Mindful Monday 11th March – My mantra, vision, event, and affirmation

Mindful Monday 11th March - My mantra, vision, event, and affirmation

Monday, are you excited or do you need another coffee?

I might need another cup myself and then I’m almost there. I’m feeling a bit slow today actually. I hope spring will come with fewer nursery bugs. These days our little family are constantly sniffling.

Garth is going away for a couple of weekends for work this month and I will be on my own with the little one. I know we will be completely fine, I just have to go to bed a bit earlier, to make sure I get enough sleep. But it still makes me feel a little bit uneasy.

And to be honest, I tend to get a lot more done when I’m on my own at night. I never watch tv, only work or read books. So I will try to think of it as a positive.

This is my mantra, vision, event, and affirmation this week;

My mantra this week–  “If I’m comfortable, it’s time to move on. If I’m terrified to take the next step, then I’m on the right path”. Don’t get me wrong. It’s really nice to get to chill out for a bit, but then it’s time to challenge myself again. I have a few things in the pipeline that only needs a little push to start rolling. It’s both scary and fun.

My affirmation this week – “I attract what I think”. I’m always trying really hard not to allow myself to get stuck in negativity. I do allow myself to feel it for a moment and then I send it off again. There is no need to dig too deep into negative emotions. I really need to stay positive to be able to be creative and inspired.

This week is a bit of a pondering week for me. I have a few things I need to figure out before I can move forward with them. The problem is if I start over-thinking. Then I might instead try to talk myself out of it… So it’s important to keep the inspiration going until everything has fallen into place.

My goal this week – I need to figure out how a concept will work in moving media. It has been marinating in my brain for a while and I think I know what I want to do with it now. Next week I will make sure to get it all down onto paper and make a plan out of it.

My dream of the week – I dream of being able to work from anywhere. With blogging, I can, but with modeling, I’m best off staying put in London. Also, I will always be tied to wherever Garth works and later to Ace’s school. But I still really like the idea of being completely free to move wherever I like. Or at least feel like I have the option.

Mindful Monday 11th March - My mantra, vision, event, and affirmation

My vision this week  – Not every vision need to be a great big one. Right now I’m thinking a garden big enough to house both a magnolia and a cherry tree. They only blossom for a little while, but it looks so beautiful when they do.

My focus this week  – I lost a bit of valuable momentum last week. Too much else was going on. But now I need to find my focus again and zone in on things that re-charges my motivational and inspirational batteries. I have two new books to read, that should boost both those things.

The event of the week  – Garth is away this weekend, so I’m going to take Ace and Olive and go to Josefina over the weekend. 3 dogs, 2 kids, and a best friend. It will be chaotic awesomeness.

My lesson from last week – I have to stop taking on everyone else’s energies. A certain amount of empathy is incredibly important, but not to the point that it’s detrimental to myself. I’m learning how to observe and not step into other people’s shoes all the time. Because it drains me if I’m not careful.

My everyday-luxury this week– Tomorrow I’m booked into a lovely facial with Elemis. I can’t wait!

My inspiration this week – I love when successful women generously share their experiences, like this article about Amber Venz Box at Sheerluxe.

Have you had a look at your mantra, vision, event, and affirmation this week?

Photo – Ida Zander. Find my lovely blazer by Forever New here. (adlink)


  1. I really have to stop being this negative. Thanks for reminsing me again!
    Enjoy your facial! 😀

    Xo Noor

    1. Thank you hun! Anyone can fall into negativity, it’s a lot easier than staying positive. But if we are aware of it, we can make the change!

  2. I love all your mantras and goals. You are such a positive and inspiring person. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you lovely, are you doing yours too?

  3. Thank you for such a “real” post! Appreciate it more than you think.

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