Sustainable Sustainability # 1 – A water bottle to love a long time

The whole point with Sustainable Sustainability is to make it really easy to be kind to the environment.

It’s for busy people like you and me, who can’t do everything, but can change a lot of small things. And together we can make a real difference. Little choices in our everyday life that won’t feel overwhelming or even like much of an effort at all.

So my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle starts with something as simple as a reusable water bottle. 

I know it’s terribly basic, but surprisingly not all of us has made the switch yet. (Hrm me…) I think sometimes we overlook the smallest and simplest of things and focus too much on the grand gestures to mother nature.

First I had to find the perfect water bottle. I went for quite a fancy one – A collaboration between S’well and Liberty London. It’s terribly Tess! I love carrying it around since it’s almost like a fashion accessory in itself. (get your own here – adlink)

So far I have not only saved the ocean from more plastic, but I have also saved myself loads of money on bottled water on the go. Especially in airports (why are they sooo expensive?).

A third very unexpected perk of carrying around my water bottle is that I now always have water with me. So I’m a lot better hydrated than before. Not only is it keeping my brain on the top of its game (as much as it can be with very little sleep due to a tiny human who thinks night time is for partying), my skin is also over the moon.

See, there are basically no downsides to going reusable.

You don’t have to go for anything as fancy as mine. As long as you can fill it up, it’s easy to clean and has a good drip-free lid – go for it!

If you find all of this terribly interesting and would like to join us in the quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, one small thing at the time.  Please consider joining the Sustainable Sustainability Facebook group where we share lots of fun ideas, thoughts, and encouragement.

Photo – Ida Zander. My jumper is by Vila,  jeans by Monki and my S’well + Liberty water bottle here. – adlinks

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