My 7 key investment pieces this autumn

It’s the end of August and I’m beginning to get excited.

I know it’s early and I do absolutely love the summer. I’m a hot weather girl at heart and really thrive in the sun. But I also really enjoy the change of the season and a new temperature that comes with it. Mainly because it means I get to wear something different.

Summer styling is easy. Pretty dresses, floaty fabric, jeans shorts, slouchy linen…a tan! Everyone looks good in the summer.

Autumn dressing is a completely different thing. Because all of a sudden we throw colder weather, layering, more accessories and in general less tanned skin, in the mix.

It’s more of a challenge to dress for fall. This is why I always get a bit extra excited about fashion this time of year.

In the past, I would have gone on a massive shopping spree right about now. I would have bought loads of cute and cheap knitted jumpers, big scarves, cozy wooly hats and anything else the magazines told me was on-trend. All from the high street. Most to be worn a few times and then end up in some box in the basement.

These days I care less about what is out there and more about what is already in my closet.

I love switching my wardrobe up and to find new ways to layer and combine my clothes. The change of season forces me to look at each item with new eyes. How can I wear this dress now? What should I be pairing these trousers with to make the outfit work for colder weather? Are there any fun combinations I haven’t thought of yet?

I block out a morning in my calendar and do a big try-on session in front of the mirror. I bring out everything I love from my closet and try out new combinations. It’s the only way for me to know what I actually got in there and what I need to get.

After, I sit down with a cup of tea and make my seasonal wish-list. The items I would like to add that fills the holes and makes my wardrobe exciting again.

These are my 7 key investment pieces this autumn ;

1. A pair of high black boots with a midi/kitten heel

I will wear these boots with all my silk and satin dresses from the summer. It’s an easy and stylish way to make these items fall appropriate. I used to have a great pair, but I wore them to death. My poor cobbler had mended them 3 times already before they went in the bin… So there is a hole to fill (literally).

2. A silk or satin jumpsuit 

A jumpsuit in a jewel color is a great fun statement for autumn. Even though the fabric is the same as most of my dresses, the long sleeves and legs will make me look a bit more dressed. I love wearing floaty fabrics at the office and I want to keep on wearing them for as long as the weather permits. A great jumpsuit is such a badass option to a suit.

3. A white shirt with a twist

Everyone needs a white shirt or two in their wardrobe. Since I’m a sucker for details I love this “Mother of Pearl” shirt with little pearl buttons and pretty sleeves. It’s a nod to a traditional shirt, but much more enjoyable to wear.

4. A patterned blazer

Blazers can be really fun or really boring. I prefer the former. The shape is classic, so I can afford to have a play with the color or the pattern. I will probably go for stripes, dots or a checkered pattern. To make sure to future proof this purchase. You will see me wearing it over camis, dresses, polo necks, and even hoodies.

5. A long-sleeved midi silk dress 

Again, more fabric, but still similar to what I have been wearing all summer. This kind of dress is suitable for most occasions. Dinners out, a day in the office, events, parties, etc. If I layer a knitted jumper on top I will get a really interesting mix of materials and silhouettes.

6. A flattering camisole

To wear under blazers, jackets, and cardigans. And to tuck into jeans or midi-skirts to dress them up a bit. A great camisole is such a wardrobe hero and I actually don’t have one that I love yet. So this autumn, I’m going to find my perfect cami.

7. A wide belt

To clinch in the waist of blazers, jumpers, and dresses. I have my eye on this insanely beautiful Bottega Veneta belt, but it doesn’t make sense to spend that much money on a small piece of leather and some metal. So I think I will have to go second hand on this one. I bet there are loads of great wide vintage belts out there that are just as lovely as the BV one. Holler if you see one!

As you probably know by now, I only buy one item a month. So once I’m done with this list we will already be in the new year if I choose to get all my key investment pieces this autumn… So that is a bit tricky. I guess I will get what I find and love first.

In the last year, I have really learned to analyze how I feel about a piece of clothing. If I love it or just like it. If I need it or only want it. It has been such a great journey and has given me a completely new kind of clarity when it comes to my personal style.

 What are your key investment pieces this autumn?

Don’t forget to check out my sustainable edit on the Instagram stories tomorrow. I’m going to show you all my sustainable wardrobe favorites. 

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