How to make a more sustainable Christmas wish list

I used to find it really hard to put together a Christmas wish list. 

I was always really non-specific and wished for fairly random things that popped up in my head when someone asked. Not sustainable or very clever since I put basically no thought into it at all.

These days I’m much better. I now have a formula I follow to make sure I’m not wasting anyone’s money and effort, our natural resources or my storage space. (London flats…) I now know how much more sustainable it is to be clever with what I wish for.

On top of my Christmas wish list is always experiences. A dinner with someone, tickets to the theatre, a concert or a day at the spa. Memories shared with loved ones are worth more than 100 things.

When it comes to actual items, I’m one of those annoying people who tend to buy what I need. And I don’t want to wish for things I don’t need. So to make sure to have things to wish for. I find myself not getting certain things just so I can wish for them at Christmas. 

This year I have had my eye on these amazing beige Chelsea boots by sustainable brand  Everlane, a pair of mid-rise black straight jeans by Toteme and a Nanushka faux leather dress that I absolutely love. I added the Valentino bag as a bit of a dream-item, because why not. (You can find it new here, and pre-loved here). 

I’m of course not expecting to receive all of these things, but at least I know I will be very happy if I get any of them. And most of all I know they will come to use.

One of the easiest things to wish for is beauty products I already love. I know they will run out sooner or later and I also know that I would buy them again. As long as I’m specific with everything from shade to scent, it’s pretty spot on.

Like my amazing Diorskin foundation that I’m obsessed with and wear every day and my favorite Löwengrip dry shampoo that gives a fresh feeling to my hair but without making it sticky and itchy.

…I have also finally found a perfume I really love. I had a tester to try for a week, and I’m sure Byredo’s Mister Marvellous is my new signature scent. So these 3 things would be amazing gifts to me.

My last little trick for a more sustainable Christmas wishlist is to add a few things I never buy myself but always love to receive. Like my all-time favorite candle Baise by Diptyque. It’s such a treat when I get given one and it makes me truly happy.

Most important is that I don’t want to end up with things I don’t use. In the past, I kept items I was gifted but I didn’t like. In case I would change my mind or just to make the giver feel good. Now when I have finally cleared it all out and got rid (gave away mostly) of all the stuff I owned and didn’t use. I’m going to do my best to make sure I don’t start hoarding things again.

I know to some the gifts are a big part of Christmas, so this is my formula to make it work on a sustainable level without stepping on any toes or traditions.

…or if the family is open to something new, you can always try the Christmas game. Then you won’t need a Christmas wish list at all. 

You can find my post on how to give more sustainable Christmas gifts here. 


  1. Superbra tips, jag brukar också önska mig (och ge bort) upplevelser – så uppskattat och hållbart tänkt!

  2. Hej! Jag saknar dina mer personliga inlägg, sen du bytte till engelska bloggen så känns dina inlägg mer som tidningsartiklar (för visso väldigt välskrivna) men inte så mycket av den Tess som man sett innan……det är säkert en strategi men ändå lite tråkigt när man följt dig länge och gillat din ”gamla” strategi. God jul och gott nytt år till dig, Ace och Garth!

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