My one-item-a-month in October – My beige leather leggings from Joseph

My one-item-a-month in October - My beige leather leggings from Joseph

Even though you probably have seen them on me quite a few times already, I have completely forgotten to actually make a post about my October #OneItemAMonth purchase – My beige leather leggings from Joseph.

I bought them already in the end of September on a sunny day walking down the King’s Road. If you don’t already know about this little gem, Joseph has an outlet shop there. It’s brilliant, I have bought several items from them, all in great quality.

Outlet shops, sales and bargain corners can be really bad for your wardrobe. Or amazing.

It all depends on what you are looking to buy. I always search for items with a classic cut in a great material. The best things to buy on these occasions are wardrobe basics. Things that you already know you will love and use for a really long time.

If you find something trendy in an outlet shop, it’s most likely not going to be on-trend for much longer.

It’s also really easy to get sucked into the discount instead of the actual piece of clothing. So I always decide how much I think an item is worth before I check the price tag. That way I never get seduced by the price.

My one-item-a-month in October - My beige leather leggings from Joseph

But are beige leather leggings really a basic?

It is for me! You see, I already have a black pair of leather leggings from by Malene Birger and I have used them so much that I need to take them to the tailor because they are actually falling apart.

So a beige pair was quite a sure bet for me. I’m all into pastels and nudes, so they instantly mixed with almost everything in my wardrobe. I can dress them down with sneakers or up with heels and they are super comfortable too.

Leather is one of those materials that will last, it might stretch, but the leather itself won’t break. Possibly at the seams, but that can be fixed. That’s why leather jackets tend to stay in our wardrobes for our entire lives.

Leather is also warm, so for autumn and winter, leather leggings or trousers are a great option to jeans.

My one-item-a-month in October - My beige leather leggings from Joseph

In December I will have been buying only one item each month for a full year. When I set off to do this challenge, I thought it was going to be hard.

I had just done a big Marie Kondo clear out of my wardrobe and got rid of 75% of all my clothes. I was addicted to shopping from the high street and I always bought things on impulse. If I felt good, I went shopping to celebrate and when I felt bad I went shopping to cheer myself up. No matter the question, the answer was always new clothes.

So at the time I honestly never thought I would be able to keep it up for a whole year. Only buying one thing seemed so restrictive but also the big challenge I needed in my life at that point.

But I realized quickly it wasn’t hard at all. Instead, it changed everything for me. I stopped self-medicating with shopping and got rid of my addiction to fast fashion. I started curating instead of collecting and that spread to all other aspects of my life.

This challenge made me grow as a person and I’m so happy I took it on. My wardrobe and my life will never be the same again.

If you like my beige leather leggings, you can find them on sale here. (affiliate link)


  1. I love these leggings! I’ve never owned a beige pair before. They look amazing on you!

  2. You are an inspiration 🙏🏻❤️🦋

  3. I love this challenge and I love those leggings! So versatile!

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