About me

Hi Guys! I’m Tess! Welcome to my blog!

In 2005 I moved to London from Sweden to do full-time modeling. I’m only 5’5, but I have made it work against all odds. Who knew there was such a big market for petite ladies?

Little did I know that I would be here in this lovely city for over 12 years and I now live in Clapham with my hubby Garth, our son Ace who was born on 22 September -17 and Olive the tiny and very naughty Frenchie.

I realized quickly that the best way to keep in contact with my friends and family back home was through this blog. It started as a hobby that became a side-gig and these days it’s a full-time job alongside my modeling.

On the blog, you will find anything from the latest fashion and outfits to beauty tips, travel guides, beautiful interiors and much more. I like to touch on the more serious subject and I will never shy away from expressing my opinions and believes.

I will never encourage you to copy me, I want to inspire you to find your own voice. Have fun with fashion, dare to try new things but always take care of your mind and body at the same time.

I do now and then feature sponsored content and you will always know if a post is a collaboration, since I mark it very clearly. However, I would never ever work with a brand I didn’t love or feature a product I didn’t like. So feel completely at ease knowing that I will always turn down anything unsuitable.

All opinions on this blog are 100% mine.

If you want to know more about me, then feel free to follow me on my other channels.

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I don’t have a mailing list since I find them a bit spammy, so please follow me on Bloglovin’

For collaborations, please contact my agent United Influencers. …or if you want to send me a love letter or invite me to a fun event, feel free to write to Tess@TessM.se.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and I’m looking forward to getting to know each other a bit better.