Mindful Monday 5th August – My dream, mantra, goal, and lesson this week

Mindful Monday 5th August - My dream, mantra, goal, and lesson this week

Hello Monday!

Are you excited for a new week and a new month? I love August, it’s still summer and warm, but a bit livelier than July. People are coming back from their holidays and most of us are well-rested and ready to go again.

We spent last weekend in Sweden. Having the most amazing time in my hometown Stockholm. It was incredible weather and we spent almost all days at the beach, swimming in the lake, sunbathing by the pool or fishing in dusk. It was the kind of summer I remember as a child and I’m so happy to be able to share it with my own little one.

Ace adores his grandparents, aunties and cousin. And he had an absolute blast spending time with all of them.

I took a few days off from the blogs and only updated sporadically on Instagram. It was bliss! I need to disconnect to be able to reconnect with creativity again.

This is my dream, mantra, goal, and lesson this week; 

My mantra this week  – “Keep the momentum going” You know those times where everything seems to just fall into place? I’m having one of those weeks. It’s almost like I have focused too much on certain things and now when I’m not as invested anymore, all of a sudden they are coming to me instead. I guess it’s always better to attract than chase, so I will keep on playing hard to get.

My affirmation this week – “I’m always doing my best”. We can only be expected to do our best, that is it. And if we do our best, no matter the outcome, we should be happy and proud.

My goal this week – We have our first influencer event with xInfluence on Monday, so this week is all about preparing for that. I have even added an extra day of work in the office to be able to get it all done in time. My goal is to have all my ducks in a row on Friday so that Monday is all about execution.

My dream of the week  – I’m dreaming of going to the spa for a 2-day stay. Just be pampered, not work, read books and relax. Sleep in, eat food slowly and enjoy nature and massages. That would be bliss.

Mindful Monday 5th August - My dream, mantra, goal, and lesson this week

My vision this week – I have this vision of a “suits” style of office. I mean, those girls know how to dress. I would looove to own the clothes in that wardrobe department. Cashmere, neutrals, sleek cuts, impeccable details… The luxury, the poise, the glam. I want it all!

My focus this week  – I need a tight to-do list this week, to not drop any balls either at work or at home. The price of getting to be a mom, head of creative talent at an influencer marketing platform, a model and an influencer is a slightly chaotic schedule.

The event of the week – I got a recall tomorrow from one of the big castings I went to with Ace on Friday. It would be amazing to book this campaign, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

My lesson from last week – I have to manage my stress better. To compartmentalize the things I’m not working on at the moment. Disconnect when I need to rest and not jump in-between tasks.

My little luxury this week – I’m going to spend 20 minutes on my spike mat every evening. Ace calls it the “aoo aoo mat” and loves touching the spikes with his tiny little fingers. I love the endorphin kick I get after.

My inspiration this week  – Talking about Suits, I think Meghan Markle is such an inspiration. She is taking the stuffiness out of the royal family and shows initiative similar to that of Diana. First with the “smart works” charity and now as a guest editor for change of British Vogue. There is nothing this woman can’t achieve.

What is your dream, mantra, goal, and lesson this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. 

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