Mindful Monday 6the May – My focus, goal, mantra, and vision this week

Mindful Monday 6the May - My focus, goal, mantra, and vision this week

And I’m back again after an amazing trip to France with my little family. Followed by an epic hen-weekend in Valencia to celebrate Megs getting married.

I feel like it has been months, but in reality, we were only away for a little bit over than 12 days. It was lovely to get to take a break from the blogs and just focus on my family and friends. I’m now back in London with renewed energy and inspiration.

It’s easy to see holidays and recovery time as negative productivity-wise. But in reality, it’s the exact opposite. We need to step out of our everyday lives to be able to stay inspired and focused. If we do the same thing over and over again, we will end up creating on routine and all the imagination and fun goes out the window. So please, never feel like you can’t or shouldn’t take a holiday. Because it’s the exact opposite. It will do you and your work only good.

This is my focus, goal, mantra, and vision this week

My mantra this week – “Keep the holiday vibe going “. I didn’t realize how much I needed this time away. Especially the last weekend on my own for the hen-do in Spain. I feel totally rejuvenated and I intend to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

My affirmation this week – “I’m the same Tess as I was before I became a Mom”. I needed this reminder. And the hen-do helped me find my way back to a forgotten part of my personality. I love being a Mom, of course, it’s the best job in the world. But it’s not all of me. I needed a few days away on my own to get in touch with inner self and to bring out fun-Tess again.

My goal this week – To ease myself back into work and update the blogs like normal. I also need to unpack, wash and organize the house. I’m thinking I might make an IGTV clip showing my makeup routine? I have switched a few products recently, so I think it’s time. You can find my Instagram here.

Mindful Monday 6the May - My focus, goal, mantra, and vision this week

My dream of the week – After having explored Dax, Hossegor, Mendy, and Valencia this holiday. I have a new appreciation for Europe. I would love to explore more of France and Spain. It’s so close to us here in London, so why not. We can even drive or take the train from here, so it’s totally doable.

My vision this week – I have a vision of a time when I only do exactly what makes me happy. Mainly work-wise. I have already started weeding out what makes me excited and what I do only because I feel like I should. But I still have a long way to go.

My focus this week –  It’s time for me to get a better balance in my mom-work-fun life. My first step is to take Thursday nights off as “my night”. I won’t work and instead, do fun things. Go for drinks with friends, hit the gym or just go to the movies alone. I really crave time away from the home that isn’t allocated to work. I can’t keep pretending that my work hours count as me-time because it doesn’t.

Mindful Monday 6the May - My focus, goal, mantra, and vision this week

The event of the week – I have had so much going on recently, so I’m looking forward to a calm week at home. I only have a meeting on Wednesday and a dentist appointment on Saturday. That is about as much excitement as I can handle this week.

My lesson from last week – I am more than I think. All I need is the opportunity to be all parts of me. Sometimes it feels like responsibility and age comes with only one particular kind of life. Even though it’s true to a certain point, there are still a lot of freedom if I choose to use it. So I will from now on choose to have a bit more fun once in a while.

My everyday-luxury this week I’m going to be in bed for 10.30 pm this week (talking about being more fun ha!). I have a lot of sleep to catch up on after the fabulous and crazy hen-weekend.

My inspiration this week – Maybe not inspiration per-say. But how cute is the clip of Prince Harry announcing the birth of their baby boy?! He looks so proud and blown away by the experience. I know that feeling and it brought a little tear to my eye.

I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday weekend guys!

What is your personal focus, goal, mantra, and vision this week?

Photos – Ida Zander. You can find my beige linen mix suit by Monki here; the blazerthe trousers – affiliate links

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