The Sustainable Wardrobe – My 5 rules to develop your timeless style

The Sustainable Wardrobe - My 5 rules to develop your timeless style - If you are staring into your closet and wondering what to keep and what to get rid off. Here are 5 simple rules that will help you find your timeless style.

So we have finally got off the trend rollercoaster and want to ditch fast fashion in favor of a more timeless approach to style.

It might sound easy, but sometimes it’s not.

You see, trends are convenient. They tell you what you should be wearing. So you actually don’t really have to think too much about what you are buying. There is never any need for you to stretch your style wings and go off in your own direction. It’s all already chosen and planned for you. Copy + Paste!

If you now are staring into your closet and wondering what to actually keep and what to get rid off. What to buy more off and what to never look at again. I have 5 really simple rules that should get you well on your way to finding your own timeless style.

1. Don’t think that timeless style looks the same for everyone.

It’s actually the opposite. Because a timeless wardrobe will not be inspired by magazines or runway shows. It will be inspired only by you. The trick is to figure out what you love to wear, what you look good in and your actual clothing needs. 

Think about your 5 favorite items in your closet. These have to be things that you are actually wearing on a regular basis and will wear again. What do they have in common? What is it that makes you love that particular item? Is there a recurring color or theme?

These 5 should be the base of your new wardrobe. They are the core of your personal style. 

2. Shop for your actual life.

When I was a shopaholic I mainly bought cocktail dresses and really high heels. I imagined myself dancing the night away and looking glamorous in my new whatever chain dress it was…

Sure I did go out from time to time. (This was obviously before I entered baby land). But not as often as I actually bought an outfit. I had loads of pretty dresses hanging in my wardrobe still with tags on. Waiting for that one magic night and after to be discarded in some black hole of a drawer and never see the light of day again. For many of those dresses that night never came. I got rid of most of them in my big Marie Kondo clear out.

It was so silly. I was shopping for a life I wasn’t living. 

These days my wardrobe is divided into 25% office workwear, 25% relaxed mom-stuff, 25% party and event items and the rest is sleepwear, workout gear, and general bits and bobs. 

These are the things I actually need. So now you have to figure out what balance your wardrobe should have. 

The Sustainable Wardrobe - My 5 rules to develop your timeless style - If you are staring into your closet and wondering what to keep and what to get rid off. Here are 5 simple rules that will help you find your timeless style.

3. Ask yourself a few questions before every new purchase.

Before you buy anything ask yourself these questions. Can I make at least 3 outfits from this item using what I already have in my wardrobe? Will I wear this in 3 years time? Does it fit perfectly right now? (Never buy for a body you think you will have later unless you are pregnant of course).

If the answer is “no” to the first 2 questions. Don’t buy it. If the answer is no to the 3rd question, then you need to ask yourself 2 more questions. Can this be tailored to fit me perfectly? …And Is it worth the spend to both purchase and tailor this item?

4. Think quality over quantity and make sure you understand Price Per Wear.

I want you top open your mind and wallet to all price points. Dreamy buys that were too expensive in the past might be completely appropriate now. When you don’t chase trends you will be able to wear your clothes for longer and therefore buy less. And when you buy less, you will have more to spend on each individual item.

Another reason why to look at slightly more expensive brands is the re-sell value. You might not be able to re-sell 5 tops from H&M, but if you buy one designer item for the same price. You will most likely be able to get at least half the money back if the item is timeless and well-taken care off. 

5. Allow yourself to have fun.

Now when no one is telling you what to wear and how to wear it, you can afford to be creative. Not only with your purchases but also in how you wear things. No one can tell you that your own personal style is wrong, because you are the one making the rules.

With time you will embrace your little quirks and become an expert in hunting out items that wouldn’t fit anyone else than you. They will be those little gems in your wardrobe that you love the most. 

As with anything, practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to nail your personal timeless style straight away. There will be some bad buys (hopefully you will re-sell these and get at least some money back). Slowly but surely you will get to know yourself and what you actually want to wear.

I promise you will never regret ditching fast fashion for timeless style. Your wardrobe and your wallet can thank me later.

Photo – Ida Zander. You can find the links to my outfit on my account here. 


  1. Hej Tess! Kan inte du skriva om hur man hittar höstpeppen? Är inne på min sista semestervecka och vardagen kunde inte kännas mindre lockande. Verkar som att du har hittat peppen och motivationen 🙂

    1. Haha..oj ja! Det är faktiskt ett riktigt bra inlägg! <3

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