I had a date with a Victoria’s Secret angel (to talk about sustainable swimwear)

It’s a bit daunting taking a photo with a supermodel, I have to admit. I’m wearing a suit by Dea Kudibal

“I have a date with a Victoria’s Secret angel” – a sentence many men and probably a few women wish they get to say at one point in their life. Myself included.

…a big fat check on that one ✔️

You see I got invited to Selfridges the other day to meet our favorite angel – Candice Swanepoel to have a chat about sustainability and her new swimwear brand Tropic of C. Maybe not a date date, but enough for me to get seriously excited.

Are Victoria’s Secret angels as beautiful in real life as they are on tv? Will she be nice? Does she actually care about sustainability and will I get to talk to her about it?

YES to all the questions above.

She is drop-dead gorgeous and even though she just had two kids in quick succession you would never know. Me being me (ie quite forward and with a sustainability agenda) I took my chance to ask her a few questions about the brand. And to my delight, she is not only truly lovely, but she is also knowledgable in the space.

She explained that it was hard to find a sustainable fabric that would behave well both in water and on dry land. But once she found it, she was surprised that it actually held it’s shape better than more common swimwear fabrics. Econyl is like most popular sustainable fabrics, recycled plastic. Candice explained that the long-term goal for Tropic of C is to do a send-back and recycle program.

Until then she focuses on working with artesian women from around the world and she works closely with organizations like mothers2mothers.

I love it when a brand doesn’t just think about the product, but the packaging too. The labels are all woven, packaging recyclable, tags by bamboo and even the hygiene liner is compostable. You can read more about the sustainability of Tropic of C here.

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely actress Georgia Hirst and her model brother Horatio. You might recognize her from the show “Vikings”. 

The style of the Tropic of C swimwear is inspired by Candice’s home country South Africa and is a homage to nature.

As a woman with boobs, and not a perfectly flat stomach, there is definitely some bikinis I wouldn’t be able to pull off. But I fell in love with the high-waisted bikini briefs with a slightly more supportive underwired bra. Especially the one in leopard will be on my wish list for future holidays.

Here in the UK, you can find Tropic of C at Selfridges both online or in-store if you fancy a little try-on session.

You can find my personal favorites from Tropic of C below (affiliate links);

Photo – Daniel Bruno Grandl


  1. That’s so exciting!! I love that she’s creating a brand that environmentally-friendly!


  2. A good read and an interesting material with thoughts towards the environment. However as a nudist I find it even more environmentally responsible by going nude. No wasted resources for materials and the waste created by making them. There is also less laundry this way as well which is also more environmentally friendly. You should try it, it is quite liberating and very comfortable as well.

    Ms. K

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