One-item-a-month in April – How about pre-loved?

I would estimate that about 50% of my wardrobe consists of pieces I have bought “pre-loved”.

The phrase “second-hand” probably makes people think about dusty old charity shops. (Don’t knock them though, they can be a veritable treasure chest at times). But I guess pre-loved does have a better ring to it.

I much rather buy a beautiful designer item that has had a previous owner than a new one by Zara. They will probably end up costing about the same and one is timeless and the other trend-led.

Sure I do love a spot of bargain hunting in a charity shop, but I tend to find 90% of my pre-loved clothes on pages like Vestiaire Collective. Ebay is great too. But I like the sense of security that comes with having the item authenticated and checked to make sure it’s in the condition stated in the ad before I receive it. I have had emails från Vestiaire telling me an item wasn’t up to scratch and they have either canceled the sale or offered me a discount.

The one thing I do tend to tell people to look out for is where the item is from. If it happens to be the states, then you might get stung by customs fees, so be aware.

I have to admit I’m a bit addicted…or a lot addicted to Vestiaire Collective. I go in every day after Ace goes to bed and browse through all the new items. I have a pretty decent wish list and a very long like list. I can mull over an item for months before I go for it. Or sometimes I have to be quick in case it’s something I know will go fast.

But you should always make an offer. All sellers expect you to do a bit of bargaining before you buy. So start low-ish and negotiate a figure you are both happy with. I shaved a good £45 off my latest buy.

I also sell off anything I feel I’m done with or won’t use. You can find my items for sale here.

In April I think my one-item-a-month should be something pre-loved from my giant wishlist. I have put a few of them in the collage above. The prices are pretty amazing, right? Imagine a tad of negotiating and Bob’s your uncle.

So what should it be? A splurge on a pair of Balenciaga party heels? Or a bit more of a conservative Chanel scarf or a Céline belt maybe?

I do know it’s a bit of a risk to put my favorites up on the blog since one of you might buy it. There is only one of each item. But I have decided that if it’s meant to be, it will.

Do you have a favorite and what do you think I should pick as my April purchase?

You can read all about my one-item-a-month challenge here. 

My pre-loved favorites

Ganni coat
Chanel scarf
Balenciaga heels
Blonde no 8 coat
Self Portrait dress
Casadei heels
Céline belt
Stella McCartney bag


  1. I tend not to spend too much money on clothes just because I can’t. I cant imagine myself spending too much money on clothes… its just a thing of mine i guess. BUUUUT i had never heard of this website before hehehe thankss

    Xoxo <3

  2. Margaret

    I have picked-up a couple PRELOVED blouses that I love. Can’t wait for a beautiful sunshinny spring day so I can wear them.

  3. Hej Tess! Tack för en bra blogg 🌸✨Jag tycker det är svårt att hitta inredningsbutiker i London som är ett mellanting mellan dyra butiker som Conran Shop och Ikea, typ Mio eller Bolia som finns i Sverige. Har du något bra tips? Kram!

    1. Hej Hanna! Har du kollat in tex habitat? John Lewis och Peter Jones har en del bra grejer de med. Smågrejer köper jag från Royal Designs UK hemsida. Sen finns det ju givetvis, Loaf och den typen av ställen: Vi köpte en hel del saker från Made till lägenheten över. Lycka till <3

      1. Tack snälla 🙏🙂

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