only see all the happy memories when I did a quick rewind of my life. Memories that make me proud, feel loved and make me happy.

how to be happier

I didn’t stop there.

Because everything we do today will become a memory tomorrow. Instead of treating my feelings and the events that happen to me later, I might as well do it straight away.

This is when I found my happy moments. 

You know those times when everything just feels totally right? That’s one of your happy moments. It’s when you don’t want to be anywhere else, with anyone else doing anything else. It doesn’t even have to be big stuff. It’s all about being happy in the moment.

As soon as I feel that happiness in a moment, I make sure to take a mental note of how I feel. I recognize it’s a happy moment and I focus on really living in it and feeling all the emotions. This way the memory will really etch into my brain. It will be a stronger memory than what it would have been if I didn’t make a special effort to remember it.

These memories later become my go-to moments when I look back on my life. I can feel the same happiness as I originally did when it happened. It’s a bit like when an actor is using a memory to get into a specific emotion. But in real life.

Of course, you should deal with your bad memories. This is more about the ones that you go over and over and nothing really happens anymore. There is nothing good in dwelling in old bad feelings.

Actually, it’s all pretty simple and it really helps us make life a little bit brighter. It’s basically just a re-shuffle of energy. I choose to put my thoughts in one place rather than another.

Do you already have happy moments to look back at, or is this something you could work on?

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Honest Burgers Venn street


Mindful Monday 27th November (yup, it’s a Tuesday…)

Oh lord, I had a few eventful days. And not the positive kind…

You who follow me on Instagram have an idea of what has been going on, but it’s way more complicated than what I have been able to tell you. I haven’t really decided on how to handle the situation yet. At first, I was really upset, but now I’m just really angry. I will tell you more about what happened later, as soon as I have got all my thoughts and feelings in order.

Add a bit of stress-induced stomach pain and other bits that just comes with life and it hasn’t been the best start of the week. So that’s why the Monday post appears today, on a Tuesday.

As usual, when I feel overwhelmed, a switch flips in my head and I become weirdly rational. I have learned to step outside of my emotions to be able to look at a situation from the outside. It was a coping mechanism from my childhood that wasn’t ideal. But it has been incredibly useful to have that skill as an adult. Sometimes I just need to shield myself from my own emotions to be able to think clearly.

A friend of mine wrote something that really hit the spot today on Instagram. She wrote, “Don’t waste more than 5 minutes on being upset about something that won’t matter in 5 years”. Our time and energy are valuable and we easily waste them on whoever screams the loudest. When we really should be spending it on who deserves it or what makes us happy.

This is my week’s goal, affirmation, vision, and dream

My mantra this week – “Is this really what I want to focus on right now?” When I find myself in a bit of a storm. I close all my doors and hold on to what really matters. Like Ace, Garth, friends, and family. As soon as my thoughts start wandering off, I make sure to pull them back to what actually matters in my life.

My affirmation this week – “I know who I am”. Its easy to believe other people when they are trying to tell us who we are. We tend to take aboard criticism and blank the good stuff. It’s especially bad when the criticism isn’t constructive or coming from a good place. Then it’s really important to have a deep sense of knowledge of who we really are. I know who I am and what I stand for, no one else knows this better than me.

My goal this week – To ride out a bit of a shitstorm and decide what I want to do about it. I’m very much the victim in this situation. But that doesn’t mean I have to see myself as one. I can turn this into something positive, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.

My dream this week – At the moment I’m dreaming of being able to have a proper conversation with Ace. He can communicate, but mainly trough gestures, moods and by the fact that I know him so well. He knows 5-6 words, but you can only get so far with “Mamma, Daddy, bye bye, blomma (flower in Swedish), Ace and spoon”. I know it will happen soon, but I’m a bit impatient. I have a feeling he is going to be such a fun little character.

My vision this week – A good sized wardrobe with clothes I really love. A lot bought second-hand and the rest bought for me by me as a reward for certain milestones and achievements. No items are surplus and I use all the clothes. As soon as I feel “done” with something, I sell it on. I’imagening an organic wardrobe that grows and moves with me and my life.

My focus this week – Freinds and family. Nanna is in town, and so is John and Debbie. All of Aces godparents are in the same country for the first time ever. I’m also going to try to meet up with Gia for some girl talk.

