Mindful Monday 1st April – My goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week

my goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week

It’s Monday and the 1st of April. And we all know what that means!

Have you pranked anyone today, or even better gotten pranked? I love April fools and my poor hubby is always the one on the receiving end.

Like when I hassled him to get a guinea pig. I said I would make it little clothes to wear and walk it around on a tiny lead. At first, he was very skeptical. But eventually, after a lot of nagging, he finally told me yes. But I had to dress, walk and pick up its poo myself. Haha, he must really love me. Imagine us going outside with a tiny guinea pig wearing a hat on a lead?

What’s the best joke you have come up with?

This is my goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week:

My mantra this week – “Listen inwards”. I’m working really hard to listen more to my intuition. I want to make more decisions with my gut instead of my brain. Sometimes it’s little things like what side of the street I want to walk on and other times it’s slightly bigger decisions. The gut feeling tends to be that first thing that pops into our head. It’s before the brain has had a chance to process the actual thought.

There was one time when I was 17 and on the tube at night heading home to my Mom’s from my Dad’s house. I stepped into the tube carriage and just got this overwhelming feeling of “no something is not right”. So much so that I got off and picked another carriage instead. I felt like a crazy person at that moment. But a few stops later the tube just stopped and stood still for ages. When I looked out the polices was escorting a man wearing some kind of suit of armor and holding a sharp ax out of that first carriage. How scary?

My affirmation this week– “I’m a doer”. I often overthink things and talk myself out of doing stuff. So I need to just do and think later. As long as it’s not massively serious things, I rather just go for it and actually think it through later.

My goal this week – I have had way too much unhealthy food recently. So my goal this week is to get rid of my sugar addiction again. I have a method that involves lots of tea with less and less honey in it. It has always worked in the past, so by Sunday, I should be cravings free again.

My dream of the week – I want Ace to grow up to be a person who dares to try new things. Both in food and experiences. So far the food part is going really well. He eats almost everything. Normal stuff like veg, fish, and meat. But also slightly more unusual things like scallops, squid, dim sum, blue cheese, snails and different kinds of livers.

We are also trying to introduce him to many different sports. My dream is that he and I will be surfing together when he is a bit older.

my goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week

My vision this week – We already own 2 flats in London and are kind of working on a 3rd project. My vision for the future is that we keep adding to our property portfolio. After the initial investment and renovation, it’s basically like making money in your sleep. And when our kids are older I like to earmark two smaller flats in London for them to get as a gift from us on their 25th birthdays. I never had any help from my parent after my 18th birthday. So I know how hard it can be to try to get somewhere on your own. I would like my kids to have a good stepping stone in life.

My focus this week  – My focus this week is Ace. He is in this great age when he is super curious about everything and likes to explore all day long. So my job is to make sure he has the opportunity to figure the world out. The other day he saw some ants running about in the garden and got super happy. He wanted to copy and run with them… and then he was so sad when they didn’t run anymore. A tough lesson to learn at an early age.

The event of the week –I have a whole bunch of interesting meetings this week. A while ago I made this bucket list of companies I would like to work with, and slowly but surely they seem to get in contact one by one. Law of attraction anyone?

My lesson from last week  – As long as I keep a good sleep and food routine with Ace, he is happy to come along with me to almost anything. He loves eating in restaurants and will sit and snack for hours in a high chair as long as he gets a bit of attention now and then. He is a massive flirt and loves looking at people in the underground, on buses and on planes. He is just really happy and cute. So my lesson is that I can, in fact, take him to more work stuff with me. He enjoys it!

My everyday-luxury this week –I’m going to get my shellac done and I will also color my brows and lashes. I don’t actually realize how light they are until I have them colored. I might actually not even need to do microblading, my brows are pretty full already.

My inspiration this week – I can’t think of anything inspiring I have come across off the top of my head. Maybe you guys can recommend something you have seen, read or got inspired by this week?

Ok, now it’s your turn to write down your goal, vision, mantra, and dream of the week. It’s a great way to reflect, realign and get inspired for the week ahead. 

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  1. That’s crazy about your tube experience!!! Wow!

    Lovely read, as always. Thank you x

    1. Thank you! Yes, it still makes the little hair on my arms stand up when I think about it. Gut feeling for the win!

  2. I really really liked this post, is like setting your intention for the day <3 so inspiring!

    Ana C, http://www.adreamersland.com

    1. Thank you, it makes a big difference to my week.

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