Why your jewellery defines you, inside and out

Why your jewellery defines you and your personal style inside and out

Some look at style as something shallow and superficial. They think fashion is all about vanity.

I couldn’t agree less.

I think style is much more than what we see on the outside. In fact, it gives us some great clues to what is on the inside. Fashion is one of the few ways for us to tell someone who we are without using words. What we choose to wear doesn’t just reflect our social standing or line of work, but also our interests and our mood for the day.

This is why personal style is really important and super fascinating.

If we only follow trends or copy someone else, we will completely miss out on the opportunity of expressing ourselves visually. We won’t show the world who we are and what we stand for, but instead who a fashion magazine thinks we should be or what a celebrity stands for.

This is why it’s important to really dig deep when it comes to personal style.

Why your jewellery defines you and your personal style inside and out

Clothes can say a lot, but I find that if I really want to understand someone, I tend to look at their jewellery.

Perfume and jewellery are two items that can become our signatures. We can wear them every day for the rest of our lives and the people around us will quickly come to recognise a particular piece of jewellery or scent as ours.

One of my best and loveliest friends, Josefina, has great style. She is a bit of a modern hippie, but what really stands out to me is her jewellery. If I close my eyes right now, I can see the rings she wears (yellow gold, many of them, all vintage and interesting) and the necklace she inherited (a small birdcage) that is always present around her neck and somehow works with any clothing she wears.

You straight away understand, amongst other things, that she is very interesting, her family is important to her and that she has a great eye for vintage.

Some people say that they look at someone’s shoes the first time they meet them. I look at their jewellery instead. To get a little clue of what kind of person is standing in front of me before I have the pleasure of actually getting to know them.

This is why we don’t need a lot of jewellery, just the perfect ones. A base of everyday items we feel is almost an extension of ourselves and a small selection of statement pieces for special occasions. Faithful companions to wear for a lifetime.

Never feel like you wear your jewellery too much because there’s actually no such thing. If anything, the more you wear it, the easier it will be to define your personal style.

These are the 3 quick questions I ask myself when I buy jewellery;

1. Can I wear this for the rest of my life?
2. Does it feel 100% like me?
3. Is the quality amazing?

…and of course, I make sure I am buying from an ethical and sustainable jeweller like Winsor Bishop. The two gorgeous necklaces I’m wearing in the photos are from their “London Collection” and will feature in their Black Friday event this weekend, along with other stunning pieces of jewellery. Head over to their website and have a look here & here, who knows, maybe you will find the one? (Offer ends Monday 2nd December at Midnight).

This post is presented in collaboration with Winsor Bishop. You can find my earlier post on “How to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection” here. 


  1. The wrong piece jewelry can destroy the entire style. Look into the mirror, which piece of jewelry glares back at you? Remove or replace! Now look in the mirror and smile. Have a great day!

  2. Supersnyggt!

    1. Visst är de superfina!!

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