Mindful Monday 13th May

Mindful Monday 13th May - My weekly goal, mantra, inspiration, and vision

Hello lovelies, how are you today? Are you ready for a new week? I’m happy to be back in London and getting into my regular routines again. 

Having started my blog career in Sweden more than 11 years ago, I’m still trying to figure out blogging in the UK.

When I first started, the norm was to post 5 times a DAY!! I’m not joking. This was way before Instagram and we used our blogs more like we do Instastories now. A quick grainy phone snap of something, a few sentences of what we were up to and maybe a recommendation of some sorts.

Obviously a far cry from where we are today with our glossy and well-edited feeds.

In one way it was great since it gave that instant feel of actually following a blogger. But it was also exhausting and the content was quite blah. In those days I could easily have half a million page views each month. My followers checked my blog several times a day. It’s completely mind-blowing when I think of it now.

These days, as a Swedish blogger, you should post about 10 posts a week at least. Quite a lot still… I do about 7 a week on my Swedish blog.

What I want to ask you guys is, how many posts a week do you want me to put up here?

At the moment I aim for 3-4 a week. Would you like more or is it enough? I would love your feedback, please. I do, in the end, blog for your entertainment (and a bit for my own sanity like these Mindful Monday posts).

What do you think, how many posts are enough?

This is my goal, mantra, inspiration, and vision for the upcoming week;

My mantra this week  – “Think outside the box”  What a cliché! But at the moment I have a niggling feeling that there is something important I cannot see. Something just outside the box of my comfort zone that can make a big difference. So this week I’m challenging myself to do things differently and monitor the results.

My affirmation this week – “I always have a choice”. Our psyche is a funny and complicated thing. It likes to make things simple, prefers routine and things that are familiar. This often makes us feel like we don’t have choices in life, when in fact, all we have is options. We have to break the illusion of feeling powerless and start making slightly uncomfortable choices. I love the idea that one decision can change our lives forever. Like my very impulsive and crazy decision to move to London 14 years ago.

My goal this week – We only have a couple of weeks here in London before we head off to Exeter for Meg and Andy’s wedding. And then a few days later jet off to South Africa to visit Ace’s godfather in Durban. My husband Garth is from Zimbabwe, and we try to make it down as often as we can to see friends and family. The day Ace is old enough to understand and remember more from the trip, we will take him to Zim. But, for now, South Africa is close enough. So my focus is to enjoy home-life before the circus of traveling with a toddler starts again.

Mindful Monday 13th May - My weekly goal, mantra, inspiration, and vision

My dream of the week – I dream about making social media better. I started with #MINDFLUENCING in January and have since tried to inspire bloggers and influencers to think about what we post. What messages we send out and what we stand for. Not just to tackle the mental health issue, but also subjects like sustainability and giving back. I think it’s terribly selfish to have a massive platform and only focus on selling stuff and making money. It’s hardly any effort at all to inspire our followers and fellow influencers to be more mindful. I have unfollowed lots of big profiles who’s social channels only project greed, ego, and self-promotion. Imagine if they took just 10% of their time and energy to actually do something good, what a difference it would make!

My vision this week – My vision is to get the message above across to as many people as possible. To actually be able to make a difference before we decide that social media is evil. Before people start boycotting platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We have to make sure we use social media to make the world smaller, to bring us closer together than further apart. We choose what we put on our social channels and what we endorse, so we ultimately decide if social media is good or bad.

My focus this week – My focus this week is creativity. I’m at the perfect time of my month to be at my best creativity and inspiration-wise. When I feel like this I know I can create great things, so it’s up to me to maximize.

Mindful Monday 13th May - My weekly goal, mantra, inspiration, and vision

The event of the week – On Thursday I’m looking forward to a breakfast event with fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic. I’m a big fan, so I can’t wait to get to meet her in person.

My lesson from last week – I’m not stuck at home anymore. I can do a lot more outside the house now when Ace is that little bit older. Even though he doesn’t attend nursery full-time yet (He will do 5 half-days a week when he starts nursery school next year) I still feel like I have options. Garth can stay in an evening a week and I now know I have the liberty to say yes to fun events and parties.

My everyday-luxury this week – Tonight I will be in bed early to finish “”21 lessons for the 21st century”. It has taken me ages to get through this book. I have to read, stop and have a think about almost every sentence to truly understand the essence of all the cool stuff the author is sharing. I feel like my brain is being fed an incredibly nourishing meal.

My inspiration this week– I watched this cool Netflix documentary called “The Creative brain“. I find these things fascinating and love when they explain why we function the way we do.

What is your personal goal, mantra, inspiration, and vision this week?

Photo –  Ida Zander. Find my amazing jumpsuit from Current Air here. – affiliate link


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your mantra, goal, inspiration and vision. I usually work toward a 6 mos to a year with a vision board to keep me going, but I really like the idea to break it down into weeks. Last year I purged my clothes and hosted a clothing swap. I didn’t want anything from it but ended up with some neat pieces of jewelry. RE how often you should post, I say when the mood strikes! why not once a week! you can let us know how you are doing with your mantra, goal, etc. And what the new ones are for the current week. I don’t follow many (who has the time) as I’m busy working on my own self-improvement, but I think you’ve just gained a follower in me. Keep up the inspiration! Melanie from Bakersfield

    1. Thank you, Melanie, I really appreciate you reading and leaving such a lovely comment. I know exactly what it’s like having kids at home and you end up with no time at all. What did we even do with our time before kids!? Honestly, these Mindful Monday posts are almost like therapy for me. It really helps me plan my week and reflect on where I am at every Monday. Give it a try, it really makes me feel in control. Thank you for reading! Tess x

  2. Thank you Tess. It’s so empowering to read your newest Mindful Monday post. I agree with you, we can all make a difference. If we all just try we will definitely make a big difference together and change the world for the better. We don’t know just how powerful we are, even though we doubt ourselves so often. Enjoy South Africa. Sending you lots of sunshine from Cape Town.

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