How to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection

How to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection with Winsor Bishop

Ok, it’s time for us to talk jewellery and how to curate a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection. 

For this, I have paired up with the amazing jewellers Winsor Bishop for a series of posts here on the blog and on Instagram.

As I’m hoping you have noticed, I don’t do a lot of collaborations. Mainly because it’s hard to find brands that fit both my style and my ethos. It’s not that I don’t get asked, I just turn a lot down. (More than I can afford, but integrity is priceless).

The reason Winsor Bishop is such a great fit for me is not only because they make the kind of jewellery I actually want to wear. They also source their diamonds sustainably and ethically.

On top of this, they are a family-owned business, founded in 1834, with a female managing director. If you have been in business for that long, you must be pretty great at what you are doing. So to have the opportunity to do a collaboration together is really empowering.

Over the next couple of months, I will show you a few of my favorites from their collections and of course look at how we best put together a jewellery wardrobe that is wearable, timeless, has great Price Per Wear* and above all is sustainable.

If you have followed me for a while, you know my husband Garth is from Zimbabwe and still has family and friends in the country. So we have spent quite a bit of time down there. We even got married at a lion sanctuary in the middle of the bush close to Gweru on New Year’s Eve 2014. (What a night!)

Zimbabwe is a big diamond exporter and having had a glimpse into the diamond industry, I truly care where my own are from. So the first step when I look for jewellery is to make sure the company is ethical and sustainable. There is too much money involved in this industry and you have no idea what you might inadvertently support when you purchase something.

Winsor Bishop only works with diamond suppliers who are a part of the “Kimberly Process”, whose purpose is to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds.

Sustainable enamel ring by Winsor Bishop

I’m the first to admit I don’t own a lot of jewellery, but the things I do have are exquisite.

I basically wear one necklace, my engagement and my wedding rings, little diamond studs in my ears and my watch. Not much, but all of these things are truly special. They might have cost a little more than your general high-street dingle dangle, but the Price Per Wear* is outstanding. It’s quality over quantity all the way!

I’m really conscious when I choose what to get. I try to stay away from the big famous jewellery brands since I don’t want to wear something that lots of other people will have. I see my jewellery as my signature and I want it to be personal and special to me.

So I rather go to a jeweller and either get something made or find a truly unique piece. This way I end up paying for what I’m getting and not just a name and the image attached to it.

Jewellery is meant to be personal and timeless. If you spend lots of money on something that you will either get bored with quickly or that might go out of style, then you are losing out. It’s not about getting 10 trendy things, it’s about finding that one special piece that really speaks to you.

enamel statement ring as a part of a timeless and sustainable jewellery collection in collaboration with Winsor Bishop

Like this diamond and enamel ring.

Winsor Bishop sent over a few pieces of jewellery for me to pick my favourites from and this ring just stood out straight away. I’m completely head over heels for it. I have been looking for a ring for my right hand for a couple of years now and this is the first one I have found that I truly love.

…and even though I have just borrowed it for a while, it feels like it’s already mine. So I’m not sure I will be able to part with it, to be honest.

It suits me incredibly well. It’s unique, a little bit of a statement and a conversation piece. It also aligns perfectly with my light pastel-heavy wardrobe.

If I would buy this ring, it would be a great addition to my small timeless and sustainable jewellery collection. Yes, it is a little bit of an investment. But since I don’t buy any jewellery from the high street, I probably actually end up spending less all in all than what most people do. I just put it all into one purchase instead of several.

And I would feel happy knowing that I’m supporting a great sustainable company with lots of heritage and heart when I bought it. 

You can find this stunning enamel ring on Winsor Bishop’s website here. Their beautiful shop is Norfolk based, but you can find all their stock online too.

No matter if you are rewarding yourself, hoping to receive a gift from someone special or want to give them something really nice, Winsor Bishop has lots of beautiful, unique and sustainable jewellery to choose from.  

Photos – Rosalind Alcazar. Location – Minnow. 

*Price Per Wear or PPW is the idea of judging an item’s expense not just based on the purchase price, but divided into how often it will be worn. So an expensive item can be really cheap if you wear it a lot and a cheap item can be very expensive if you only wear it a few times. 

This post is presented in collaboration with Winsor Bishop. 


  1. Såå fin ring!

    1. Eller hur.. jag är såå sugen!

  2. Wonderful jewellery!! I have had this idea that when I reach a specific amount of salary I would buy a reeeeeeally nice ring for myself (since my boyfriend won’t 😉), and yesterday I came damn close. I am already saving up to be able to get one from this jeweller when I hit my goal next year! (And a trip to England to buy it of course)

    1. I do exactly this! I buy myself a really special piece of jewelry when I hit really big goals! (I got a Jaeger LeCoultre watch a few years ago as a reward for reaching a big goal!) I love Winsor Bishop because I know they are ethical and honest AND their jewellery is stunning. They have both a really gorgeous shop and an online shop.

  3. Smycken är för mig vad skor och handväskor är för många. Det jag helst investerar i och som jag älskar. Dom är alltid tankade med minnen och speciella stunder, då dom ofta varit gåvor eller något jag gett till mig själv när jag åstadkommit något jag är stolt över. Nu har jag en gedigen samling med smycken som jag alla älskar, och som alla har en egen historia!
    Köp ringen!

    1. Åå jag känner precis likadant som du gör. Smycken är så himla personliga och ofta kopplade till fina minnen.


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