The event of the week – Tomorrow we got another school tour. It’s a school I really like, so I’m hoping it’s as good as I’m expecting.

The lesson from last week – Life goes up and down. In the end, that’s just how it’s meant to be. When everything seems stable and easy, something will happen that will turn things upside down. Most of the time bad stuff in some weird way always bring good stuff along with it. I believe in some kind of cosmic balance. When something negative happens, a positive event is just around the corner.

The everyday luxury this week– We have booked a lovely stay for the weekend of my birthday and we are also looking at a holiday in Feb/March. Right now we are choosing between Thailand, the Maldives, and the Caribbean.

My inspiration this week – I got this book called “The lifechanging magic of not giving a fuck” at home. I only pick it up now and then to read a chapter of two. It’s not a book that is going to change my life. But it does give me perpective when I need it. I use it in small doses when I feel the need of giving fewer fucks.

What’s your goals, affirmation, vision, and dream this week?

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Black Friday – My design picks on sale

Here are my design picks on sale:

design picks on sale

MyTheresa has a 30% discount on everything that’s already on sale. So sale on top of the sale, can it get any better?

Dress – Equipment, trousers – Victoria Victoria Beckham, blouse – See by Chloé, nude booties – Vetements, black booties – Dries van Noten, blazer – Stella McCartney, bag – Valentino. (adlinks)

design faves on sale

At Browns we find a 20% discount on (almost) everything at the moment.

Bikini – Zimmermann, jeans – Re/Done, skirt – Zimmermann, bag – Saint Laurent, dress – Ganni, sneakers – Common projects , booties – Atp Atelier. (adlinkas)

design favorites on sale

At Stylebop they have a full 30% off with the code “BLACKFRIDAY”.

Booties – Anine Bing, blouse – See by Chloé, dress – Rag & Bone, dress – Self Portrait, coat – Closed, sneakers – Kenzo , bag – See by Chloé. (adlinks).

I always try to get items from my favorite designers when they are on sale. 

We don’t get the chance to buy these kinds of quality items on sale very often, so I try to get something whenever I can get a discount. Sure, sometimes you pay more for the name on the tag, than the actual quality. That’s why designer shopping can be a bit of a jungle. You have to do a bit of research before you invest in clothes by high-end designers.

A great big plus is that you can sell any designer stuff that you have fallen out of love with quite easily. Websites like Vestiaire Collective and The Real Real are great places when you want to re-home your pre-loved designer bargains. If the designer is well known, then the second-hand value should be pretty decent.

Black Friday is mainly for Christmas gifts, but  I always try to sneak in a cheeky peak for myself too. To see if any of my designer favorites from my wishlist has ended up on the sales or if I find something amazing that I can’t pass on.

I haven’t bought anything yet, but I have a feeling that one or two lovely things will move into my wardrobe pretty soon. Don’t forget to check out my Black Friday guide for all the codes and discounts. I update it every day. Maybe you will even end up getting one of my design picks on sale?


A red dress with fringes & How to survive the work Christmas party

Red dress with fringes – Oasis, heels – Guiseppe Zanotti, bag – Chanel. (adlinks) Location – Coppa club. Photographer – Ida Zander.

 Can you believe it’s almost December already?

Queue the mad parade of Christmas parties/drinks/get-togethers that ends with a big bang at New Year’s Eve. Lots of alcohol and many outfits.

By some reason, you have to see everyone you know in that one month before Christmas. It’s like the world is going to end, when in fact we are just having a week or so off and then it will all go back to normal again.

Work Christmas parties can be such a can of worms. It could be fun to get to cut loose a bit with your work colleagues. Or it can go terribly wrong. There is a certain risk in mixing alcohol, Christmas feelings and work colleagues. Especially when the whole shabang is free.

There is always that one person who gets waaay too drunk, someone will turn up in an inappropriate outfit, you will find Jane and Pete from accounting making out in the closet, endless ugly Christmas jumpers and heavy deep talks towards the early morning,

You usually keep a certain distance from your work colleagues. Sure some would probably be categorized as “friends”, but not all. To party on such an intimate level with people you haven’t really chosen to be friends with could be a bit nerve-wracking and also kind of exciting.

