Linen – Old man suits or a trendy, sustainable fabric hero?

Linen - Old man suits or a trendy, sustainable fabric hero?

You can’t throw a stick in a shop without hitting a garment made of linen at the moment. It is everywhere!

In the past linen has mostly been reserved for old men’s summer suits. Often matched with a snazzy Panama hat and a stinky big cigar.

But now we are claiming it back, sans cigars. Because linen is a great fabric for clothing for so many reasons.

First of all, it’s really airy and cooling in the summer. Secondly, it has an amazing structure and really creates a beautiful dimension to any piece of clothing. Yes, it does crinkle easily, but to me, it just makes it even more interesting and personal. Linen is always going to look slightly lived in and that in itself tells a bit of a story. I have to admit I hate ironing with a vengeance, so the idea of constantly ironing a linen garment is a no-go for me. However, if you are up for it, feel free to iron away.

The extra bonus is that linen is a sustainable fabric that will last you for years to come.

It’s one of the most biodegradable options out there since it’s made of flax plant fibers. It’s even naturally moth and bacteria resistant! The way it’s made makes it really resilient and it’s one of the few fabrics that’s actually stronger wet than dry. This is the reason why linen becomes softer the more we wash it.

One thing to keep in mind is that because linen is so sturdy, it takes a lot to bleach it. So pure white linen has to go through quite the process. This is why it’s better for the environment to try to stick to natural shades of linen like tan, beige, grey, ivory, and ecru.

Linen - Old man suits or a trendy, sustainable fabric hero?

I’m totally in love with linen and are now looking to invest in a perfect suit in this sustainable fabric.

I’m thinking a long-line blazer and trousers that slightly flare out. (If anyone has the blazer from the latest H&M Conscious exclusive collection – affiliate link, in a size 4 and want to sell it, please send me an email to

This dress by Mango is gorgeous and perfect to pack when going away on holidays this summer. It’s light, airy and looks amazing with sandals or kitten heels. It’s coming with us on our trip to South Africa at the end of the month. It easily transitions between early morning safaris and afternoon drinks by the pool.

It’s actually on sale at the moment and you can find it here. affiliate link.

If you love this on this great sustainable fabric as much as I do and haven’t invested in a timeless linen piece yet, I have put a few together below. They are all by different brands from Asos.

1 – Miss Selfridge, 2 – Whistles, 3 – Whistles, 4 – & Other stories, 5 – Mango (mine) – affiliate links. 

Linen - Old man suits or a trendy, sustainable fabric hero?

Photos – Ida Zander

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  1. Margaret

    Linen, Silk, Cotton. Wool. Of the four you might say Linen is a perfect fabric.
    Linen comes in different weights that’s the joy of the fabric. Another thing, it is so durable. If you stay with the natural color, which goes from light to dark coloring, you will be happy with your purchase.

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