Chocolate, Champagne & A green Bentley

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

As you guys probably know by now, I’m a mom.

A mom to a 21-month-old toddler that loves to smear banana all over the sofa, shares his food with the dog and never want to brush his teeth. He is also training hard for muddy puddle jumping Olympics…

So I have my hands full as you might understand (and my hair full too…of banana). I love it, he keeps me on my toes and I laugh more and harder than ever in my life before.

However, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that life offers other things than buying nappies and washing muddy clothes.

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

So the other day when my lovely friend Louis Nicolas Darbon called and asked if I fancied coming to a champagne and chocolate tasting. He did not have to ask twice.

Not only am I the biggest lover of chocolate, but I also mainly enjoy two types of alcohol – champagne and rum. So the chocolate and champagne together is a match made in heaven.

Throw in the fact that he picked me up in a brand new Bentley Continental GTC and you can imagine what a treat this was. I mean the car has a built-in massage feature for your back. Mind blown!

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

The contrast from wrestling a screaming toddler out of a giant muddy puddle in the morning. To be sitting in a Bentley driving through London (whilst having my back massaged) wearing a pretty dress and eating luxury chocolate a couple of hours later is quite something.

Our end destination was Taste of London – A food festival here different restaurants, drinks brands, bakers and anyone else who sell edible things comes together and hosts little pop-ups.

It’s a lovely place to spend an evening going from stall to stall, sampling great food and just enjoy the atmosphere. Or you can join in on a cooking class, listen to some live music or take part in a fun game. It’s up to you.

No matter what, it’s a really nice thing to do. So if you haven’t been I would highly recommend it. You can see when and where the next Taste of London will be on their website here. 

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

We headed straight to Firetree – a luxury dark chocolate brand that specializes in making chocolate from cacao grown on volcanic islands. Pretty cool right?

As soon as I got there I found a glass of crips Tattinger champagne in my hand and the tasting began.

I was amazed at the flavor of the different chocolate types. Mainly because Firetree adds no flavoring and all the taste notes in the chocolate come from the bean itself. It’s the flavor the plant has absorbed from the volcanic soil that makes the variations between the different types of chocolate they sell. Cool right?

Every pack has the taste notes printed on the inside of the pack when you open it. Flavors like honey, cherry, and truffle. So you know what to look for in the taste whilst you slowly let the chocolate melt in your mouth.

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

As a massive lover of dark chocolate, I found this tasting fascinating. It was almost more like a wine tasting in the way it was conducted.

I also got to take quite a few bars of chocolate with me home. I had to remind Garth that this chocolate is for slow consumption. He is a monster when it comes to chocolate and will inhale it all in one go if he gets the chance.

But at £8 a bar, it’s definitely worth sampling this luxurious bit of heaven slooooowly.

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

I feel so spoilt to get the opportunity to be invited to an event like this. I love being a mom and all that comes with raising a half-feral bundle of energy. But I also love to get to do something nice for myself now and then.

If I only had one of the two in my life I would probably get bored. It’s the balance between the two different worlds that makes my life interesting. It allows me to appreciate the contrasts and be grateful that my life has so much depth to it.

Firetree Chocolate, Champagne & A Green Bentley - Tess Montgomery

Thank you, Louis, Firetree & Bentley for a great afternoon. I truly enjoyed it and feel terribly spoilt. 

*This experience was gifted by Bentley and Firetree chocolates.

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