All those little irritations, tensions, innocent flirting that has built up over the year. Mix that with alcohol and the fact that you probably don’t know each other very well. And you got a bit of a pressure-cooker of a situation.

There is a good reason why they make funny tv of Christmas parties. 

I myself only have the modeling agency’s Christmas party to go to. And that comes with its own set of challenges. Bookers, clients, tipsy male models… you can imagine. But I end up having loads of fun every time.

How? I Follow these 4 simple rules;

1. I drink a maximum of 2 drinks ( and I pay to get the nice champagne)
2. I wear something elegant and appropriate
3. I, like Cinderella, leave before midnight
4. I mingle and talk to as many people as possible.

I don’t see a work Christmas party as the time to go all in and party like there is no tomorrow. Even if it’s a free bar. Instead, I take the opportunity to work on my relationships and to network, mingle and show that I’m a part of the team. As soon as I feel that the mood shifts and things get a bit looser, I’m in a cab on my way home.

I love to hear all the gossip later. I just won’t be the person they talk about.

This red dress with fringes is a fun and appropriate outfit for a work Christmas party. It’s dressed up, but not over-dressed. Fun and festive, but not too sexy. The fringes and the color make it perfect for the season.

Why not get your Christmas party outfit on the Black Friday sales? Check out my guide with all the latest codes and discounts. It will be updated every day this week. 


First Walkers – A guide to choosing shoes for your toddler

First walkers shoes

First walkers; blue – Jacardi, brown – Pom d’api, red – Pom d’api. Winterboots; Brown – Reima, purple – Viking, light brown – Pom d’api. Leather sneakers; Blue – Geox, pink – Geox. soft shoes; EnFant. (adlinks)

So I’m not just a fashion and beauty enthusiast, I’m also a Mum to 14-month-old Ace. And I happen to be a bit of an expert on children’s shoes. 

I know a lot of Mums really struggle picking out shoes for their little ones. Especially the first walkers. So I thought it would make for an excellent and very useful post. And if you don’t have kids, just read something else and bookmark it for now. You will most likely need this information in the future.

Let’s start with my credentials. Why am I the expert? Well, in the 90s and early 2000s my mother owned a small chain of shops in Sweden called “Trollskor”. Children’s shoe shops to be precise.

As a mother with 3 kids and her busines, my Mum just had to make it work. So we ended up spending a lot of time in these shops, at trade fairs and even in meeting with suppliers.

It was a great education. Not only did I learn how to run a small business. I also picked up everything I could ever need to know about children’s shoes. So much so that I started working in the shop before I was even 10. (Child labor anyone?). During my teens I worked every weekend and once I finished school I had a part-time job in one of the shops whenever I wasn’t traveling or modeling.

Kids shoes are a bit trickier than adult shoes.

The first problem is that they can’t really tell us if a shoe is comfy or not. The second is that children’s feet are constantly growing and developing. So it’s incredibly important to pick shoes that will support and fit them really well. Especially the first walkers. 

These were my criteria when I looked to buy Ace’s first walkers;

1. Leather all the way inside and out.

Fabric doesn’t really breathe the same way as leather does. (Smell a pair of Converse if you dare). And plastic is a total no-go. Babies have sensitive skin all over their bodies and like us, they sweat from their feet. Leather will help keep those little feet dry and it will also shape around the foot as they wear it. The only exception here is Geox, that manages to make their non-leather shoes breath by magic (or some fancy membrane).

2. Make sure the insole is built up in the arch

Feel with your finger inside the shoes, where the arch of the foot will be. This part should be raised, to support the foot. It will make the shoe a lot comfier, but will also prevent your little one from falling inwards with their feet when they walk.

3. The shoe should be tall and stable at the back.

It’s really important that the shoe gives plenty of support around the heel area. This makes sure the ankle stays straight and the child will then be able to walk better.

4. You should be able to bend the shoe.

You want your toddler to still be able to crawl and get up and down from sitting when they are wearing the shoes. So you have to make sure they bend properly. Just press the toe of the shoe up towards the heel, if they are super soft and light they will touch. But I’m happy if they get close.

