My slightly dramatic and totally silly reason for disappearing on you

…and I’m back!

First, I want to say sorry for disappearing on you without saying why or when I would be back. I did, however, have a pretty good reason.

You see, on the Monday of the last work-week before Christmas, I did something completely silly that I had no idea was going to really affect me. It was something incredibly insignificant and stupid, or so I thought at the time.

I banged my head in a kitchen cabinet door.

Something stressed moms tend to do on a regular basis. Nothing to worry about right?

It wasn’t even a very hard bump, just in an unfortunate place. Somehow I have managed to hit that very sensitive spot behind the ear. It hurt like **** and the whole area swelled up. But since it was such a light bump, I really didn’t think much about it.

I went to work like normal the next day, and even though I felt a bit slow, I put it down to it being my last office-day before Christmas and my need of a holiday. I remember having trouble finding certain words when I was writing emails and in the evening, attending Santas grotto with my son at nursery, I felt lightheaded and struggled to keep a conversation going with a friend. At one point I remember looking at Ace’s shoes and not being able to see the difference between the right and the left foot.

Even then I didn’t put the two together. It was only on the next day when I woke up with a headache from hell, I got a bit worried.

I am not a headache person, and when I couldn’t get out of bed without the pain forcing me down onto my knees, I got scared for real. I could only explain it as having birth contractions in my brain.

By the afternoon we had to call an ambulance. It was one of the worst pains I have ever felt. Luckily the ambulance crew was lovely and got me swiftly to the hospital where they concluded I had managed to give myself a minor head injury (a concussion).

…so I got some serious painkillers and got put on bed rest for 5 days and no screens for 2 weeks.

Looking back I should have popped my head in and just written a little note in here at that point, but to be honest, I was really enjoying my time off.

You see, I have been blogging since 2006 and I have never had a holiday without still “working”. For me to get to take 2 whole weeks off writing and having to be creative was pure bliss.

During this time we went to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family. Every morning we took a long walk in the woods with Ace, played with pinecones and jumped in the fluffy moss. We spend proper quality time with my parents and my sisters. I slept 9 hours every night and spent every evening in front of a log-fire reading a good book.

I actually managed to read 3 books in those two weeks. And I don’t know how many games of Yatzy with the hubby.

Aside from the concussion, this Christmas it was probably the thing my body and mind needed the most. I haven’t felt this refreshed in years and it actually changed something in me.

It made me realize that I need to give myself a break now and then, to just be and not produce. Not just an hour here or there, but an actual week a couple of times a year. For my creativity, mental health and my family’s sake.

…and the great thing now is that I’m back with sooo much more energy and motivation. I’m incredibly excited to see what 2020 will bring and I hope you are too.

From next week I will be back to updating 2-3 times/week like normal. You can always follow me on Bloglovin’ or sign up to my newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of my posts.

Happy New year my friends, let’s make sure this will be the best one yet!

…and take care of your brains. They are more sensitive than we think and we are incredibly lucky when we are healthy and can think and function like normal. Even a small concussion can make a big difference. 

My top is by Toteme, bought pre-loved on Vestiaire Collective. My scarf is by Alva Norge and my earring by Winsor Bishop.  (affiliate links)

Photo – Roz Alcazar


  1. Alexandra

    Måste säga att det gör mig lite glad att du är “chill” med att logga ut lite =) Har tom blivit glad när jag gått in här under julen och det inte kommit något nytt inlägg, haha, lite knäppt men ändå! Är bra att du kan ta pauser! Helt rätt, även om du inte har hjärnskakning.

    Tänker också att det måste vara skönt att lite mer få ha sin familj “ifred” och kunna slappna av mer med familjen (tänker på jämfört med när den svenska bloggen var igång, även om jag gillade den väldigt mycket och du alltid var oerhört respektfull mot familj och vänner). Har dock kommit in bra i den engelska!

    Gott nytt år! Hoppas 2020 blir så härligt som du tror och är förtjänt av =)

  2. Glad att du är tillbaka, och att du mår bra igen. Ta väl hand om dig!

  3. Hoppas du mår bättre nu, saknar dina inlägg, vill gärna se en sumnary över ditt 12pices år, är för lat för att kolla upp alla köp själv😂

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