Sustainable Sustainability #2 – Who needs an ugly plastic bag anyway?

Sustainable Sustainability #2 - Who needs an ugly plastic bag anyway?

When I went to the Facebook event at Soho farmhouse the other week, they kindly gifted us this fabric bag saying –  “Make your thing – a thing”.

It’s a double hit.

Every time I use it I get reminded to do my own thing. I rather make my own thing a thing than try to do something someone else thinks is a thing. I just have to believe that my thing is a good thing.

The other great plus with this bag is that it’s the perfect size for me to fit almost anything into it. I can fold it up and it will barely take any space at all. I can get all my shopping home without having to buy a plastic bag.

I actually always carry a fabric bag these days. Either this one or an even skinnier one that actually fits into my Chanel bag. How glam is that?

The reasons why I choose a fabric bag over a plastic bag are;

– I hate having to pay for bags at the shop.
– I don’t like running after my oranges when the silly plastic bags break in the middle of the street.
– It’s a lot more stylish. I mean those orange Sainsbury’s bags. Yuck! They are a no-go with any of my outfits. (I’m kidding a little bit, but I’m also a little bit serious).

But mainly I do it because it’s better for the environment.

If enough people decided to do the same, then it could make a difference. Of course, we have to make sure that PPW (price per wear) is good for our fabric bags, just like any item of clothing. We can also use paper bags, or a plastic bag made out of other old bags. Whatever floats your boat. It’s just about being aware that our choices are important.

If you don’t have a fabric bag and fancy one, why not go for this one from Help Refugees? (adlink)

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Sustainable Sustainability #2 - Who needs an ugly plastic bag anyway?

Photo – Ida Zander, location – No32 Old Town, t-shirt, kjol, sneakers. (adlinks)


  1. I always carry a fabric bag with me, it saves me from having to buy so many plastic bags and it’s also helping the environment!

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. I’m totally with you. It’s so many positives! As long as we look at them as an item of clothing. They need to have a good PPW (price per wear) to be environmentally friendly.

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