5. Always choose laces.

There are a few reasons why laces are the better option. One is that it’s important that the shoe really stays on and laces are unbeatable to make a shoe snug. Another reason is that it’s pretty easy to open velcro. Just make sure to tie the shoe properly and very few babies will be able to get a double knot open. There are shoes with laces on top and a zipper on the side. This is a great option if you don’t fancy tying and untying laces.

6. Size

The first walkers are a bit different than the next shoe up. It’s just sooo important they fit really well. So I would recommend a maximum of 5 mm extra length in the shoe for growth. They will grow out of them quicker, but it’s worth it. The next shoe up can afford to have 7 mm-1 cm extra. Winter boots need some extra air to stay warm and maybe to fit a thicker sock inside. So I would suggest to have 1 cm extra in the first one and later even 1.5 cm once your child walks well.

All decent children’s shoe shops will have two measuring devices. One for the foot (ALWAYS measure standing up!) and one for the inside of the shoe. If you are going to order shoes online, make sure to have both at home.

7. Don’t buy second-hand.

As you know, I’m pro-pre-loved. But not when it comes to underwear and children’s shoes. You never know what kind of problems the last child had with their feet. Maybe they walked with one foot leaning inwards or just had a bit of a wonky gait. The shoes will be worn in a particular way because of it, and it could make your child inherit the problem. So always buy new shoes for the little ones.

8. Winter shoes.

Of course, winter shoes do need to be a bit more padded. It’s hard to get leather all the way trough and most of the time they are not very bendy either. I would go for fully lined Goretex boots. A lower version with laces for the youngest and a regular boot with velcro for the slightly older kids. Just make sure it’s nicely fitted and built up in the arch inside. They should not be able to step out of the boot or shoe.

Wellies are super cute, but not at all good for babies and toddlers. They are made of plastic, comes off super easy and are completely flat inside. About as great for babies feet as clogs or crocs… Just get a waterproof winter boot instead.

What I’m trying to say is that little Gucci sneakers, Nikes and Uggs are super cute. But keep them for the buggy. Now is not the time for vanity, you are setting your child’s feet up for life. Just go for something that is appropriate, there will be plenty of time for cute shoes when they are older.  

So far Ace has shoes from  Jacardi, Bundgaard (better for wide feet, Aces feet are skinny), Pom D’api and Geox. I also like Sorel, Viking, Reima, Gulliver and Superfit. 

I really hope this post will be helpful when you are shopping for those first walkers. It’s such a precious moment when they take their first steps. Enjoy it!


When are you too old to wear a mini-skirt?

When are you too old to wear a mini-skirt? 60, 50, 40, 35..?

It’s interesting that fashion and what we are meant to wear change with age. We are supposed to dress more “appropriate” as we get past our teens and 20s. Right?

But who decides what’s appropriate and what’s not? And why does it change with age? One could argue that with age comes wisdom and we should by then be even more sure of our style and what suits us.

Like mini-skirts. Why is it frowned upon wearing them past your 20s?

I’m 35, I have legs, I like my legs and my legs like air. I’m not showing them off to be sexy, but if I would, why would that not be ok? Are you not allowed to look or feel sexy after a certain age?

For me, it all comes down to styling. I like mini-skirts, but I’m not wearing them to get attention from men. I wear them because I like the silhouette. It’s fun to play with proportions with clothing and I want to keep all my options open.

I want to wear every length of skirt, if I fancy it. Sure I probably wouldn’t style it with a plunging neckline, it’s not really my thing. But with oversized jumpers, blazers, pussy-bow blouses, and other more covered tops I think I can afford to show some skin.

Someone recently asked me if I wasn’t a bit old to shop from Asos. I had no idea you could be too old to shop anywhere? Unless it’s the kids’ department of course. If you like the clothes, why limit yourself?

So here is me, in my mini-skirt from Asos. Feeling completely appropriate and hoping I will be wearing whatever I fancy until I’m at least a hundred.

What do you think? Do you feel too old to wear a mini skirt?

Skirt – Asos Design, jumper – Tommy Hilfiger, booties – Giuseppe Zanotti, bag – Chanel. (adlinks) Photographer – Ida Zander.


