The neutral 9-piece sustainable office capsule wardrobe

Warm coffees, colorful leaves, and neutral outfits – autumn is here. 

I love a good tonal ensemble and the palette is gorgeous for office. Beige is in trend, but the nice thing about wearing a trendy color is that you can still wear it for years. Silhouettes and details date, colors doesn’t.

So that’s one of the reasons why I’m fine with being on-trend at the moment. The second reason is that I love neutral colors since I became a mom. The idea of wearing something that is one sticky handprint away from a dry-clean makes me feel very elegant and grown-up. No more banana in my hair, no sir!

From these 9 neutral pieces, I can put together several great outfits. They all go together and can be mixed and matched all autumn long. It’s a great little sustainable office capsule wardrobe. Comfy and stylish, amazing for a business trip.

Oh, and they are all by sustainable brands too.

If you too love neutrals, I say go for it. Just pick quality over quantity, great fabrics, and classic cuts. You will enjoy them for years.

Want to look amazing at the office for years to come? Why not put together your own sustainable office capsule wardrobe.

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  1. Margaret

    A small wardrobe requires quality and knowing how to care for your clothing.
    If you are starting your career, add a few things at a time of quality. Years down the calendar your will still have quality to build on. Good cotton, linen, wool and silk does not have to be pricey, just learn how to buy…..sales, through off seasons, and also Thrift Shopping. Good Luck.

    1. So true, with a bit of knowledge and care we can all keep our clothes for much longer. And as long as we buy things that are high quality, timeless and fits our life and personal style, then it should last. Thank you for your comment.

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