Mindful Monday 2nd September

Mindful Monday 2nd September - I'm very lucky to have such a nice balance in my life and I'm trying to enjoy it to the max. This is my luxury, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week;

Hello lovely people! How are you this Monday?

I was solo-parenting this weekend. Luckily Ace is such a good little boy that it doesn’t really matter. He is chatting away and coming up with the cutest stuff. The other day his cuteness made us get on the train only to walk back to where we came from. He is obsessed with “chuu chuu” and the happiness on his little face made it worth the trek.

This week is a nice little in-between, my schedule is on point. I’m in the office for 2 days, work on my own stuff most of Wednesday and a few hours on Friday and the rest of the time I’m with my little man. I know I’m very lucky to get to have such a nice balance in my life and I’m trying to enjoy it to the max.

This is my luxury, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week;

My mantra this week  – “Gratitude helps us see what is there instead of what isn’t”. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the things we already have, the wins we won and the things we have to be grateful for in life. The more we practice gratitude, the happier we will be.

My affirmation this week – “The journey is what becomes my life”. We can be so focused on end goals that we forget that the journey there actually is what really matters. Don’t live then, live now. (But obviously, still set and pursue your goals! it’s all about balance)

My goal this week – My goal this week is to order 3 books I really want to read and start creating time in my life to actually read them. No more Netflix on the nights I don’t have work to do. A book will give me so much more than a tv show.

My dream of the week  – I dream of a big house with a big library. I have so many beautiful books in boxes in the basement. They are like dear friends I don’t get to see often enough. I love re-reading old favorites. I would start collecting first editions and make sure to have all of them as paperbacks. I love the smell of a book, don’t you?

My focus this week  – My focus this week is breathing. I’m a slightly anxious and stressy person who always does a million things at 100 miles an hour. And sometimes I kind of forget to breathe. But I have recently started to create little pockets of calm in my day and just take a few deep breaths. It’s making a world of difference to my stress levels.

The event of the week – On Wednesday my Q&A on sustainable fashion on the LikeToKnow.it Instagram stories will go live. I’m very happy with how the filming went and I brought some gorgeous pieces with me. You seriously can’t miss it, I’m sharing all my best advice on how to shop and style sustainably.

My lesson from last week – I need to network more. For many years I have focused a bit too much on creating content, leaving very little time to actually get out there and meet people in my business. I thrive in social situations and I really enjoy meeting new people.

My little luxury this week – Garth will stay in with Ace Thursday night and I will head to a launch for a new fashion brand. I very rarely get out in the evening these days and I’m really looking forward to chatting with friends, have a drink and enjoy myself a bit.

My inspiration this week  –Since this Mindful Monday is a bit more …well, mindful than they have been in the recent weeks, it’s only fitting that I recommend a really great article on how to sleep well.

What is your luxury, dream, lesson, and inspiration this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. You can find the details of my outfit on my LikeToKnow.it account here.   My earrings are a gift by Caroline Svedbom.


  1. I love your mantra and affirmation, Tess! They both really resonate and I think I’ll be using them myself this week.

    I’ve been really cutting back on my Instagram time and these days I spend most of my evenings either watching series or reading. It’s amazing how many books I’m now able to get through, especially that I no longer force myself to finish books that I can’t really get into.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

    1. I’m so glad you like them! I’m trying really hard to be mindful with social media. It’s soo easy to be sucked in at all times during the day. I give myself limits and try to read as often as I can.

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