Mindful Monday 26th August

Peggy porschen - Mindful Monday 26th August - My dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration

Bank Holiday Monday – The best kind of Monday right?

Especially with it is 32°C and you can spend the whole day outside with your family. It has been a glorious weekend.

I decided to take time off, reflect, enjoy and just be in the moment. It was exactly what I needed.

I have made quite a big decision. For a while I have felt short on time and like my creativity has been stretched more than I have enjoyed. Being a blogger is seriously hard work, especially when you are writing two blogs in two different languages, trying to cater to completely different market and try not to lose yourself in the process.

I have been blogging since 2007, and there are over 9 000 posts on my Swedish blog. Mental right?

I have been blogging from when I was single and fairly new to London. Traveling the world modeling and partying most nights away with my friends. My Swedish followers have come on my journey, seen boyfriends come and go, they were with me meeting Garth 9 years ago, his proposal, our wedding and finally my pregnancy and the birth of our baby boy Ace almost 2 years ago. I have updated that blog almost every day in the last 12 years…

It has been amazing to communicate with such a big group of people daily. I can’t even begin to explain how privileged I feel.

But with my new job, Ace and trying to have a grown-up life. Something has to give.

Since I really love blogging, I’m not going to stop. But I can’t run two blogs anymore. It’s just too much work.

I much rather do one thing really well, than two things half-baked. So that’s why I have decided to close down my Swedish blog.

I have been living in London for almost 15 years, my work is here, my little family is here, most of my friends are here. It makes sense that I focus on this blog and the UK market. Sweden will always be my home, but I need to make time and mental space for new things.

…And after all Swedish people are really great at English, so any of my readers over there who are keen to still follow me, are of course more than welcome to come here. (If you are one of them, thank you for reading! I was worried I was going to lose you and I’m sooooo happy you made your way here).

This is my dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration this week; 

My mantra this week  – ” Every new beginning comes from the end of another beginning”. I have to let go to be able to move forward. It’s the end of an era to close down the Swedish blog. But it will allow me to do much more on this blog. So I choose to see it as a beginning instead of an end.

My affirmation this week – “My intuition will guide me”. I’m ready for this new chapter and I want my gut feeling to be my compass. It feels right to free up this time to focus on other things. And to be honest most of all I feel relieved not to have to stretch myself like I have done in the last year.

My goal this week – …is more of a goal for the next month. I need to find a new photographer. I’m going to test shoot with a couple of people in the next couple of weeks and hopefully, I can find someone who will be a good match.

My dream of the week  – I dream of making this blog as successful as my Swedish one has been. Hopefully, you guys will help me make that dream come true.

Peggy porschen - Mindful Monday 26th August - My dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration

My focus this week  – This week all my focus lies on work. I have had a great weekend with the family and I’m ready to get stuck in. Tomorrow is an office day at xInfluence. On Wednesday I’m shooting with a new photographer and ….

The event of the week – … on Thursday I’m off to Rewardstyle’s HQ to shoot a Q&A on sustainable fashion for the LikeToKnow.it stories. I’m super excited and will be bringing with me some amazing sustainable pieces from my own wardrobe. Make sure not to miss it!

My lesson from last week – I realized last week that some peoples opinions don’t actually matter to me. I have at times given people to much power over my happiness and it’s time to stop. So from now on, I will be better at who I listen to.

My little luxury this week – I have half a day on Thursday after the Q&A when I have nothing planned. I might blog, but I could also just go window shopping. I only buy one item a month, but I can still look.

My inspiration this week  – I have actually not listened to the Tim Ferri’s podcast before. I have read a couple of his books and I love them. So I began listening to one of his podcasts the other day and it was super inspiring. I know what I will be doing on my way to work tomorrow. Check it out!

What is your dream, luxury, lesson, and inspiration this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. You can find the details of my outfit on my LikeToKnow.it account here. 


  1. Nej vad tråkigt!
    Har följt dig i 10-12 år så det är verkligen en end of an era. Uppskattar din engelska blogg oxå, men den svenska känns mer hjärtlig och personlig. Det är alltid där jag kikar in när jag undrar för mig själv hur det är med Tess. Hoppas lite av det kommer få plats i engelska bloggen.
    Jag önskar dig ändå lycka till och är glad att du funnit så mycket framgång med den engelska bloggen. Det förtjänar du!

    1. Tack snälla. Det är otroligt tråkigt, men det gick helt enkelt inte att göra båda längre. Men jag ska göra mitt bästa för att den här bloggen ska kännas välkomnande den med.

  2. Jag är här! =D Och jag hoppas förstås att många av oss följer med dig hit. Läser din blogg varje dag till frukost.

    1. Tack snälla du, vad glad jag blir! <3

  3. Jade Ashleigh

    Wow 😮 the end of an era for sure!! I’ve loved everyday of your Swedish blog for soooo many years … completely understand that this is a season of change for you with new adventures!! Can’t wait to see what you get up to on your English blog … no more google translate haha! Would love the blog to remain personal with bts posts that you’d usually post on the Swedish one 🙂 xx

    1. Aww thank you Jade. Yes, it is really sad. But I guess the google translate thing is pretty good. Those translations are not great haha! I will do my best to make this blog as “swedish” as I possibly can. <3

  4. Your mindful Monday’s are my favorite! I use them as inspo for my journal entries 🙂

    1. Aww, that makes me really happy to hear.

  5. Jag följer dig hit, men önskar att du fortsätter att skriva personligt. Språket spelar ingen roll, det är innehållet som är det viktiga, att känna att du är du. Lycka till, varm kram! 💕

    1. Tack snälla du! jag ska göra mitt bästa för att få det att det ska bli en bra balans <3

  6. Sådär ja då ligger engelska bloggen som bokmärke 😉❤

    1. Whoop! <3 Tack snälla!

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