The biggest trend of 2020 is …

The biggest trend of 2020 is to use our voice for good. You thought this would be a fashion post right? Sorry if I'm disappointing you.

… to use your voice for good!

You thought this would be a fashion post right? Sorry if I’m disappointing you.

But it’s a true statement and a really important shift. At the moment there is a massive surge of interest in wanting to advocate for something bigger than ourselves. One of the very few trends out there I’m willing to embrace wholeheartedly.

We can see it happening in general in society, but I find it particularly interesting in the sphere of influencers.

Social media is a narcissistic mirror drowning us in our own feeds daily. It’s all me, me, and me again. Look what I have, look where I am, look what I’m wearing, look at what I can afford…

…and it’s exhausting to be so self-involved, self-promoting and self-serving all the time.

It’s also unhealthy to constantly be thinking about how we look in photos, if the outfit is cool enough and what caption to share to be more relatable and thereby get the most likes.

What we need is to from time to time step out of the spotlight for a while and instead shine that same light on something real. To use our voice for good and get to dig a little bit deeper, and experience influence in a truly important form. It’s a chance for us to turn our eyes away from the dollar signs and onto something larger than ourselves.

The biggest trend of 2020 is to use our voice for good. You thought this would be a fashion post right? Sorry if I'm disappointing you.

There are two great wins to this;

1. The causes influencers are advocating for are getting larger audiences and hopefully, it helps with the traction to spread awareness and even fundraising.

2. The influencers get to be a part of something non-selfish. And that is great for our mental health and sense of purpose.

There truly are no downsides to using our influence for good and that is why this trend hopefully is one that will stay with us and become a permanent fixture in our way of living and working from now on.

It literally cost us nothing but a tiny bit of time and energy to stand behind a good cause. And trust me, the reward is 100 times larger than the effort.

And there are countless ways of getting involved.

It actually doesn’t really matter what our cause is, as long as we use our voice for good, are helping where help is needed and the interest is selfless. It can be a charity close to your heart, a personal effort to help someone in need or just to take a stand and advocate for something that will make our world a little bit better.

Children, illnesses, the old, poverty, animals, mental health, sustainability, human rights, gender equality…. there are countless important issues in our world that need the attention we as influencers are able to give.

…and if you can’t think of something, head over to #Togetherband and pick one of the 17 UN global goals. All you need to do is to pick a cause, buy a bracelet and pop a post on your feed (or story). It’s as simple as that.

I find that once you get involved, even a little bit, you want to do more. The passion grows and so does the pride in taking part in something a lot more important than ourselves.

This is one of the pillars of #MINDFLUENCING – Mindful Influencing. We can’t just take, take, take. 2020 is the year to give back and use our voice for good.

Photo – Roz Alcazar. Dress – Ida Sjöstedt (gift), necklace Winsor Bishop (on loan). 

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  1. I think you are completely right. Voicing our opinion and speaking about what we like and what we don’t becomes ever more important. Social Media is an amplifier for everything, so also for extreme positions. I think we have to be more selective than we have been and voice our “balanced” opinion to shut out the extremes.

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