Mindful Monday 7th October – My affirmation, dream, inspiration, and lesson this week

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Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I have a really nice week ahead. Not too much planned, the hubby will be away for a few days and I will have time to read a book in bed and snuggle the dog (who is not allowed in bed when the hubby is home..) Sure I’m solo parenting, but to be honest I don’t find it hard anymore.

It’s sooo much easier having a 2-year-old than a baby, holy cow. I’m finally feeling like I have a life again and slowly but surely I’m building a Tess 2.0. One with a nice work-life balance that can meet friends for a dinner now and then, but also spends plenty of quality time with the little dude.

I love that Ace can tell me what is up now. He will let me know when he wants or needs something and he is constantly making me laugh with his newly found toddler logic. Mom life is epic at the moment.

…and yes I know this probably is another phase and it will get harder again. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy it.

This is my affirmation dream, inspiration, and lesson this week;

My mantra this week  – “Slow down”. To slow down life a little bit actually gives us the opportunity to cut away anything that doesn’t suit where I’m going. It’s really easy just to take on more and more, but eventually, we will drown. So by slowing down we are forced to get rid of things that aren’t essential and that we don’t really want to do anymore.

My affirmation this week – ” It’s ok to say no”. I often feel like I have to say yes to as much as I possibly can, to make sure I don’t miss out on anything important. But it also means that I often have way more on my plate than I should. So this week I’m not only focusing on saying no, but I’m also going to allow myself to feel good about it.

My goal this week – This week my goal is to do exactly what I need to do, not more or less. Instead, I’m going to focus on feeding my creativity by reading books, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries.

My dream of the week  – I dream about investing further in property. Because of Brexit, we had to slow down a bit and wait it out for a while. But I’m itching to do another project. There are few things I find more invigorating than doing up houses. It’s like a real-life “The Sims” (but without the money-cheats ha!)

My focus this week  – This week my focus is on mindfulness. I’m going to listen inwards and take time to be grateful.

Mindful Monday 7th October - My affirmation, dream, inspiration, and lesson this week

The event of the week – I’m looking forward to going to an event that my lovely friend Sophie is hosting on Wednesday morning. I have a feeling it will be a fun one.

My lesson from last week – I can do trips away for modeling just like I have done before I had Ace. Sure I don’t want to go for weeks on end. But a couple of days are really doable AND I get some time to myself. Something every mother needs now and then.

My little luxury this week – This week my little luxury will be a date night with Garth on Saturday evening. It’s important that we take off the mum and dad hats now and then and just get to be a married couple again.

My inspiration this week  – This week I’m inspired by the “Spark intention podcast”. I try to listen to it when I’m relaxing on my spike mat before bed. It leaves me feeling really positive and inspired.

What is your affirmation, dream, inspiration, and lesson this week?

Photo – Rosalind Alcazar.

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  1. I learned this lesson regarding saying no: Saying no has two parts 1) Your ability to say no 2) Your ability to accept no. Lots of people wish it was easier to say no to others but never think about how to be okay with someone saying no to them. We often are hurt or disappointed when someone says no to us. It’s not fair to put those feelings on someone else.

    1. This is so true, thank you for great input! <3

  2. I love podcasts and this one about intentions sounds like just my kind of thing.. thanks for the recommendation, and have a restful week!

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

  3. Just simply, thank you for mindful monday! 💕

    1. I’m always a bit worried that I’m the only person who enjoys this post each week, so your comment means a lot to me.

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