Mindful Monday 9th September

Ghost london jumpsuit. Mindful Monday 9th September - My goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration

Hej guuuys! How are we all doing? Did you have a nice weekend?

I did my best to get as much sleep as possible since I’m solo-parenting this week. Garth is all over Europe for meetings, so it’s just Ace, Olive and I at home.

Secretly I kind of love it since it means the house is really tidy, I go to bed in time for once, I can work in the evening without feeling bad and I can have a salad for dinner. I love having him here, but after almost 5 years of marriage, I cherish having my own time now and then too. So solo parenting is not all that bad.

This is my goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week;

My mantra this week  – “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned”. This is actually a quote by Maya Angelou that fits in with my week very well. At the moment I’m on a steep learning curve at xInfluence and I’m doing my best to just suck it all in like a sponge. What I find hard is to not give myself a hard time when I don’t understand something straight away. So this mantra will come in handy.

My affirmation this week – “My only limit is my mind”. I truly believe in telling that little negative voice in my head to shut up. I much rather be over-confident than under-confident. If I don’t dare, I will never win. So even though I’m encountering all kinds of new obstacles at the moment, I have to keep believing that I will not only figure out how to conquer them but also learn something valuable in the process.

My goal this week – This week my goal is to find a good balance between work and life. It’s actually easier to do this when Garth isn’t here since I feel that I 100% can schedule my time.

My dream of the week  – I dream of a New York office for xInfluence. So I can get my NYC dose now and then without having to commit to living there full-time.

My focus this week  – We are going to start hiring people and I’m in charge of putting together my own team. I have only hired assistants and photographers before, so this is a completely different ballgame. Luckily I have very experienced people around me who are not only there to give me a little help if I need to, but also will allow me to try out my own wings first.

Mindful Monday 9th September - My goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration

The event of the week – This week is event free. And it’s the perfect week for it. I’m going to use my evening time to plan, structure and push forward with the blog and my social media.

My lesson from last week – It’s more important for me to do my own thing than to follow what is cool or popular at the moment. I almost got swept away in chasing cool, before I realized I don’t want it. I prefer authenticity and down to earth so much more. It might be less sexy, but it’s me.

My little luxury this week – I’m going to go to bed at 10.30 every night this week. To be well rested is the biggest treat I can get. I’m such a sleep person!

My inspiration this week  – If you want to be inspired to curate your own timeless sustainable wardrobe. Check out my Q&A with LikeToKnow.it here.

What is your goal, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week?

Photo – Rosalind Alcazar. My amazing jumpsuit is a gift from Ghost London, you can find it here. And a few similar ones here on my LikeToKnow.it account. 


  1. Såg en kommentar och tänkte på dig 🙂 har du sett Stacey Dooleys dokumentär fashions dirty secrets?

    1. Jag har inte sett den, tack för tipset!

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