Mindful Monday 23rd September

Sustainable fashion blogger Tess Montgomery in a hoodie, pink blazer and leather trousers

It’s Monday and time for me to set my week up in a mindful and productive way. 

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. We spent it down in Somerset with the hubby’s family celebrating our little man’s 2nd birthday. He loved hanging out with his 3 cousins and had an absolute blast. Best birthday ever (well he only had 2 so far…)

This is my goal, dream, inspiration, and lesson this week;

My mantra this week  – “I give myself permission to be myself”. At times we wear so many different hats, it’s hard to remember who we really are under all of the responsibilities. So this week I’m going to make sure to be mindful and connect with myself as often as I can.

My affirmation this week – “Perfection is the enemy of progress”. I have to teach myself to let go of things even when they are not 100% perfect. 75% is better than too late or not at all.

My goal this week – This week I have to work out at least twice. I missed my yoga last week and I really noticed all week. I need my exercise to feel and function at my best.

My dream of the week  – I’m dreaming of a holiday right now. A beach, warm sea and lots of downtime. I will make sure to put a deadline on this dream so it becomes a goal instead.

My focus this week  – We are letting a few selected influencers try out the platform at xInfluence, so that is super exciting. It’s almost completely up and running and soon it’s time for us to launch for real. Exciting times!

It's Monday and time for me to set my week up in a mindful and productive way. This is my goal, dream, inspiration, and lesson this week;

The event of the week – I met up with Josefina for some dinner after work today. I haven’t seen her in ages and it was lovely to go for a meal and just chat for a while. We ate at Bocca di Lupo in Soho, a great Italian with amazing food.

My lesson from last week – Big birthday parties are great, but hanging out with family is even better. At least when you are 2 and life is uncomplicated. It’s the adults that think everything has to be so big and fancy all the time.

My little luxury this week – I’m going to take some time this weekend to finish reading “Homo Deus” (affiliate link). I love Yuval Noah Harari’s books. They always make me think one step further and reflect a bit deeper. It’s like feeding my brain.

My inspiration this week  – This week I’m inspired by the #TOGETHERBAND campaign. I went to an event they hosted during fashion week and I think it’s such a great cause. You simply pick one of the 17 global goals United Nation set to make sure we have a more sustainable world by 2030 and support it by buying the band.

What is your goal, dream, inspiration, and lesson this week?

Photo – Rosalind Alcazar.

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  1. Good luck with that launch, Tess! That’s such great news.

    I’ve been so terrible with yoga and exercise lately. And you’re right – it’s so easy to see the difference in your body when you go without for too long.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

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