This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

I’m not really a makeup girl. You will never find me in a full Instagram makeup. It’s just not my style.

I care a lot more about what I do to my skin to make it healthier and look better because it’s happier. (Like using retinol)

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t use makeup, because I do. I just use smaller amounts and fewer products. I tend to find my favorites and stick with them for a really long time. When I buy makeup I try to find everyday heroes rather than new cool colors and snazzy tools. (Even though it can be pretty fun to go all in for a part make up now and then.)

I like skin and I want my skin to look like skin. Sometimes I see people with almost like a silky blanket over their face and it looks very generic. It removes those little charming imperfections that make us individuals. Beauty cannot be beautiful without flaws. Flawless beauty is boring.

So I much rather find products that highlight what I like about my face than those who cover what I don’t like.

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

I have also had the absolute pleasure of having had my makeup done by hundreds of different makeup artists. It’s a perk from over 30 years of modeling. I have even had the privilege to work with some of the big names like Charlotte Tilbury and Mary Greenwell.

The main difference between the makeup artists that are really skilled, compared to the ones who yet has more to learn, is amounts. The really good makeup artists I have worked with know how to do a lot with a little. I never felt caked up, dry or unnatural in their make up. Only like a better version of me.

This is one of the reasons I myself rather have fewer products but instead, choose really well.

I have been on an eternal quest of trying to find the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. I can’t be bothered with lots of loose shadows, but prefer mine pressed and as a part of a palette. I also don’t want to have to carry around (or pay for) lots of shades I won’t use. So I’m quite a difficult customer.

But now finally I have found the one. My new everyday hero for eye shadows – “Nude on Nude” by Bobbi Brown (- Adlink) It’s, of course, a limited edition, because all good products seem to be. So I will have to get myself another one soon before they sell out and never come back again.

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

The shades are a little bit warmer than I’m used to. But not enough to bother me even the slightest.

For an everyday makeup I use “Bone” under the brow and in the inner corner of my eye. I then brush on “Frappe” as a base all over the lid. I continue by smudging in “Milk chocolate” under the eye and along the lash line out towards the outer corner of my eye. To lift the eye a bit I dab a bit of “Burnt amber” on the middle of the lid.

Et voila, a very quick and pretty foolproof everyday eye.

If I’m heading out to something a bit more glamorous. I instead mix “Frappe” with “Buff” and after following the same procedure with “Milk chocolate” I also add some “Black chocolate” to make the look a little bit more intense. Both “Copper Chocolate” and “Chocolate truffle” looks amazing on the lid for a more glam party look.

…and if I have a bit of a tan I also use a tiny bit of “Golden Glow” as a highlighter.

Of course, there are loads of different combinations to try with “Nude on Nude”. But these are my favorites so far. To be honest this palette is pretty hard to get wrong, as long as you blend the shades properly.

A little tip I got by makeup artists Lan Nguyen-Grealis is to dare to add more shadow under the eye along the lash line. We tend to chicken out in this area and miss out on that deeper and more intense effect. This is a great tip that I use almost every day and it has really made a difference for me.

You can find  Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude at Liberty London – adlink. It is a limited edition and seem to be sold out everywhere else, so make sure to grab one now if you like the look and sound of it. Because soon it will be gone. 

This is the only everyday eyeshadow palette you will ever need

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