My Favorite Sun Protection Summer 2019

I make a point out of trying out new sun protection every time I go on holiday. I see it as a part of my job here on the blog. These are my 3 favorites for summer 2019

As a model in my 30s, I know how important beautiful healthy skin is to the way we look and feel.

As we know by now, the sun is not our amigo.

Sure it provides us with vitamin d, a functioning environment for us to survive in and makes the world less of a dark place. It also gives us a nice tanned glow that we covet so much. However what we sometimes forget. Well, ignore, is that the sun also gives us things like sunspots, wrinkles, pigmentation, saggy skin and in the worst case scenario even cancer.

To tan is a very short term gain with a long term loss out of a beauty perspective. Because your tan fades and you are left with damage that is pretty permanent.

This is why SPF is so important. 

Yes, you read it everywhere and yes it’s common knowledge. But still, so many people do crazy things like go to tanning beds and lay out in the sun roasting like chickens with no SPF in sight. What are you doing people?!

I make a point out of trying out new sun protection every time I go on holiday. I see it as a part of my job here on the blog. Because even if we sit in the shade, covered in clothes and with a massive hat on, some UV rays will still reach us.

SPF is the best investment you can do for your skin. And most of the time it isn’t even an expensive one.

When we went to South Africa recently I brought 3 products for sun protection;

1. An SPF for the body.

I got sent Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF 30 (-affiliate link + gift) a while ago and I was intrigued with the light consistency. It’s a really light oil, almost like water. You spray it on and rub it in. It’s got a silky texture, smells nice and gets absorbed by the skin quickly.

One day I missed a spot whilst doing my back and by the evening I was sporting a snazzy outline of a finger. I take this as proof that this product does its job even though it’s so light.

2. A physical SPF for beach days.

I chose The Ordinary Mineral UV Filter SPF 30 (affiliate link, out of stock but worth signing up for).

We often talk about physical and chemical sun protection. Both of them will protect your skin from the sun but in slightly different ways. A physical SPF will do a better job since it basically forms a barrier on top of the skin that reflects any UV rays. The plus is that you can really trust this kind of sun protection. The negative is that it does leave you with a slightly ghost-like white veil all over your face.

I always use physical suncream when I know I will be in direct sunlight. Then I deal with the zombie-look and if it really bothers me I just put a tiny bit of foundation on top.

This product by The ordinary is pretty heavy, but my skin still liked it. So I had no breakouts or problems despite the thick consistency. I even trusted it to the point of using it on Ace’s face the days when we didn’t spend time on the beach (For beach days he was in his UV suit with SPF50 on his delicate flawless babyskin)

I make a point out of trying out new sun protection every time I go on holiday. I see it as a part of my job here on the blog. These are my 3 favorites for summer 2019

3. A chemical SPF for year around use.

I use Elemis Daily Defence SPF 30 (-affiliate link) every day, year around.

I feel like it’s enough protection for a regular day in London. This product is really light and acts like any old cream. I put it on after my day cream and before my makeup and never have any problems with applying other products on top.

Chemical sun protection works by transforming the sun’s UV rays into less damaging versions. It’s not as good a protection as the physical ones. But if I have the choice between this or nothing (because of time, sensitive skin or the white face thing), a chemical SPF is 100 times better.

Elemis’ version is a really good product for people who normally don’t use SPF to find a hassle-free and simple way of protecting their skin through their regular morning skincare routine.

Growing up in my family was a disaster skin-wise.

We never used sun protection and competed in who could get the deepest darkest tan. If someone got burnt and red, my parents said “we got color” and it was a positive thing.

I really have to suffer from this as an adult since it has left me with skin very sensitive to the sun. I have freckles, sun spots and after pregnancy pretty bad pigmentation. I will try laser, but for now, my best bet is to make sure I don’t damage my skin any further.

If you have lovely healthy non-damaged skin, please make sure to appreciate and take care of it. And if you are like me, just make sure you don’t make it any worse.

I always find it funny how we can spend so much money on clothes and other things we can take off at the end of the day. And sometimes totally neglect our skin, that stays on 24/7.

Ok, now I want to know. What is your favorite sun protection?


  1. Jag använder alltid en dagkräm med spf 35 från Excuviance. Den är lätt å luftig, vilket jag älskar. Aldrig hört om olika typer av spf tidigare men måste undersöka ”physical” spf nu… Mitt ansikte har klarat sig ganska bra, trots solning i min ungdom som liknar din. Helt galet ju, tänker man nu! Dock märker jag på mitt bröst, som är så känsligt, att huden är lite mer åldrad än vad den skulle behöva vara. Lätt att glömma bort detta område, men nu på äldre dar (lika gammal som du), så använder jag alltid spf där, no matter what!
    Tack för en fin blogg!

    1. Tack snälla du. Den dagkrämen ska jag ta en titt på. Det är ett himla smart sätt att få både spf och fukt i ett!

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