Mindful Monday 18th March – My vision, event, mantra, and affirmation this week

Mindful Monday - This is my vision, event, mantra, and affirmation this week;

Mindful Monday is by far my favorite post to write. It’s just such a lovely positive thing in my life.

I would have written all of this down in a diary if I didn’t have this blog. Because it’s so good for us to evaluate, reflect, collect our thoughts and set up an action plan at a regular basis. It makes me both happier and a lot more productive.

Today I’m feeling great and energized. This is going to be a great week. I will focus on being creative and immerse myself in any task I have at hand. Some weeks are just that little bit more golden than others.

Ok, are you ready? Let’s go!

This is my vision, event, mantra, and affirmation this week;

My mantra this week – “Stop thinking and start doing”. I’m an overthinker. Often when I have a great idea I end up thinking myself out of actually executing it. So this week my task is to think less and do more. I have loads of great ideas and goals I would like to reach that are just waiting for me to give it some attention.

My affirmation this week – “I’m awesome”. I need a really positive week where I back myself up completely. It’s really easy to spiral into negative self-talk. So this week I’m getting my inner cheerleader to put on her sparkliest pompoms and go all in. “Go, Tess, I believe in me!”

My goal this week  – So boring, but I really need to clear my inbox. I have too many flagged emails waiting. Some weeks I fail to keep up and then I can easily get behind quickly. And once that mountain of emails grows, I’m more and more reluctant to start. But if I sit down one evening this week and just get it done, then I will be up to speed again. I might need to get some nice dark chocolate to sweeten the deal a bit.

My dream of the week– It’s such a material dream, but I have always wanted an Aston Martin. Or at least since I did a modeling job for them maybe 10 years ago in Mallorca. I just find the cars perfectly understated.

My whole thing is great quality, but not what everyone else has. That’s why I bought a Jaeger LeCoultre watch instead of a Rolex, have a smaller but perfect diamond in my engagement ring and prefer my jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels than Cartier. I just rather have something that’s a bit more unusual than “right in your face” items.

This is my vision, event, mantra, and affirmation this week;

My vision this week – I’m finding myself planning for the future, the far future. Like 5, 10, 30 years ahead. And I see myself in my 60s with long flowing silver hair, wearing large shirts, perfect jeans and great sneakers. With a small but perfectly curated wardrobe. I want to have those amazing kind of dresses I could pull out for a charity ball or a gallery opening and feel great in. I vision myself on a beach in the sunset with a whole bunch of grandkids playing around me. Happiness and harmony, that’s what life is about.

My focus this week –This is a focus and motivational week for me. I feel like I have the energy to go full steam ahead. I feel good, I’m in a great place in my cycle and I don’t have too much of a hectic schedule. This is when my creativity flourish.

The event of the week  – I’m off to a lovely afternoon tea event tomorrow with L’Occitane. And then on Thursday, I have planned drinks with my friend Gia. Finally, I feel like I have a life aside from being a Mom again.

My lesson from last week– I have to get a bit more strict with Olive (my Frenchie). We stayed at Josefina, Matthew, and little Leo’s house this weekend. They have two massive dogs and Olive has known them forever. However, she bitched off to the Italian Spinone who is 5 times her size and ended up with a ripped ear and an emergency visit to the vet. She now has 6 staples in her ear and looks like a very cool little chick. But it showed me that I need to be on her case a bit. She is too small to have all that attitude and this time it was a big dog who said enough in a very soft way compared to what could have been. Next time she might not be as lucky.

My everyday-luxury this week – I’m really in need of a massage, I have always loved spas, but since I became a Mom any treatment and me-time are just so much more valuable.

My inspiration this week – Greta! I can’t believe she is nominated for the Nobel peace price. We really need to listen to young voices. Maybe not in every instance, but at least when we are talking about things that will affect their lives more than ours, like the environment.

Time for you to set your own vision, event, mantra, and affirmation for this week!

Photo – Ida Zander. Skirt – Asos, jumper – Oasis & boots – Marzio.  – adlinks

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