One-item-a-month challenge April – Is this the most gorgeous one yet?

I’m so excited to show you what I got for my one-item-a-month challenge in April – The most gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana hydrangea bikini!

I’m totally in love. Isn’t it pretty?

And what’s even better is that I did indeed get something pre-loved. This beauty is from Vestiaire Collective. affiliate link.

Now you might think that underwear and beachwear is a bit unhygienic to buy second-hand? And I normally totally agree that it’s one of the few items of clothing I would rather buy new. However, sometimes people get gifts or buy the wrong size or just decide they don’t like it, even before they wear it.

I was incredibly lucky to find this gem with tags and the protective plastic still attached. It was completely unused and I got it at a great price.

The size was a bit of a gamble, and I have actually never worn a high waisted bikini-bottom before. So I was stoked when it arrived and it fit me like a glove.

This is probably going down as my favorite purchase this year so far. And with summer just around the corner, PPW (Price Per Wear) should be nothing but great.

I have to admit that the beach here in Hossegor isn’t really the warmest. It’s about 20 °C, and pretty windy. I was the only person actually braving it in a bikini on the whole beach. But hey, I’m a Swedish viking, desperately needed some sun on my legs and I had an epic Dolce & Gabbana hydrangea bikini. It was going to happen.

So with a bit of clever positioning wind-wise, it was completely fine. Ace was dressed in his little UV-suit, enjoying digging holes and playing with the sand. I got to actually read a book and relax. It was bliss.

So what is your April one-item-a-month purchase? Anyone else who got something pre-loved maybe?

Honestly, this challenge is doing so much good both for me mentally and my wardrobe. I have completely snapped out of trend hysteria and are fully focused on creating a sustainable wardrobe instead.

I want to be that person who always has something to wear. If you only have items you truly love that actually fits in with the rest of your wardrobe, you will be spoilt for choice as soon as you open the door to your closet.

It’s not too late to join me, there are plenty of months left of 2019. And it doesn’t have to be one item, it could be two (maybe one new and one pre-loved?). You decide!

Would you buy underwear or bikinis pre-loved if the tags and the plastic were still on? 

You can find my January item here, my February item here and my March item here. 

My Dolce & Gabbana hydrangea bikini is from Vestiaire Collective. – affiliate link

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