Black Friday – Neutral tones & luxurious looks

Neutral tones ; phone cover – Prada, wallet – Prada,, heels – Cult Gaia, bag – Prada, sneakers – Rag & Bone, hat – Soft Goat, boots – Rag & Bone, jumper – Soft Goat, bra – Anine Bing, coat – J.Lindeberg, nail polish – Essie, dress – Halston Heritage, trousers – Theory , lip balm – by Terry, scarf/throw – Rag & Bone. (adlinks)

It’s no secret that neutral tones are totally in at the moment. They are everywhere!

I’m looking at you, Meghan Markle…

Light shades like beige, white, light grey and pale pastels give a look that luxury factor. Especially since it’s pretty easy to spot quality when the colors are pale. There is also that edge of keeping the look clean that is a statement of its own. (queue spilling coffee or being hit by a flying raspberry).

I opt for materials like cashmere, suede, silk, satin, wool, and leather when I buy items in these kinds of statement colors. It’s worth investing a bit more since bad quality will be noticeable. These looks might be pale and nude, but they come with an understated statement of money and class.

Feel completely free to mix and match all of these colors in one look. It will only make it interesting. The same with materials. Think rough against shiny and soft. Let the quality and texture of the items do the talking. I would, however, stay away from mixing warm and cold shades. Mainly for the simple reason that the warmer shades will come across as a bit nicotine-yellow next to the pale.

I wouldn’t mind to come home and find all of these items above in my closet. I’m keeping an extra eye on the Prada phone case, the Soft Goat, jumper and the Prada wallet. Just in case they do end up on the Black Friday sales this week. I don’t have a code or discount for Net-A-Porter yet. But I’m pretty sure it will happen at any moment.

The lip balm from by Terry is a classic that many makeup artists have in their kit. I do think it’s a bit pricey though. So I have decided it will be one of my discounted Black Friday buys.

…and those pink Rag & Bone boots couldn’t be more Tess. They are already discounted and the heel is the perfect height. But is suede really a good option in London in winter. What do you think, should I get them? Do you like the neutral tones look?

Don’t forget to keep checking my Cyber week and Black Friday guide, I’m adding new discounts every day. 


The ultimate guide to Cyber week and Black Friday sales, discounts, and codes

Cyber week and Black Friday sales, discounts, and codes

Yay, it’s finally time for Cyber week and Black Friday. Whoop! And as usual, I have put together my guide to all the Black Friday sales, discounts, and codes I can possibly find. 

I’m going to be adding to this list as soon as I find a new discount or sale. To make sure you buy all of your Christmas gifts for the smallest amount of cash possible. Happy shopping!

**** This post was updated Friday at 4 pm
***This post was updated Thursday 22nd
**This post has been updated 4 pm Wednesday 21st
*This post has been updated 1 pm Tuesday 20th.

Clothes & Accessories (All links are adlinks)

****Browns Fashion – 20% off everything with the code “PITCHBLACK”
****Vestiaire Collective – up to 50% on selected items
****Charles and Keith – up to 50% on the Black Friday sale and 20% on full priced items
****Ralph Lauren – 20% off selected items if you spend £350/€400, 30% off selected items if you spend £350/€400
****& Other stories – 20% off everything
****H&M – 20% off everything
****Next – up to 50% off selected items
****Missguided – up to 50% off everything
****Stradivarius – 20% off everything
****Weekday – 25% off jeans
****Larsson & Jennings – up to 75% off selected items
****Monica Vinader – up to 50% off rings & 30% off selected items
****SheIn – up to 50% off everything + extra discounts
****Ideal of Sweden – 50% off everything
****Aspinal of London – 20% off everything
****MyTheresa – 30% off sales items
****HOPE – mixed offers
****Gina tricot – 30% off everything (once)
****Vero Moda – 20% off everything
****Bik Bok – 30% off everything
****Ellos – 25% off everything + an extra 10% off Black Friday prices

***Farfetch – 10% off selected items with the code “BF10N”
***Stylebop – 30% off everything with the code “BLACKFRIDAY”
***ASOS – 20% off everything with the code “HELLO20”
***ARKET – 20% off selected items
***Whistles – 30% off everything
***Monki – 50% off selected items
***Sweaty Betty – 25% off with the code “CHEERS”
***River Island – 20% off when you spend £75
***Monica Vinader – up to 50% off bracelets
***Urban Outfitters – 50% off selected items
***Anthropologie – 20% off selected items
*** Luisa Via Roma – 30% off selected items
***Soft Goat – 25% off all cashmere
***J.Lindeberg – 20% off selected items
***Dr Denim– 30% off selected items

