This is my “One-item-a-month” purchase for March

Golden Goose sneakers - my "One-item-a-month" purchase for March

I almost got those awesome sneakers by Givenchy. But decided last minute that I need something a bit more versatile, so instead I went for a pair of  “Superstars” by Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. (adlink)

Actually, I have been wanting these bad boys since I first came across the brand more than 10 years ago in LA. I found them out shopping with my exboyfriend Jordan who lived there. It feels like a lifetime ago! I actually almost got them then, but there was one thing stopping me. They already looked “used” out of the box.

I know it’s kind of the point with Golden Goose, but it doesn’t sit right with me. I want to have an actual new pair when I buy a new pair of sneakers and I want to scuff them myself. I don’t want them to have a “fake story”, but a real one created by me and my life.

And I want to have the option to keep them pristine and white if I fancy.

And then 10 years later they go and release a pair of Superstars that actually looks new. Woohoo! If there was ever a reason to indulge, this is it. It’s a sign!

I might not be cool enough to go for the pre-scuffed version, but I am now finally proud owners of a fabulous (and very white) pair of Golden Goose sneakers.

Golden Goose sneakers - my "One-item-a-month" purchase for March

…now it’s my job to keep these lovelies looking good. Or scuff them and pretend I bought them that way. Ha!

No matter what, it was the perfect item to buy for March. We already have magnolia and cherry blossom all over London, so spring is officially here. It won’t be long until I can wear my new sneakers on a daily basis.

It’s kind of funny. I don’t actually want to buy anything at the moment. My wardrobe is really airy and spacious after my Marie Kondo clearout. I can actually see all my clothes and shoes now and I don’t want it to get cluttered again. Funny what a big clean can change… I used to be such a shopaholic in the past!

I have completely allowed myself to disregard trends and only get items I know I will use for years to come. It’s totally liberating.

As digital creators/bloggers/influencers or whatever you want to call us, the pressure is on to show all the newest, most interesting and trendiest clothes all the time. It’s really easy to get caught up in the consumer carousel and not even realize what we are actually doing.

That’s when it’s nice for our minds (+ the environment and our bank balances) to get off the ride and say “thanks, but no thank you” and head off in our own direction instead.

Golden Goose sneakers - my "One-item-a-month" purchase for March

That is what the one-item-a-month challenge paired with my Marie Kondo clear-out has done for me.

Sometimes we just have to realize ourselves that what we are doing doesn’t actually reflect who we are and what we stand for. I don’t think anyone can honestly say they haven’t been swept away into things because other people were doing it. No matter if it is simple things like clothes or more complex things like ideals and philosophy of life.

I wonder what else I could do a Marie Kondo on….?

I have gone through my clothes/books/blogs and Instagram already. We are about to do a big clear out the rest of the house. I’m thinking we should be able to use this principle on more things in life. Maybe friends? Hobbies? Work? What do you think?

I know a few of you are also doing the one-item-a-month challenge. What are you getting in March? …and if you haven’t gotten on board yet. Isn’t it a little bit tempting? How about it?

This is what I got in January and in February.


  1. Those are so cute! I love the idea of one item a month. It is the perfect way to treat yourself, and doubles as motivation!


    1. It really does and it makes you think before you buy!

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