This is the season of the power-suits

This is the season of the power-suits

You probably know me well enough by now to have me down as a pastel-girl who loves dresses and heels.

And I do.

But this spring I’m also heavily flirting with my androgynous side. Because even though I’m a girlie girl, I got this massive thing for oversized power-suits at the moment.

They make me feel like I’m in charge of my life. Like I got it all together and figured out. I feel cool and relaxed at the same time. And I wear them with sneakers, so I’m comfier than ever. I could honestly wear one every day.

It is also the perfect transitional outfit from day to night. I just add a pair of heels if I want to feel a bit fancier. Or why not a red lip? It’s quite a grown-up look that I only recently felt like could actually pull off.

You have to wear a suit with a laid back assertiveness. 100% self-confidence is required. It might sound hard but it comes naturally as soon as you put it on.

As long as you pick a good material like linen, wool or cotton, a suit doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable options out there. However, it is a great investment if you can afford a high-quality one. The cut will be that bit sharper and you could love it forever.

This is the season of the power-suits

I prefer my suits slightly oversized for a less business-like and more relaxed silhouette. At the moment stripes and chequers are really trendy and I love the slightly retro feel of the grey one in the photos.

The regatta style version is really fun for the summer. It’s a bit more daring and I would probably be more likely to wear it daytime out and about with friends than in a bar at night.

I like to style my suits with a t-shirt or a silky strappy top. But it would also look amazing with a turtle neck. If the blazer is big enough I would even try to fit a slightly chunkier jumper under until it gets a little bit warmer outside.

You will never be underdressed in a suit. Or overdressed for that matter. I prefer to wear mine with minimal makeup and understated hair. And let the outfit do all the talking.

This is the season of the power-suits

Another thing I really like is mocktails. I don’t need alcohol to enjoy a drink. These days most bars make great virgin versions of the classics. There are even botanical versions of different spirits that almost taste the same, like seedlip.

I just don’t like the way alcohol makes me feel the next day. I will still have a regular drink now and then, but honestly, mocktails do the trick. Who needs a hangover anyway?

If you feel like power-suits might be for you, Then check out the grey one here and the striped one here (adlinks) They are totally affordable and impossibly cool. 

This is the season of the power-suits


  1. Margaret

    I enjoy pant suits. There is more freedom in your movements…reaching and bending. They are great.

    1. I agree with you. I think it feels like it would be stiff to wear, but it’s really not at all. The total opposite I find!

  2. I love the pants suite idea, I just haven’t gotten into it yet. Now I really want to try and get my own.

    1. Honestly, give it a try. I bet you will love it!

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