**Selfridges – Up to 20% off with the code “SELCCE”
**Net-A-Porter – up to 25% in their”private sale”. You have to register and the discount will be applied at checkout.
**All Saints – 30% off everything
**Mango – 30% off with the code “BLACK18”
**Topshop – 50% off selected items
**H&M – 50% off tops
**Astrid & Miuy – 25% on everything (with a couple of exceptions)
**Shopbop – up to 25% off regular priced items+ up to 75% on sale items with the code “MORE18”
**I Saw It First – 50% off with the code “JACKFRIDAY”
**Nike – 30% off with the code “CLEAR30”
**LK Bennett – 25% off with the code “FRIDAY25”
**Missy empire – 25% off with the code “TEASE”
**Debenhams – 50% off boots and 40% off knitwear
**Boohoo – 50% off everything
**Miss Pap – up to 60% off
**Missguided – 20% off with the code”OFFICIAL” or 40% off selected items

*SSence – up to 50% off selected items.
*Moda Operandi – up to 50% off selected items.
*Coach – 20% off selected items with the code “BF2018” (19th-25th Nov)
*Luisa Via Roma – 30% discount if you spend £300/€300 with the code “RS1130” (does not apply to starred items and items on sale.)
*Brand Alley – £15 off your first order if you spend £60 with the code “RSTYLE15”
*The Outnet – New items are added to the sale
*Missoma – 25% off if you register to their Black Friday sale
* Boden (UK) – 30% off with the code N3N1″
*New Look – up to 50% discount on selected items.
*Office – 20% off with the code”GLITTER”
*River Island – Up to 30% off “winter treats”
*SheIn (UK) – 30% discount on everything with code “BLACKALL”, £12 off orders above £80, £6 off orders above £50
*Weekday – 25% off tops and t-shirts
*Superdry – 20% off everything with the code “BLACK20”
*Fitflop -up to 60% off selected items.

ARKET – Colour week. Every day a new color has a 25% discount + free shipping on everything.  (Monday-blue, Tuesday – green, Wednesday – white, Thursday – Red and Friday – black)
Neiman & Marcus – up to 50% off in the designer sale.
Aspinal of London – 15% off gifts with the code “GIFT15”.
Dear Frances – 25% discount with the code  “BF25”
ASOS – 50% off shoes and accessories (until Thursday 22nd 8 am)
Missguided – up to 25% discount with the code “DROPPIN”
Topshop – 30% off puffer jackets and partywear.
NA-KD – 30% on everything with the code “BLACKWEEK”
Nasty gal – 50% on all sale (UK & Irland)
Nike – 30% off selected items.
River Island – Up to 30% off partywear.
H&M – up to 50% off denim and basics. New deals every day.
Karen Millen – 25% off everything.
Links of London– 20% off all collections
Weekday – 25% off selected items
Monica Vinader – 30% off everything.
Jack & Jones – 40% on selected clothes if you are a member of their customer club.
Boohoo.com – up to 70% off on everything.
Ellos – up to 50% on jackets and coats.

Beauty (all links are adlinks)

****MAC – 20% off and a free lipstick if you spend £45 with the code “BLACKFRIDAY20”
****Bobbi Brown – 20% off and a free mascara if you spend £65 with the code “SHOPANDGLOW”
****Space NK – Choose a full-sized gift when you spend £50
****Sephora – 20% off almost everything

***Look Fantastic – up to 40% off selected items
*** Cocopanda – up to 75% off selected items

**The Body Shop – up to 40% off selected items with the code “19805”
**The Fragrance shop – 60% off selected items
**GHD – up to 30% off selected items
**Clinique – 15% off with code BLACK”

*Cult Beauty – up to 40% off selected items.

