Mindful Monday 4th March – my focus, mantra, vision, and goal this week

Tess Montgomery by Tomila Katsman - my focus, mantra, vision, and goal this week

Hi guys, how are you doing? Did you have a nice weekend?

Our little family got in the car and headed to Exeter to see as many friends as possible in one weekend. It was lovely! We even managed to squeeze in a lunch with all of Garths family on Sunday.

Ace had such a good time with his 3 cousins, his little friend Carlo and he also got to play with a 12-week old puppy… Little Albie the cavapoo. Guess whats Aces favorite word is now. Albie, Albie, Albie. Everything is Albie now.

It was an intense couple of days, but exactly what we all needed.

This is my focus, mantra, vision, and goal for this week:

My mantra this week– “Healthy body, healthy mind”. My stomach ulcer is a lot better. So I have decided to come off my pills and try to heal my body naturally instead. I don’t want to be stuck eating pills for the rest of my life. Instead, I’m doing my best to reduce stress, eat really well and do yoga at least 2 times every week.

I eat a lot less meat than I used to, I barely drink alcohol at all, I stay away from things that are fried or spicy and I’m eating a lot more veg. The only thing I can’t give up is coffee. I have to have a cup every morning, for my sanity and creativity. But I am trying to have it with coconut milk instead of regular milk. To see if it makes any difference.
Too often we treat the symptoms instead of the actual problem. And in my case, the problem is stress and an unbalanced diet. I much rather address those things than taking pills.

My affirmation this week  – “We can change almost everything”. If we head down a path that doesn’t lead anywhere, we can just reverse back to where we came from. We can choose a new and different route to before, discover another way of doing things or just bring out the machete and make our own path in the jungle of life.

All we need to do to change something is to make the decision. Of course, change itself can take time, but at least then you have started the process. And if it doesn’t work out, hit reverse and try something else. It’s really that simple.

My goal this week – I’m going to clear out my books this week. It’s step 2 in our Marie Kondo journey. I have actually done most of them already, but I have a few more to get rid of. I don’t really know what to do with the Swedish books I have? I’m not sure Save the children here in the UK will be able to sell them. Any suggestions?

My dream of the week – I want to buy a big stone barn in a lovely spot in the countryside and redevelop it. It would be amazing to remove one of the walls and replace it with as much glass as possible. Then the living room could have the full ceiling height and the second floor could be a mezzanine. It would be really cool to keep one original large stone wall throughout the house. The contrast between glass and old stone is just stunning.

Tess Montgomery by Tomila Katsman - my focus, mantra, vision, and goal this week

My vision this week – ” A calm and relaxed Tess with my feet on the table, wearing fluffy slippers and sipping on a nice cup of tea. Ace is playing on the floor and I’m stroking my massive belly and wondering if our number 2 is a boy or a girl”. We want two kids, but to be completely honest I’m terrified of having to go through that first year again. I really struggled the first time. I’m not worried about the pregnancy, last time I felt great, so hopefully, I will be just as lucky next time.

It’s about having to still work when I have an infant. I had no help at all with Ace and I look back at that time remembering the feeling of never being able to put in enough time and energy anywhere. I was stretched past what any human should ever have to experience. I was blogging and pumping milk at the same time at 5 in the morning to be able to both keep my career and have a family. It was insane. On top of it all, I had horrible mastitis and a breast abscess… I have no idea how I even did it all.

If we are going to have a second child, then I’m either going to need a lot of help so I can work the 16-20 hours a week it will take to keep the blog/Instagram etc going. The other option is to quit completely. It would be horrible to get to the point where I had to choose between my career and another child. It makes me so angry to think about how these things only affect us women.

My focus this week  – I’m going to feed my soul positivity and inspiration. There is a noticeable difference between the weeks I make sure to go to bed earlier, so I have the time to read and those where I watch crap tv instead. As soon as I’m not feeding my creativity I end up losing momentum. So my focus now is to not overanalyze or give in to anything that zaps my energy. I want to surf the wave of positivity.

The event of the week – On Thursday I got a much-needed girls night planned with Gia and Josefina. We are going to a new restaurant in Shoreditch. It’s actually the perfect area for us all to meet, basically halfway between us. And there are loads of great places to try out. If I hang out in Shoreditch, does that make me hip and cool now?

My lesson from last week – Everything is a phase. When Ace isn’t sleeping and Garth and I become walking dead it’s easy to never see an end to the sleep deprivation. But then all of a sudden it changes and the child finally sleeps again. Halleluja! And we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible because we know that this is but a phase too.

My everyday-luxury this week – Tomorrow I’m heading to the salon to get my shellac done. I’m going to listen to a podcast and just get pampered for a little while. Bliss!

My inspiration this week – All of the people in the Facebook group “Sustainable sustainability”. We are discussing everything from palm oil to period cups and eco eggs. There are loads of great ideas, suggestions and tips flying around. If it sounds interesting, feel free to join us!

Have you decided on your focus, mantra, vision, and goal for this week yet?

Photos – Tomila Katsman. Now It’s my job to pick 20 photos from 90 of these contact sheets. Wish me luck! 

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