Mindful Monday 22nd July

Mindful Monday 22nd July  - My dream, mantra, goal, and event this week

Hello Monday!

Usually I’m really excited about Mondays, however, I haven’t been sleeping well lately. So I was sooo tired this morning that I almost felt a bit jetlagged. I’m surprised I got through my day at the office without pouring coffee in my shoe and trying to wear the cup on my foot.

We are off to Sweden for a few days on Wednesday, and it’s exactly what I need. A bit of time with my family to just take it easy and re-energize. I haven’t really found my balance between my own blogging and the work I do for xInfluence. But I will get there, it has only been a week.

Since I’m in Sweden, my usual four posts will be cut down to two this week. I want to take the opportunity to go offline for a while and live in the real world when I’m there.

I have noticed a trend of influencers taking proper holidays and time away from social media. I think it’s really healthy and I applaud them. No one can be connected 24/7.

This is my dream, mantra, goal, and event this week; 

My mantra this week  – “Live here and now”. I just want to be present and make memories with Ace when we are in Sweden. My family doesn’t get to see him very often. So I really want to be able to fully experience those moments without having to think about anything else.

My affirmation this week – “I am allowed to relax”. Sometimes I feel like I should do things constantly. So even when I have time off I end up feeling bad for sitting down and then I run around doing stuff anyway. This week I’m going to sit down and actually enjoy doing nothing for a while.

My goal this week – My goal this week is to chill out so that my brain can process all the new experiences I have had recently. I love my new job, but I’m learning on the go. And it’s incredibly rewarding, but also quite tiring. So a little break now will be perfect before I dive in again next week.

My dream of the week  – I dream of going out for dinner on a whim. When you have kids, it’s a faff to be spontaneous. Actually, you can barely be at all. But I also know this is just a very short phase in our lives. And that makes me less stressed about it.

Mindful Monday 22nd July  - My dream, mantra, goal, and event this week

My vision this week – I have this vision of myself in my 60s with long grey hair. Btw how do you even know if you end up with white or grey hair? Maybe I will even have long white hair? If I have the hair quality for it I guess. Well, this is a vision and more of a wish, so I will assume have long white hair. The age of cutting your hair short and curling it like a poodle is long gone. Hopefully, we will see more women with long hair in old age. I think it’s really beautiful.

My focus this week  – My focus this week is to get us all organized, packed and in one piece to Sweden. And then just to reeeeelaaaaax.

The event of the week – On Thursday it’s Ace’s cousin Harry’s second birthday. So we are going to his party and I think it will be loads of fun. And then on Friday, I’m going to my favorite designer’s showroom – Ida Sjöstedt. To have a look at the new collection. I’m really excited!

My lesson from last week – I was a bit worried about working from an office for the first time. But I didn’t need to at all, I absolutely love it. It’s so nice to be out of the house amongst other grown-ups getting to be Tess for 2 days a week. I still get my time with Ace and I feel like it’s a win-win.

My little luxury this week – I might have a little browse in tax-free at the airport. I fancy a new highlighter…

My inspiration this week  – If you are an influencer I think you should follow the xInfluence Instagram account. Not only because I’m the one who runs it (ha!). But mainly because we put up really useful stats and advice for influencers in the over 30s genre. It’s all about empowerment and understanding your worth.

What is your dream, mantra, goal, and event this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. Location – Minnow Clapham. I have tagged my outfit on my LikeToKnow.it account. 

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