Feel Unique – 30% off selected items
Beauty Bay – 30% off everything
Elemis – 3 bestselling products when you spend £50 with the code “BLACK3”
Look Fantastic – First 250 customers get 20% off their order with the code “Hurry” (some exceptions apply). everyone else has 15% off.
Charlotte Tilbury – Up to 40% discount on selected items. New promotions every day.

Interiors (all links are adlinks)

****Nordiska galleriet – 10% off selected items

**The White Company – 20% off aleverythinghting “WHITE20”
**Made.com £30 off when you spend £300 with the code “MADEFAB30”

*West Elm – 20% off everything

La Redoute – 40% off everything.
Debenhams – 20% on selected items.
Jotex – New deals every day
Ellos – up to 50% off rugs and lighting.
Designonline – 19/11 – ceiling lights at 50% discount, House doctor 25% off, candlesticks up to 40% off.
                           19/11-26/11 – at least 20% off House doctor, 40% on Design House Stockholm’s lighting + other deals.

Please let me know if you see any other Black Friday sales, discounts and, codes. I will be updating this list continuously during the week. So check in at least once a day, not to miss out.


Mindful Monday – mantras, goals, vision, affirmations, and focus this week

Hello friends! How are you? Did you have a nice weekend?

My weekend didn’t really go to plan, but actually turned out for the best in the end.

I had a dentist appointment on Saturday. I had a loose crown that needed to be re-fitted. I’m a dentist daughter, so I really take great care of my mouth. Still, I have 2 teeth that have caused me problems since my teens. They are just sad and unhappy in general. My poor dad has fixed them over and over, but they keep breaking. So eventually about 10 years ago dad had to give me a root canal and a crown on one of them.

I thought it was going to be an easy “in-fit the crown-out” situation. However, when my new dentist checks the old tooth under, it didn’t look good. The poor guy had to give me the bad news that this tooth had done its last bit of chewing and needed to come out. (I of course double checked it with dad, x-rays and all).

I got the option of waiting a week or to extract it right away. I really didn’t even think about it and just said, “let’s do it now”. I might aswell get it done quickly right?

However, I kind of forgot that it’s actual surgery and they will be digging around inside my jawbone. So anesthetic, operation, stitches, blood, swelling, and painkillers… I was out for the rest of the weekend.

Luckily my lovely hubby took Ace on adventures both days so I could just rest up and nurse my sore jawbone. Not really the kind of weekend we had planned.

So now I have a gap and feel about 100 years old. Luckily it’s far back in my mouth and it’s only for 3 months until I get an implant fitted.

This really proves that you can just be unlucky with your teeth. Even if you take great care of them and even if your dad is a dentist. You might end up having to pull one out at some point.

At least I found a great dentist here in the UK, now when dad is retired.

After a bit of a traumatic weekend, I’m happy to start a new week with new mantras, goals, vision, affirmations, and focus.

The mantra of the week – “Thank you”. It’s pretty uncomplicated really. Thank you for my wonderful little family that makes me feel loved every day. Thank you for my amazing friends who are always there for me. Thank you for the opportunity to live in London and all that it brings. Thank you for my body, that apart from some tummy issues and now a bad tooth, is pretty healthy all in all. Thank you for my exciting job that I really love. Thank you!

The affirmation of the week  – “I’m getting stronger and healthier every day”. It’s crazy how much healthier I am since I stopped breastfeeding, got rid of the breast abscess and the hormones went away. I feel more filled with energy every morning. At the moment Ace is sleeping full night, sometimes even 7-9 (!) So my sleep has really been boosted. If I continue feeling this goof, then I’m pretty sure my tummy will sort itself out too. Go body!

The goal of the week – I want to buy 90% of my Christmas gifts on cyber week or Black Friday deals.

Dream of the week – Wouldn’t it be amazing with our very own chef? One that knew nutrition and could tailor meals that would suit us perfectly. Garth does Crossfit 3-4 days a week and cycles to and from work. I get maybe 2 sessions of yoga in a week and a bit of everyday exercise. So we do have completely different nutritional needs.

We have tried a few of those services that deliver your food to your home or gym, but honestly, most of them are pretty grim.

