This fashion rule will change how you dress forever

This fashion rule will change how you dress forever

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror, liked your outfit, but then changed anyway because you didn’t think other people would get it?

If not, good for you!

But if you have, don’t worry, it’s really common. Most of us are sensitive to judgment from other people. And people do judge, so it’s not strange to have their ideas in mind when getting dressed.

However, it’s all originating from a massive misconception. For some reason society has decided that there are certain rules we should stick to when we get dressed. And if you ask anyone who made this rule, they would probably say it’s “common knowledge” or refer to a fashion magazine. No one can really pinpoint who this all-knowing fashion god is.

I’m going to share something truly wardrobe-changing with you now – THERE ARE NO RULES IN FASHION!

There is no higher power that is deciding what we should or shouldn’t wear. It’s is all up to us. Fashion magazines are there as inspiration, not for judgment. There are stupid ideas that stuck in our heads that is hindering us from experimenting more.

FASHION IS ART! And there is no right or wrong in art, so why should there be in fashion? It’s your expression to dress the way you like. It tells the story on the outside of who you are on the inside. It’s your right to wear whatever you think expresses your creativity and inner and outer life the best. There are no rules in fashion.

Of course, there are suggestions like dress codes, that we can choose to follow, or not. And I would stick to decency laws to not end up in legal trouble. But what shapes or colors that go together, what certain body types or ages “should” wear and all other kinds of personal preferences are just that, personal preferences. Nothing more or less.

It’s often insecure people trying to exercise power by being judgemental. They are sad, you are amazing. That is the truth. 

This fashion rule will change how you dress forever

It’s once we break down those walls of insecurity when the real magic happens. How will anyone ever come up with something new if we all are forced into the same lane?

I put a little video clip of this outfit on Instagram and straight away someone asked why I would tuck my trousers into my boots. And the answer is – because I feel like it! I love the silhouette and it’s an unexpected touch. It amuses my creativity to experiment and not wear everything “the right way” all the time.

…and I will most likely do it again and again. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it. THERE lies the charm in fashion. It’s not just about what we wear, it’s also about how we wear it. It’s meant to be fun!

Now when we have determined that just like all art, there are no rules in fashion. Will you change the way you dress? 

Photo – Ida Zander.

You can find my outfit and similar styles below (affiliate links). My necklace and ring are a part of a future collaboration with Winsor Bishop.


  1. A lovely look Tess , nice bright suit for these dull days , Trousers tuck into boots is a very good luck and sensible on all these wet pavements , take care .

  2. You are so right. People in general are so gullible. Someone, somewhere. takes a color wheel blends a few colors together, THAT, becomes the new color for the year. Nail polish to interior walls. Myohmy !!! we are so foolish .

    1. I love inspiration, but when something becomes a “must” or a rule, it has gone too far!

  3. You are so right! i wear what i want, when i want! how i want! that is true freedom in fashion. gotta love myself!

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