Have you found your signature scent?

Jo malone French Lime Blossom signature scent

I find scents and perfumes really interesting.

You can capture so many different moments and emotions in a specific scent. Nothing stirs as many old childhood memories as a whiff of a familiar smell.

My grandmother’s lipstick with that powdery dry floras scent, windy beaches, and certain laundry detergents. I particularly like when a smell reminds me of a person I know and love.

Perfumes are very personal. Those with a signature scent becomes one with that fragrance and if you know them well, you will remember their scent forever. My Mom always wears a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume. The one with the bottle shaped as a female body. My first boyfriend overdosed on Aqua di Gio and I myself lived in a cloud of DKNY Woman during my teenage years. Even now I always keep a bottle on my bathroom shelf, just in case I feel like reliving my wilder years for a night.

I love having a scent wardrobe at home. It’s nice with a bit of variation. One perfume for daytime, one for going out, a power-fragrance, a soft and sweet smell for when I’m just at home hanging out with Ace and my Jo Malone “French lime blossom” that I wore to our wedding. I always have a bottle of this very special perfume at home and only wear it to date nights and other special occasions with Garth. It will always remind me of that special day in the bush in Zimbabwe.

*I tried to find it on Jo Malone’s website and just realized it has been discontinued!! IIIK! I could only find it on Amazon here (adlink)…so I will quickly have to buy as many as I can. I can’t believe it!

What I'm missing in my fragrance-wardrobe is a true signature scent. A perfume to wear most days. I want people to remember it as "Tess scent" if they

What I’m missing in my fragrance-wardrobe is a true signature scent. A perfume to wear most days. I want people to remember it as “Tess scent” if they catch a fleeting whiff.

My challenge is that I want it not only to be perfect but also to be slightly rare. I selfishly don’t want too many other people to wear it. The smell should be light and fresh, a bit of floral and maybe a hint of honey?

I love the idea of heavy earthy fragrances, but for some strange reason, they don’t suit me at all. They smell stuffy and weird on my skin, almost like I’m trying too hard. It’s really interesting how perfumes develop on different types of skin. Something that smells amazing on one person can be awful on someone else. It’s what makes perfumes so interesting. It’s all about finding the perfect match for us.

Perfumes I love are Clean “warm cotton,” “Womanity” by Thierry Mugler, “L’eau par Kenzo”, “DKNY Woman” and of course “French Lime Blossom” by Jo Malone. My favorite fragrance ever is Diptyque’s candle in  “Baies”, I would love to wear it as a perfume.

Ok, so now I want all your best recommendations of slightly obscure and unusual perfume brands that might have something suitable for me. Or maybe you have a similar taste in perfumes and have a favorite to recommend?

Do you have a signature scent? 

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