Mindful Wednesday 24th April – My mantra, affirmation, vision, and goal this week

Mindful Wednesday 24th April - My mantra, affirmation, vision, and goal this week

I know it’s not Monday today… heck, it’s not even Tuesday. But I blame the long Easter weekend and it is, in fact, my first and only “work-day” this week. So Mindful Wednesday it is!

We have spent the last few days with the hubby’s family in Somerset. Visiting the most beautiful gallery, eating great food and joining in on the mayhem that is a 6-year old’s birthday party. Oh lord, I had no idea what we have ahead of us!

I did secretly enjoy it a bit though, all the kids were so excited and happy, including our little munchkin. He was a lot younger but still joined in on the mini-disco, puppet and magic show and shrieked of delight when the bubble and foam machine came out. He conked out in the car on our way back to London and didn’t wake up until 8 this morning. Result!

So today I’m in work mode and doing my best to get as much as possible done before we head off to France tomorrow. More holiday for us, I feel very spoilt.

This week might be a short one, but I still need my mantra, affirmation, vision, and goal:

My mantra this week  – ”I’m a YES-woman” – We are spending the rest of this week in the south west of France with a family Garth knows very well. They are quite the sporty bunch and I have heard whispers of everything from surfing to flyfishing. It sounds exactly like the kind of stuff I would love to do. I have been fishing since I was a kid and one of my goals in life is to get better at surfing. However, it’s easy to become the Mom that gets left behind with the child. So I’m making it my mission to at least get to take part in 50% of the fun stuff.

My affirmation this week  – ”I can be good at my job AND have days off”. Today is my only work day this week and the rest we will be traveling. So I will have to let go of my expectations to produce as much content as I do in a normal week. I have to have a slow week now and then to rest up, or I will be right back in the hospital with a stomach ulcer again. So my mission this week is to allow myself to do a little bit less than normal (expect 2-3 posts from me here on the blog instead of 3-4). I will try to make up for it on my Instastories instead.

My goal this week – Is to enjoy our family holiday. I’m really looking forward to going to Dax and it’s extra fun to get to go with local friends. It’s always better to explore an area when you have all insider information.

My dream of the week – It’s still 5 years away, but I’m dreaming of a big party for our 10-year wedding anniversary. Rent out a big castle and have a great big bash. I don’t need to do the whole renew the vows thing, just get all of our friends and family together. This year we will be halfway there. Go us!

My vision this week – A proper at-home-office. 4 days blocked off every week for work. 3 days for solid family time. No more working at night and maybe go down to about 70%. I rather want to do my absolute best at a few things than do loads of stuff half-assed.

Mindful Wednesday 24th April - My mantra, affirmation, vision, and goal this week

My focus this week – Live life. Enjoy the moments, Eat and sleep well. Have conversations, explore and try new things. 

The event of the week – France! We will be in Dax, the mountains and on the beach. I cannot wait!

My lesson from last week – It’s funny how life throws you stuff and you don’t always know where they come from. Last week I felt like things were happening behind-the-scenes that I wasn’t aware of. I thought I was doing ok with something and it turns out I was doing really well. It shows that we don’t always know 100% what’s going on and can get nice little surprises now and then.

My everyday-luxury this week– I have just had a mani/pedi and some new shellac. I love taking the time to listen to a podcast, get pampered and just relax for an hour.

My inspiration this week – I recently saw a sentence on Instagram that really resonated with me – ”Be the kind of woman who cheers on and celebrates other women behind their backs even if they have no idea”. Great right? I love the idea of supporting someone behind their back instead of putting them down. That’s what good people do. How powerful is that?!

What’s your mantra, affirmation, vision, and goal this (short) week?

Photo – Ida Zander

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