“The Solution” by Oslo Skin Lab – What happens if I stop and start again?

So I first came across  “The Solution” collagen powder by Oslo Skin Lab last year in October. I got completely hooked straight away. 

Honestly, I never expected such a big difference from something so small and simple. I didn’t just get softer skin and more glow in my face. I also really noticed a difference in my skin on my body. The chicken skin on the back of my arms magically disappeared. Even Garth commented on how soft my skin was.

The collagen in our skin is what makes it stay supple and elastic. So if we can help boost it, then we can help slow down aging. This product contains collagen called Verisol and the reason why this particular type of collagen actually makes a difference is the size of the peptides. It’s the right size to be bioavailable to the body.

You can read about my experience with The Solution after one month here and two months here.

It’s such a jungle out there when it comes to pills, powders, and drinks that are meant to be good for us. It’s really hard to know what actually works and will be absorbed by the body. So when you find something that you really like and see results from, you just want to buy a lifetime supply and swim in it.

BUT, when I posted about The Solution last time one of you guys asked me if I please could stop taking The Solution for a while and see if I noticed any difference. Then I got kind of curious myself. It is, in the end, the best way to find out what this product actually does for me.

So even though it pained me I decided to stop taking the powder.

This is not a miracle product that you take once and it will change your skin forever. You have to keep taking the collagen regularly for the effects to stay. Just like any other cream/vitamin. But it also makes it easy to test the effect.

When I stopped, I didn’t actually notice much of a difference at first. It took about a month or so. Then one day I stood in the shower and realized that the chicken skin on my arms was back. Damn it! After that, my skin on my legs only got drier and drier and I had to start putting lotion on every day again. It can have something to do with the cold weather, but it’s worth taking into account.

To be really sure the full effect of the powder was out of my system completely, I held up for almost 2 months.

When I finally got to start again about a month ago, I recognized the “soft” feeling in my stomach after taking it. It took a couple of weeks, but now my arms are smooth again and my skin is a lot less dry.

This time I think I can see a difference in my cellulite too. They tend to come and go depending on if I’m a kg plus or minus. But I do feel like the unevenness is less deep and less visible.

I have worked out more lately, so that’s another factor. But I know other people who have seen an effect on cellulite from this product, so it is very possible it can be the collagen.

Now I’m not going to stop taking The Solution again. I just need to figure out a good way to get those boxes to London. You can subscribe to The Solution, but only in Scandinavia. I know they are hoping to expand to the UK soon so I will let you guys know when it happens.

I rather spend a bit of money on my skin that I will wear all the time, than an outfit that I can take on and off. It’s an investment to care for our skin. I’m planning to wear mine for a long time ahead and I want it to be as supple and soft as possible.

We have to have both and outside-in and an inside-out approach to skincare. It’s easy to make it all about the creams and treatments and forget to think about diet and supplements.

So now I’m not going to miss even one more day of collagen.

I usually pour the little pack of powder into my glass of water in the morning. But on weekends we like to head out for brunch instead and I just pop a pack in my handbag and mix it with a smoothie instead. The small pouches make it really convenient to bring with when I travel.

This weekend we went for a massive brunch at Megan’s here in Clapham. We had porridge, overnight oats, avocado toast, eggs royale, coffees, and smoothies. I got the green smoothie for me and the orange fruity one for Ace. But after trying both of them (before I added the collagen, he is soft enough!) he chose the one with kale in it… weird kid!

The powder is completely tasteless so you can mix it into anything really. So far I haven’t missed taking it one single day and that’s how I’m planning on keeping it.

Do you take any supplements for your skin?

This post is presented in paid partnership with Oslo Skin Lab. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with stopping the collagen supplement for a while, it really makes you realise what a good supplement is doing for your body.
    Eme xo


    1. I think it’s hard to actually trust that these kinds of supplements make a difference. So if you are able to test them like this, you get more peace of mind as a consumer.

  2. Anneloes

    I honestly will believe that it really works, but I am also suspicious that this blog is presented in paid partnership with Oslo skin lab,

    1. Hi Anneloes,

      I don’t do many collaborations and it’s not because I don’t get approached. I just don’t feel like the fit is right most of the time. However, with Oslo skin lab I use this product and it does wonders for me. Of course, we are all different, but for me, it really works.

  3. Anneloes

    I honestly will believe that it really works, but I am also suspicious because this blog is presented in paid partnership with Oslo skin lab,

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