Vision of the week – I’m getting more and more zen every year. I have this visoon of myself in my 50s, with long grey hair, meditating on a becah somewhere warm. Calm as a cucumber and with a smile on my lips. Completely content to just be still for a while. My gloal in life is to be calm, content and most importantly of all happy.  (and I want this hair please)

Focus of the week–  I want to get my diet right. Now after 3 days of only having soup and yoghurt. I feel like I have a pretty clean start. We are very good at buying organic, and I only have a bit of dark chocolate if I crave something sweet. I get juices and kefir instead of naughty stuff when I’m out and about . We ahve also exchanged a lot of our red meat for wild meat like venison and duck. My next goal is to have one veggie dinner a week. I think it would have to be a pasta for Garth to actually go for it. Maybe one of you have a recipe to share?

I wish we had a veggie restaurant here in Clapham…

The event of the week – Black Friday haha. I get a bit overexcited when it comes to finding the best deals and discounts. It’s almost sport to find items I will buy no matter what, at a discounted price. I almost get a bit competitive.

My lesson from last week – Sometimes it’s better to make a quick decision. If I would have waited with the tooth extraction for another week. I would probably have gotten quite nervous about the whole thing. I would have googled way too much (and everyone knows that all things on google lead to cancer or death). An intuitive quick decision is most of the time the better decision.

This week’s everyday luxury – Our lovely friend Amy borrowed Olive over the weekend. And as a thank you, she sent us some of her homemade chocolates.  She is a raw-chocolate-chef and her creations are unreal. By far the tastiest chocolate I have ever had.

The inspiration of the week – A kind reader told me to check out “Explained” on Netflix and I spent the sholw weekend watching it back-to-back. The episodes are short and explain things like cryptocurrency and blockchain, talk about K-pop and even why women make less money than men. It’s fascinating!

Have you decided on your mantras, goals, vision, affirmations, and focus this week?

Photo – Ida Zander


Christmas gifts for him – The ultimate Black Friday guide

The ultimate christmas gifts for him for Black Friday

Christmas gifts for him – Blue shirt – Eton,  swimming trunks – Orlebar Brown, sneakers – Paul Smith, leather bracelet – Skultuna,  jumper – Soft Goat panamahat –Borsalino, grey shirt – Shirtonomy, cufflinks – Skultuna,  cardholder – Smythson, sunglasses – Tom Ford , notebook – Smythson, poster –Konstgaraget, slippers – shepherd, hat – Acne studios, Beard elexir – Recipe for men, rain jacket – Stutterheim, washbag – J.Lindeberg, scarf – Soft goat, perfume – Bois 1920, boots – RM Williams, belt – Morris heritage, gloves – Hestra, jacket – Barbour International. (adlinks)

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for him, I get anxiety just thinking about it.

Girls are sooo much easier to buy for, I just get them stuff I would want myself. But Christmas gifts for guys literally takes up my entire brain leading up to Christmas.

The hardest of hardest to buy gifts for is my dad. Garth, I can kind of wing it a bit with, he tend to trust my judgment. But dad knows what he likes. And all he asks for every year is “well-behaved children”. So not helpful dad!

I can’t be the only one struggling with this, so that’s why I sat for hours this morning and made this massive collage of suggestions for Christmas gifts for him. I have mainly focused on fairly classic fashion and beauty products. I feel that gadgets need a post of their own. There is just too much to choose from!

I have loosely based it on 4 different characters. My dad would be the lower left corner, whilst Garth would be the lower right. My non-existent best gay friend would probably be at the top right. I find that the bigger gifts are the hardest. So I have tried to choose things in quite a large price range, but with a focus on those special investment pieces.

However, let’s not forget that experiences usually is the best gift of all. Anything from a dinner and a movie to a long weekend in New York. Or why not go see sumo wrestling or jump out of an airplane? The list is endless.

I hope you haven’t missed that it’s black friday next week. These days its actually a black-week, so it’s super important to do some groundwork and then keep checking in on your favorite shops when the sales start kicking off.

My Black Friday guide is usually very popular. I promise to let you know as soon as a sale comes on or if I find a useful discount code. But you have to get going now. Pick the stuff beforehand and be ready to click click click. I usually choose 4 items per person and then at least one will end up going on the sale.

Ok, stop reading blogs now and start doing your research chop chop!

Do you have any other great ideas for Christmas gifts for him? 

You can find some suggestions for Christmas gifts for her here