This is the most common mistake when styling a kitten heel

This is the most common mistake when styling a kitten heel

So after years and years of hearing whispers and rumors about this almost mythical Jimmy Choo sample sale. I yesterday finally had the privilege of finding my own name on this elusive guestlist of all guest lists.

And oh boy, it did not disappoint.

We are talking rows and rows of the most beautiful Jimmy Choo bags and shoes. All with a price tag I could actually afford.

I wanted to go completely bananas and could easily have walked out with 15 pairs of shoes. I seriously contemplated buying everyone I know a very lavish gift each. I think I must have tried on at least 20 pairs myself… I felt so spoilt. A bit like Pretty Woman in THAT scene.

But then I remembered that I have made you and more importantly myself a big promise this year. ONE item a month. And sure, I could get 9 pairs and call it for the rest of the year. But that would be neither smart nor practical.

So after all of that, I walked out with only 4 items in my bag. 2 for me and 2 gifts.

This is the most common mistake when styling a kitten heel

So my April buy will now be this amazing pair of sparkling shoes with a kitten heel. I did however also get myself an amazing pair of trainers that I just couldn’t leave behind.

To justify this splurge, Garth and I decided that Ace will give me the trainers as a gift for Mother’s day on Sunday. It’s a bit cheeky, but it will make me feel a little less guilty. I’m looking at it as a grey zone purchase that I will get away with this time only.

So why did I got for a pair of kitten heels over something a bit more, well, high?

I already have loads of party shoes. I would say 75% of my shoe wardrobe. And only now after years and years I can truly say that their PPW (Price Per Wear) is pretty good. I just don’t use them often enough to justify having more.

Instead, I went for something slightly more practical but just as fabulous. I know some find kitten heels to be boring and a bit old lady-ish. And I also think they could be perceived as hard to style.

The mistake most people are doing when putting together an outfit including a kitten heel is to assume that a heel is a heel. It is not.

A kitten heel is not a downgraded high heel, it’s an upgraded flat. 

You can’t think that you will match them in an outfit that requires a heel and just pick a kitten heel because it’s more comfortable. Then it will look a bit off and like you chickened out last second.

Instead, you have to wear them when you would normally wear a flat shoe. With wide trousers, suits, midi skirt, maxi dresses, and mom-jeans. Then they will elevate your style and not downgrade it.

Basically, see a kitten heel as flats with something extra.

The mistake most people are doing when putting together an outfit including a kitten heel is to assume that a heel is a heel. It is not.

I had been looking for the perfect pair for quite some time. And I soon as I put these on I knew they were the ones. Not only are they super sparkly, but they are also incredibly comfy.

To be honest all my Jimmy Choos are. I even got married in a pair of platform Jimmy Choosa that I still wear to this day. I can dance all night in them without my feet hurting even a little bit. It’s just so obvious when a shoe brand actually cares about anatomy. I will never wear uncomfortable shoes ever again.

Come on, dig up your old kitten heels and try styling them like a flat. I bet you will like them more now!

I’m still dreaming of these amazing pieces of art. (adlink) I didn’t expect them to be at the sale, so I wasn’t disappointed. But they are on my “before I die” list. 

Can you spot my other beautiful purchase this week? We are finally with our very own Magnolia tree! I know they only flower for like 5 minutes, but it’s totally worth it. She is now hanging out in a large pot in the front of the house looking all kinds of dazzling. I think I will name her “Maggie”. 


  1. Margaret

    Look at your purchase like this… bought two gifts, and a your allotted purchase….. PLUS the pleasure of accepting the invitation. I think I feel a little envious. (lol)

    1. I know I’m very lucky to get an invite like this. It’s a once in a lifetime treat!

  2. I have very hard to fit feet, and Once Upon a Time, being rich meant that all my shoes would fit and were comfortable all day. Now, a century or so later in my life, I have the same feeling about shoes.

    I have a question though, you “talk” to us about how delightful is the kitten heel and show pictures of the wonderfulness of the shoes, BUT you do not actually show the heel. Why is that?

    1. Only because I was going to be arty farty and put them in a tree. I needed the heel to actually keep them in 🙂 . But I do think if you look closely you can indeed see that there is a kitten heel.

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