Mindful Monday 13th May

All white outfit - I love Mondays, I see it as a new beginning. I'm too impatient to wait for longer than 7 days. Here is my affirmation, focus, vision, and lesson this week;

Hello, new week!

I just like the idea of a new beginning ever 7 days. Some people save it for January or possibly the start of every month. I’m too impatient and like to close my circles a bit quicker. I want to reflect, evaluate and tweak my course often. So 7 days it is and that’s why Monday always feels like a brand new opportunity to me.

This week is crazy cool. I got so many fun things coming up!

I’m starting off by being a guest on a panel discussing social media on a big news channel tomorrow. Then in the evening, I’m going to get to meet no one other than the amazing fashion designer Alice Temperley. I mean, what a day right?

I also have a great event on Thursday and then the hubby and I are spending the weekend at a hotel sans baby for a wedding. It’s the first time Ace will sleep at his grandparents. He is 20 months now and pretty easy going, so I’m sure he will have a blast.

And then on Monday Garth and I are going to have a little movie date-night before we take Ace and jet off to South Africa on Tuesday.

I’m so excited for all of the above. I mean I have loads to plan and to do. I haven’t even started washing clothes for the trip yet. But bring it on!

This is my affirmation, focus, vision, and lesson this week;

My mantra this week  – “Let’s go for it!” After two pretty slow weeks, I’m ready to go full steam ahead again. I have to admit I’m still kind of cold-y from the latest round of nursery bugs. But I’m bored with it and ready to kick the tempo up a notch.

My affirmation this week – “I know what I’m doing”. Or at least I know as much about what I’m doing as most other people do. It’s easy to assume everyone got their shit together, but to be honest most of us are winging it. It’s a part of challenging yourself. If things are not new and scary then we are not reaching far enough.

I have never been on a panel debate on a news channel before. But I’m used to being in front of the camera and I have a lot to say. So I feel pretty well prepared even though it is my first time.

My goal this week  – My goal this week is to keep a good balance between working hard, having fun and spending downtime with my family. When I have busy weeks I always look for little pockets of rest where I can disconnect and just recover. This week it’s Wednesday and Friday night I’m hoping to spend in bed with a book.

All white outfit - I love Mondays, I see it as a new beginning. I'm too impatient to wait for longer than 7 days. Here is my affirmation, focus, vision, and lesson this week;

My dream of the week – I’m dreaming of living a whole life like mine has been this month. May has been absolutley amazing for me. Tv appearance, meeting incredibly inspiring people like Roksana Ilichic and Alice Temperley spend lots of time with my loved ones and being spoon fed inspiration almost daily. All this while still feeling on top of my work and like I have had enough time and energy to be a good mom. This month has had a really great balance, I wish the whole year would continue the same way.

My vision this week  – Garth and I have been binge watching “Tiny house nation” on Netflix. I find it totally inspiring to watch people create proper, albeit tiny homes on such a small budget. It shows how much you afford to do if you are willing to do something different. Maybe we can move our plans for a country house a bit closer in time if we decide to go for something a bit smaller? I would love to have a tiny house to spend our weekends away from London in.

My focus this week – I’m focusing on really squeezing every drop out of this power-week.

The event of the week  – What a hard choice. The panel discussion tomorrow? To get to meet Alice Temperley in person? The wedding on Saturday?

Actually the biggest thing this week is by far to leave Ace with Garth’s parents for the first time. I think he would have been ready sooner, but we took our time. So now we are going to spend two nights away from him for the first time ever. And I’m really looking forward to just being husband and wife and put the Mom and Dad hats away for a few hours. And to really enjoy the wedding on our own.

My lesson from last week – As soon as I think we must have had every germ in the world, we get sick again. I’m beginning to understand that this is our life now. We are just always going to have colds… Maybe the summer will help a bit? Or is that wishful thinking?

My everyday-luxury this week – Friday night we are staying in a hotel in Devon. Ace will be with Merrill and Owen. Garth will be away on groomsman’s duties and I’m planning on eating dinner in bed and taking a long bath whilst reading a book. I want my skin to resemble a prune before I get up.

My inspiration this week – Great Facebook groups. There are basically groups for everything. My favorite one is, of course, my own – Sustainable Sustainability. If you are looking to live a more sustainable life, one small change at the time, then I really recommend you to join us.

Do you have a great Facebook group to recommend?

What is your affirmation, focus, vision, and lesson this week?

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