Mindful Monday 1st July

I have been offered a job kind of out of nowhere and I think I'm going to take it. This is my vision, mantra, focus, and lesson this week; 

Hi guys, how are you doing? 

I’m actually having quite the exciting week.

I have been offered a job kind of out of nowhere and I think I’m going to take it. It’s only for 2 days a week to start with, so I can still do the blogs and have some time with Ace. I feel like it is the perfect time for me to start something new. Even though it’s a completely new environment for me, I think I will be pretty good at it.

For the first time in my life, I will have an office to go to in the morning. It’s kind of exciting!

All of a sudden I will have a “work-Tess” that is not a “sitting-in-a-café-with-a-laptop-Tess”. I will have colleagues and a schedule that isn’t 100% dictated by myself. Ace will do two full-days of nursery a week instead of 3 half days and I will still have Wednesday mornings to pick up slack for the blog.

I have to suppress the urge to go all mad-men and get myself loads of pencil skirts and pussy-bow blouses. Can you imagine…

This is my vision, mantra, focus, and lesson this week; 

My mantra this week  – “If I’m not scared, I’m not challenging myself enough”. This new job is a bit scary. I have never really worked for anyone before. I have been a model and a blogger my whole adult life and to take a step into the corporate world is a step into the unknown. The reason I’m choosing to accept is that I know I will be good at it and I really enjoy the subject. It’s all a bit cryptic, but I promise you will know more about it later. I definitely have little butterflies in my stomach.

My affirmation this week – “What I don’t know, I can learn”. It’s not always about what you know. It’s actually more about how open you are to learn something new. We just have to have confidence in our own learning ability and understand that no one is expecting us to know everything from the start.

My goal this week – I need a bit of child-free downtime this week. I haven’t been out with my girlfriends in ages so I’m planning to go out for drinks with a friend Friday night.

My dream of the week  – To have a housekeeper/nanny? I dream about having to do less housework so I can focus more on Ace and my actual work. Garth travels a lot and only comes home after 7 in the evening when he is in London. So even if we try to have a somewhat equal divide of chores, I still end up doing at least 75%. I think it’s quite common when one partner works from home to then automatically end up doing the lion’s share.

I have been offered a job kind of out of nowhere and I think I'm going to take it. This is my vision, mantra, focus, and lesson this week; 

My vision this week – My vision is to excel at this new role and to be able to do more days for this company later on. When Ace starts school in a couple of years time, I would like to feel that I have properly re-joined the workforce.

My focus this week  –  Get my admin done. God, I got sooo much bloody admin at the moment. Phonecalls, take Olive to the vet, Ace to the doctor, packages to send and receive, emails to write and general home stuff… ect. All things are small but put together I feel exhausted thinking about them. My trick is the put it all in my calendar and divide it up to manageable chunks over the next few days. Why does everything always have to happen in the same week?

The event of the week – I think this is the first week in forever I don’t have one single event to go to. And to be honest, it’s kind of nice.

My lesson from last week – You have no idea what unexpectedly can pop up. I wasn’t looking for a job, heck I didn’t even know I was going to an interview. I thought I was meeting a company to check out their product to see if I would use it myself.

My little luxury this week – I’m going to sit down and do an order of a whole bunch of skincare products I have been wanting to try. It will be my little reward for getting my new job. I love new skincare, don’t you?

My inspiration this week  – If you are an influencer, I really think you should check out the podcast “A drink with James”. It’s the head of the Influencer network Fohr that chats about influencer specific subjects and give all kinds of insights. Sometimes with guest, but always with a glass of whiskey. It’s a bit of a niche tip, but I really enjoy it.

What is your vision, mantra, focus, and lesson this week?

My set is by Beulah London. A company who donates 10% of their profit to organizations that are fighting to eradicate modern-day slavery. 

Photos – Ida Zander.


  1. Vad spännande med ett bytt jobb! Super nyfiken och ser fram emot att få höra mer.

    1. Ja, det är riktigt spännande faktiskt. Jag berättar mer så fort alla kontrakt är påskrivna.

  2. Funkar hur bra som helst att läsa på engelska med. Det är din tone of voice, så kör! 😊

    1. Vad skönt att du känner så, tack snälla <3

  3. Det här blir toppen att läsa på engelska! Älskar din tone!
    Lycka till med nya jobbet, det låter jättespännande!
    Ps. vi har haft hemsträd i över 7 år.. skulle inte byta bort det mot något, känslan av att kunna lägga de timmarna på barnen eller varandra istället är så värt om man har den ekonomiska möjligheten såklart!

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