An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

When a Hollywood superstar invites you to an intimate afternoon tea to discuss sustainable fashion, you don’t just accept. You also jump up and down with joy, try on 3 different outfits before you settle on a mix of them all and turn up 20 minutes early…

Kate Hudson is not just the daughter of Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn (Death becomes her is still on my top 10 most-watched films in my life), she is not just an accomplished actress in her own right (Almost famous anyone?), a mom to 3(!) kids and a fashion mogul with her very own business empire (ever heard of Fabletics…?)

…she is also really funny, smart,  totally lovely and actually care about sustainability.

I know I’m not meant to be surprised that someone is nice. But I find that certain kinds of people can get away with a bit more than others because they are famous. And when we were told that Kate was running late because she was finishing up her champagne and oysters downstairs in one of Selfridge’s swanky restaurants. I jumped to the conclusion that she probably was going to be one of them.

An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

As soon as she walked in (wearing that amazing green 80-s style dress from the collection) with a personality big enough to fill up a room and the biggest smile on her face. I knew I had been too quick to judge. She was more than nice, she was generous. At one point she even jokingly sang to us.

But most importantly she had a lot of time for sustainability and passionately shared all the reasons for creating her new brand HappyxNature.

She spoke about how she wanted to make a brand that was available to younger environmentally conscious girls. The challenges of not outpricing her target group. Sustainable fabrics, recycled plastic bottles and why they have no paper tags on the garments.

An afternoon of tea, cakes and sustainability with Kate Hudson & HappyxNature

After a couple of hours drinking ice tea and eating cakes together, we all got to pick our favorite item to take home. I chose this gorgeous maxi dress with a lace detail at the neck. Made out of recycled plastic bottles. Pretty cool right?

It has a belt, that I can choose to wear in the waist. Or just let the dress do its own thing and go for a more floaty, loose silhouette.

HappyxNature has so far only been available in the states but has just been released at Selfridges here in London. Who actually stocks quite a few sustainable brands these days.

The collection has a strong influence from the 70s with a focus on earthy tones and big floral prints. The style is boho with a lot of ruffles, pretty sleeves, and neckties.

Thank you HappyXNature and Kate Hudson for having us. It was a massive treat and I think this is going to be a big hit over here in the UK. 

When a Hollywood superstar invites you to afternoon tea to talk sustainable fashion, you don't just accept. You jump up and down with joy. HappyxNature

It’s so nice to see more and more brands caring about the environment and actually changing the ways they produce, ship, package and sell their clothes. It’s really important that we as consumers encourage and applaud this. No brand will be 100% but every step in the right direction is a good one.  

You can find my HappyxNature maxi dress and a few of my favorites below (affiliate links).

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