My haircare routine to keep long blond hair healthy

We all have something that defines us. A physical trait that is our look and makes us feel like ourselves. For me, it's my hair. This is my haircare routine

I think we all have something that defines us. A physical trait that stands out in our look and makes us feel like, well ourselves.

For me, it’s my hair.

I have always had long blond hair. Except for that one time in college when I cut it off for a modeling gig and wore a hat for the next year. After that incident, I realized how much my hair defined my look and how I would never make that same mistake again.

Since then I have had countless clients waving big wads of cash in front of me to get to chop it off or turn it red, brown or even pink. And every time my answer is the same  – “No way!”.

I know models are meant to be moldable and all that Americas Next Top Model crap. But I am not willing to sacrifice my body and confidence for work. I know how long it would take to grow it out again and no money in the world can make up for that time. Long blond hair is my signature and it is staying.

People often ask me if I don’t get bored and to be completely honest I don’t. I actually love the versatility it gives me.

I can wear it down just out of the shower for a natural look, run a wand trough it for a soft curl or just get a bouncy blowdry and look American for a day or two. I can also put it in a high pony, low messy bun, a low pony with a side or middle parting, high ballerina bun, plats, space buns… you name it.

It’s also really convenient to hide behind it when I have a bad day and want to be left alone. Who wants to talk to cousin IT from the Addams family? It’s really handy on the tube.

We all have something that defines us. A physical trait that is our look and makes us feel like ourselves. For me, it's my hair. This is my haircare routine

But I do have to admit it takes a lot of maintenance. 

I’m one of these people who are typically Scandinavian ashy medium blond. Or rat-blonde as we call it in Sweden. It’s a nice color in the summer when the sun lightens it up a bit, but in the winter it’s just dull.

So I highlight my hair every 8 weeks. 

Long hair is prone to split ends. And the only way to keep on top of it is to cut it regularly. So every 8 weeks I color and cut. It takes about 5 hours from start to finish and since I’m really picky with who I go to, it is not cheap.

Massive bit of advice – If you don’t have to highlight or color your hair, don’t do it. It gets very expensive in the long run.

The other thing with highlighted hair is that it is more sensitive to breakage. So I have to be really good at the home-care bit of my haircare routine. I wash it 3 times a week and every time I put a hair mask in for at least 10 minutes (I use that time to shave my legs, exfoliate or just dance around and sing badly).

Once every other week I do a 20 minute Olaplex home treatment, to make sure my hair stays really healthy. Olaplex is to hair what chocolate is to the soul – truly healing. But it will only work if your hair is in fact damaged. That’s why some people see no difference at all.

With my job comes a lot of hairstyling and sometimes I am honestly surprised I even have hair still. Modeling and nice hair do not go hand in hand.

I do a bit of skin doubling for a supermodel with the same color hair and skin as mine. And she actually has no hair left. It’s all extensions. Her own hair is a few inches long because it has been styled to death.

We all have something that defines us. A physical trait that is our look and makes us feel like ourselves. For me, it's my hair. This is my haircare routine

This is why I’m super meticulous with my heat protector. I take that thing everywhere and re-apply any time I see a curler, dryer or tong coming my way. I cannot stress how important it is to protect hair from heat. I even use hair SPF when I go on sun holidays. I know, crazy hair lady here!

Actually one of my top tips is to leave a really nice treatment in your hair when you are sunbathing. Just wrap it up in a scarf and let the heat of the sun do its thing. Hair comes out lush, AND you get to rock a cool 70s vibe. Just add dangly earrings and a cocktail.

I would also recommend you to stop using drugstore shampoos and conditioners. Some of that stuff can strip paint. They are so harsh, there is this one brand hairstylists recommend you to use if you want to get rid of the color in your hair.

I myself am a massive fan of Redken’s All soft range. I have been using it for years. (Hello Redken, you got a great ambassador here! Email me on, I would loooove to work with you!). Since my hair does get dry, this series put softness back into it. If you have oily roots I would go for a less moisturizing shampoo and only put conditioner in the lengths of your hair.

My last few tips are to use hairbands without the metallic bit, it rubs on the hair and can lead to damage. I would also invest in a really great hairbrush, some argan oil drops and if you have a lot of hair like me – a tangle teaser for when it’s wet.

So there you have it – my haircare routine. It’s a long post, so I have left out how I style it, but I promise I will make a post on that subject at a later date.

Ok, your turn. What are your best hair tips for the rest of us?

Check out the products I use for my haircare routine below (affiliate links). You can find my adorable polka dot dress here. It’s on sale! 


  1. Have you tried Redkens newest range ”All soft mega”? It’ even better than the ”All soft” – freaking amazing! You gotta try it! 🙂

    1. No, I haven’t heard of it. But I will have to try it now! Sounds amazing!

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